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  1. I wasnt all that impressed with the singleplayer demo, but that video of multiplayer may have just sold me! Did you see how fast players died when hit with a solid burst? None of this headshot only stuff thats proliferating FPShooters lately. And the kill cam! If I'm seeing that right, you see your final five seconds through the eyes of your killer. Hard to cheat if someone gets to see what they just did in a replay. Built in realism mod 16 maps at release Punkbuster great graphics 32 players realistic hit detection nice.
  2. Yep, CoD2 unfortunately had this as well throughout the game. There really is no point in killing enemies unless there directly involved with you. They will just keep respawning in the same spot until you advance to the next trigger that continues the scripted events. Either that or you run out of ammo
  3. Just a warning, because your getting the beta key late, all problems with gameplay, lagging, TKing, and game developement will be put squarely on your shoulders. If you ignore the forum whiners there you'll have fun!
  4. In alot of game types, the mouse and keyboard just have a far superior amount of control and precision compared to the controller. So any game, be it FPS, MMORPH, hack and slash even, will have to do something to even out the playing field. How are they going to do this you ask? The answers obvious of course, games will be simplified to make things fair. The menu alone for something like Oblivion would take a console player ages to change attributes, weapons, spells, that would take a PC player less than a second. These options would have to be stripped from a PC player. The mouse in a FPS is just too fast and accurate. Would they slow down our movement speed or something to even things out? It would kind of be like playing your favorite game using a system that lags so hard you can't aim. Do we want that? Cross platform developement will give us more games, this is a good thing. But at what cost.
  5. I took and quick look at the OE2 site and couldnt find any screenshots of there nightvision. Do you have a link?
  6. no dice on FP email. Oh well, I guess I'll wait till the a free disc demo comes along Like cell said, you should have gotten your "cd key" when they first said your in, and in an email. So when you were given the link for the beta client, it was on that page as well.
  7. Mine would never have passed either, I just made up a fake computer that passed.
  8. Fileplanet is releaseing beta keys at this moment for non paying subcribers. http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/crysis/beta/ Downloading as I type!
  9. There were over 400 playing earlier today...not bad for a game geared toward more tactical gameplay.
  10. The more I see of Far Cry 2, the more I like. I'm sure Crysis's single player is going to be awesome, but looks like multiplayer is already more like UT3 or FEAR then a proper shooter is. Hopefully FC2's multiplayer delivers. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/103158.html Its not high res, but very long. Looks like a Stalker style singleplayer campaign thats very open ended.
  11. Weren't the Vautigaunts already helping us in EP1? ...as for alyx, then who would they replace the hot, ambiguously lineaged, hintingly bi-sexual, tight jeaned girl with?
  12. From a PC players point of view, full of more information than most other magazine style reviews, and good for a laugh or two. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/v...uation-BioShock
  13. Figured as much, unless they were thinking of releasing some new maps just prior to releaseing Far Cry 2 to get they hype going. Odd that thay would keep updateing the release date if it were a dead project?
  14. http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/far-cry-expansion-pack/ The three year old shooter is going to get an expansion pack developed by Crytek? In amongst the upcoming Far Cry 2 by Ubisoft, and Cryteks Crysis? Discuss...
  15. My son plays BF2, and QW is nowhere near as refined as it by any stretch. But it will sell huge. Its meant for the wolfenstein crowd that like that ultra high speed running thing. Another huge factor that will give it large online numbers is the minimum specs required to run it. I think my old computers pentium 3 could probably run it on max. This alone will fill the developers wallets in no time.
  16. As long as they don't replace it with the music that played during the 1.4 patching exe!
  17. I only play multiplayer so my comments are limited as such. 1. Lower the damage required for a kill. Theres scores of "boom head shot" games out there. Bring back the "you get caught in the open, you pay" type of game style. 2. Bring back the gimp. 3. Get rid of the red dot opponent in bush's search function. 4. Reduce the amount of screen blockage when using a combat sight. I can understand a high powered long range scope centering your view in a larger scope, but not being able to see 70% of the already limited FOV with combat scopes make them useless for my type of gamestyle. 5. Reduce the chat, kill notification, tagging notification etc that blocks a large portion of the screen.
  18. California became part of Austria about 4 years ago, where have you been?
  19. Smart shader 3.0 only I need an excuse to give my wife so I can go spend $ on an new card...anyone got a good one
  20. "We had to drop it because we didn't feel that people were favouring Team Action." Huh? wha? Oh well, lets hope power struggle is awesome, or we'll have to hope the Obsidian edge boys are as good as there OE1 accomplishment. Anyone know the timetable on OE's release? Is it with the game release, or do they have to wait a month or so.
  21. Hmmm, now it works. the other night i tried that and there were no links to click. Works now though, good find viiper! Love the sparks and blood blume's from hit and missed rounds, looks incredible. I noticed that the players health and shields very quickly regenerate, even when he got down to 11/100 ths on a few occasions. I hated this in COD3, but hopefully its not part of multiplayer. Not a great day for me and crysis. I found out theres no TDM or capture the flag, and players can take dozens of hits with no real consequence as they just regenerate anyways, and just like GRAW1, enemy AI standing 5 feet from one of there own that just took 6 rounds to the head, don't react at all, but will happily stand there until you get within there line of sight. I had multiplayer misgivings before, now I'm plain worried. Modding can remove some of these flaws, but the bulk of the community may not use the same mod, therefore making for empty servers. Come on Crytec, your scareing me!
  22. I,m Canadian, and even my limited knowledge of french can't help me find the right spot to click to play that video. Any help?
  23. On my old computer, I could not run Far Cry until I patched it to 1.4. I think this patch gave the game the most performance boost of them all. At the time I had an agp fx 5200. Your cards a thousand times better than that, so should have no trouble with far cry. Did you ask this question over at the ubi far cry forums?
  24. PwntUpRage


    That is, if us lagwhores can run it. Not all of have free access to seemingly unlimited funds for top of the line rigs. I'll just have to miss out and put up with being lagraped for a bit longer until I can steal some-ones bank details afford a new rig. Here's to hpoing some-one ports the DX9 features over to XP as I'm sticking with XP (I'm working on several mod projects for another game, and the mod tools for that game ONLY work in XP) As far as I know, Crysis uses dx9, so theres no need for porting. 235 mb video, it almost didnt fit on my screen! Nice find Viiper. I loved the way they implemented the relex sights, you still had peripheral vision with the fast accurated laser dot sight. My only problem with the vid, is when he selects iron sights, he never holds up the gun to see how they are implented into the game. I'm curios to see if its done as well as the reflex. I can never use anything other than iron sights in GRAW due to almost your entire screen being filled by the scope body. Maybe thats what killed RvA for me?
  25. From what I've read, as I've only played CoD 3, is that the health regen thing was new to 3. And yes it sucks! (or was it cod 2 for pc?? can't remeber and im not at home to check.) You have no reason to fear getting shot when you enter a room, just back out and wait15 seconds and your health is good again. This alone made me stop playing and not finnish the game. It could be hard, but not exiting because you almost couldnt die. That and the fact that almost every German stood up after 2 seconds from a high calibre rifle round to the chest. Every time! They were easy to shoot, but it became tedious to have to shoot everyone twice. Hopefully they fix this in cod 4.
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