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  1. Agreed, the no respawn set up makes for a more cerebral game. Your actually scared to die! ...and BSR keeps the games short so if you get yourself killed early, your not waiting forever.
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    More gooey crysis video goodness found here: http://media.pc.ign.com/media/694/694190/vids_1.html Titled island walkthrough released July 6
  3. Did'nt I read somewhere that it was a total of 9 maps on release? That would mean: best of 360 maps (plural)= minimum two maps Graw 2 360 maps " =3 0r 4 maps leaveing 3 or 4 new GRIN maps - the demo map which we've already seen. Or are they saying 9 new GRIN maps with the console maps added on?
  4. Grin keeps saying it would add too many animations to put in the gimp or hit penalty, but I just can't understand that. Its in other games, its in older games, why not GRAW 2. ...and if new animations would take too much time to implement, then use something thats already in the game. There are already animations of soldiers dying, use all or part of that. Just have the ghost get back up after. Or keep it real simple, and have the gun drop to your side like what happens when you run. It would take you time to recover your aim after this and be a good penalty for taking a survivable hit. Is it really as hard as there making it sound to put in?
  5. Yep! idiots like that are a pain to deal with at times. If you get tired of trying to ignor them, there's not much else you can do but what you suggest
  6. I don't know for sure, but it may not be a hack there using to avoid the TK kick. Not long after the demo was out, I was in a server where two other players were doing some verbal jousting which led to them TKing each other about 3 times each. Neither was kicked. Later in the same match, I did an accidental TK which was my first since the demo came out. Instant kick. Also, one of the guys that were TKing each other was a respected admin of GRnet. So likely this is a problem GRIN has to look into.
  7. Perfect post Romulus, couldnt agree more.
  8. Agreed, I've had a couple of nights lately wrecked by the multiple hit bug. From cover, an opponent is running directly for me still about 70 feet away. I pop him once in the chest(red blob) then he starts to do 8 foot circles cause he knows hes getting shot. Score another red blob hit on his third lap of 8 foot circles but now he finally sees where I am. Stops and scores a head shot on his first attempt. (im peeking, thats all he has.) Very frustrating, and that player went on to kill two more of my teamates before dying. Same night, a sniper is picking off my team mates coming out of my spawn. I can just see his left leg and left forearm. Score one then two hits on his leg(i'm only 30 feet away) During these hits, he kills two more of my spawning team mates, then moves back two feet so I can't see his leg no more. By the time I circle around the fence and finnish him, he's spawnraped one more team mate. I'm sorry, this just aint right. This multiple hit system is just rewarding run and gun style players, and dumb players that don't use cover properly. Translation, two kills lost for me, bad play rewarded with five kills for them.
  9. I downloaded it, but unfortunatley I'm smart shader 3.0 lacking:(
  10. Or you can listen to the guys at the ubi forums that gave you good advice already Goudreau2006!)
  11. Now I feel dumb, I never saw those large left or right arrowns next to the classes! Always wonderd why I never saw the sniper options
  12. Just to be sure... Romulus, when you enter the TDM load page, you can see three classes of soldiers, at the bottom of each is a number 1 with bars on the left and the right. Click on those bars and it changes which weapon you want for each class. I think theres about 16 kits in each?? In RvS you have to work your way up through levels to get different guns and kits.
  13. Things I like: See everyone else top ten and I second them. Things I would like improved or added. 1. Peak while prone (i dont care for the roll as others have asked for) 2. The chat box, kill box windows...They must be combined into one and reduced to about half the size they are now. 3. Post match chat would be nice. 4. Remove red hit blob. 5. Need the wound model....Its in other games, it can be incorporated here. 6. The chat box, kill box windows...They must be combined into one and reduced to about half the size they are now. (did I say that twice? absolutely) I've seen a couple of you mention you like the "new go prone while running feature" I'm at work now so can't try it, whats new? Graw 1 you could flop onto your stomach at a full run, whats changed?
  14. Oh! So GRAW is based on those 1 in a 1000 war experiences that make great stories and deserve to be told on the history channel. I have no doubt there have been some tough hombres in wars in the past, I have no doubt that soldiers have carried on fighting unaware due to addrenaline that they are gravely wounded, I have no doubt that the modern body armour saves many of our soldiers lives on a daily basis in Afganistan and Iraq. But I doubt very much that what your saying is the norm in real combat situations.
  15. not true check out the body armor in use now in the us military. Multiple plates and decent side panel support or even better yet check out the link below. I saw this stuff stop 2 high power rifle shots before giving out on the third, saw it stop 6 rounds of 7.62 and 8+ 9mm with min impact on vital organs and soft tissue by the way it disperses the bullets impact energy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Skin_body_armor the vest repelled nine rounds of pointed steel ammunition from an AK-47 and 35 rounds of 9 mm, all fired into a 10-by-12-inch configuration on the vest. In "Test Lab", also on the History Channel, the vest withstood a total of 120 rounds, fired from both an AK-47 (7.62 × 39 mm) and MP5 (9 x 19 mm). In another demonstration on the Discovery Channel series "Future Weapons", a Dragon Skin vest withstood numerous rounds from an AK-47, an MP5, and an M4 carbine (5.56 x 45 mm), and a point-blank detonation of an M67 grenade. While the vest was heavily damaged (mainly by the grenade), there was no penetration of the actual armor. Fresno test Fresno, CA police officers ordered it after a vest stopped all the bullets fired during a test, including .308 rounds from a sniper rifle and 30 rounds from a fully automatic MP-5 fired from 5 feet away. Ninety-eight federal, state, and local law enforcement officers witnessed the SWAT test. The armor also stopped 40 rounds of PS-M1943 mild steel core bullets from an AK-47 along with 200 9 mm FMJ military ball bullets fired from a submachine gun.[5] [edit] December 2006 test On December 7, 2006 a demonstrational shoot for the following departments took place on a 10" x 12" SOV-2000 Level III panel: Saint Charles Parish Sheriff's SWAT, Saint John's Parish Sheriff's SWAT, Gretna PD, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's SWAT, LaCruz Parish Sheriff's SWAT, Ascension Parish Sheriff's SWAT, Coast Guard Investigative Services, US Navy. A total of 17 rounds were fired into the panel without penetration. 3 @ 7.62x51 mm Federal Match 3 @ 7.62x39 mm Military Ball 3 @ 5.56x45 mm M193 Ball 3 @ 5.56x45 mm M193 Ball at 45 degrees 2 @ 5.56x45 mm M855 Green Tip 2 @ 5.56x45 mm Bonded M193 1 @ 7.62x51 mm Federal Bonded BTW Grin way to go on GRAW2....fantastic turn around from GRAW. Looks, plays feels like a new game with all the things I love! Yet soldiers die on a seemingly daily basis in Afganistan and Iraq from antiquated firearms in the hands of terrorists.... I wish the test groups had such amazing results in real life.
  16. He obviously had a good sound card and could hear you chewing on your sandwich
  17. Is there a demo for this? I looked the other day and came up empty.
  18. I noticed this as well. From both close and long range, you can score hits on an oppenent and itll just get his attention and make him start looking for you. Unless its a head shot, it seems three hits is the norm. GRAW 1 was "usually" one hit, much preferred for a tac shooter. And I second third and fourth everyone who's asking for hit reaction and limp etc effect!
  19. The ingame chat box and the "who killed who" drop down on the right are huge! If both come up at once, you lose a large amount of your screen. An option to turn them off or toggle them would be nice. Game runs smooth though, Guns seem less accurate and less lethal than GRAW one...but that could just be cause Im rusty.
  20. At least yours started. Then you've got a demo patch to download yet to Only takes a minute though.
  21. I had this game in my hand today and almost bought it. What are the invites you keep mentioning? If I buy the retail version (now only 19.99 canadian) do I still need some sort of invite? Another question, OK so the guns are in-accurate...but when you do hit, does it equal a kill or do you require multiple hits which I can't stand!
  22. Why not 12 Am Eastern time................Thursday morning????????????????????? So that equals noon, central time zone north america yes?
  23. amd 64 3500+ 1 gig pc 3200 x 700 pro pci express 256 This very mundane setup ran the game just fine on medium settings. Yes, occasional hiccups, but very short and liveable.
  24. The GR series is mainly marketed as a single player and coop first person shooter series. 9 maps would even be much for a game of this type. If it's not enough, make your own. I would disagree with you there. The majority of word of mouth, reviews, and online players from GR1 were of the multplayer TvT breed. If you made a pole at GR.net asking what people play, you will get a heavy co-op result as this site has always been known for its co-op map makers and modders therefore the results would be bias. Having both a strong co-op and multiplayer element will be the key to Graw 2's success.
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