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  1. Looks good, I'm assuming that lock on auto aim thingy is console only Another review, IGN video review of 360 version: http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/902/902590/vids_1.html
  2. Another attention to detail is if you shoot a red barrel next to a vehicle, its explosion usually destroys the vehicle. If you pile 3 barrels next to a vehicle, it flys into the air. Pile a dozen, and it'll fly 300 yards through the air! If you carry one of the oil barrels after shooting it, it'll leave a trail on the ground while you walk.
  3. I tried one of those German ones, it just added weapons, a tank, a gunship, and the attack helicopter. But this time no fog, so sightseeing was had by all.
  4. Uninstalled and reinstalled version's from there website...no luck. Tried installing with steam running in background and without. Edit: Problem found, must have ep1 installed!
  5. No luck. C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\metastasis Thats where it is, but I can't find an exe or a launcher of any kind to copy. I'll try later to download from a different source. Maybe some files are missing.
  6. Tried that, not there though. I'll reinstall it, its in my "C"drive. Its in my program list, but it just opens up the steam page. Odd.
  7. Downloaded and installed minerva metassis, created desktop shortcut. When I click the shortcut it opens my Steam page. I can't find this mod anywhere. I clicked on add non steam product, but I can't find it there either. Any ideas?
  8. So Ive never used a halflife mod before despite having HL2 GOTY edition for a year or so now. Are these mods just altered hl2 levels, or are they completley new levels? And should I start with Minerva, or are there predecessors of it I should play first? Thanks hmmm, three poorly grammared sentences in a row...I hope the english police are not online...
  9. Havent tried these yet, don't speak German, but there's two more here: http://crysis.4thdimension.info/forum/show...p;postcount=149
  10. It lags my system all to hell, but it gives you a guass rifle, lots of grenades, a different jeep, supply truck, and you can fly around in the attack helicopter all you want. He's added a few extra koreans and added some buildings as well as changing your view at the end... The easter egg is a hidden alien that i found, it does nothing, but its there
  11. Called Frozen Island. I only got to play for 3 minutes at lunch, but it worked so far. http://www.incrysis.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=11842
  12. Nice info, thanks Jacket. We've since a small amount of information on the Hardcore mode now, but Old School Mode? Does andyone know what this mode has going on?
  13. How in the world did we all forget to credit the CHICKENS!!! Oh, and you can't take the turtle with you. I tried unsuccesfully to load the tortoise into a half ton... It just falls through to the ground I wanted to have the first bonified "tortoise to the head of a Korean" kill. Oh well, dreams dashed...
  14. This did'nt work for me, but maybe I did something wrong. Maybe someone else here smarter than I could figure it out http://incrysis.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=11222&p=1
  15. Yep, unfortunetly theres no drop option after you pick him up. So putting him down requires you to dash him against a rock. I felt pretty bad after too. Also seen crabs, some kind of flightless beach bird, and a seagull flying.
  16. If your refering to my claim, I should clarify. It was in the MP beta, same resolution but I had everything on low. The 10 - 30 FPS had me just ###### right off as I just installed my new 7900 gs on friday to find it had the exact same performance as the ati x7oo pro it replaced. Now 30-60 in the Beta, obviously not the same performance on medium in the demo though.
  17. amd 3500+ 2gb pc3200 bfg 7900 gs oc 1152x864 res everything medium The minimums make it hard to play at this level for sure. Running GPU benchmark 1 Results will depend on current system settings Press any key to continue . . . Running... ============================================================== TimeDemo Play Started , (Total Frames: 2000, Recorded Time: 111.86s) !TimeDemo Run 0 Finished. Play Time: 98.99s, Average FPS: 20.20 Min FPS: 11.53 at frame 1949, Max FPS: 32.57 at frame 87 Average Tri/Sec: 14819590, Tri/Frame: 733511 Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 1.25 !TimeDemo Run 1 Finished. Play Time: 96.83s, Average FPS: 20.65 Min FPS: 11.53 at frame 1949, Max FPS: 36.82 at frame 75 Average Tri/Sec: 15311300, Tri/Frame: 741314 Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 1.24 !TimeDemo Run 2 Finished. Play Time: 96.75s, Average FPS: 20.67 Min FPS: 11.53 at frame 1949, Max FPS: 36.82 at frame 75 Average Tri/Sec: 15335442, Tri/Frame: 741826 Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 1.24 !TimeDemo Run 3 Finished. Play Time: 97.29s, Average FPS: 20.56 Min FPS: 11.53 at frame 1949, Max FPS: 36.82 at frame 75 Average Tri/Sec: 15242043, Tri/Frame: 741439 Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 1.24 TimeDemo Play Ended, (4 Runs Performed) ============================================================== Press any key to continue . . . When I change to low settings - play time 58 min. fps- 19.82 avg-33.98 max-68.92 On high settings- play time 188 min. fps-3.53 avg-10.59 max-13.53
  18. Yep, your vid, even compressed looks better than the screeshots at CoJ's site. Odd that they wouldnt put better quality shots on there? I've watched my 9 year old play the UT3 tournament demo a few times. The game never sits still long enough for me to appreciate the graphics I guess, I've just never thought of it as nothing more than a slightly updated older game.
  19. Not that I want to argue too much on Crysis's behalf as I may not even be buying it now (not impressed by gameplay) but I went to the Juarez site to have a look: http://www.coj-game.com/ These screenshots don't seem to compare?
  20. This new driver, along with the new novemeber directX update doubled my FPS in Crysis. DX update found here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en 30-60 FPS with a 7900 GS OC. I used to be max 30 with drops down to <10
  21. Take a look at some of these screenshots these high end computers are getting. Makes mine look like crap. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread...014&page=26
  22. By health bar, I'm assuming you mean that you don't have automatic self healing regeneration. Hardcore mode FTW. I'll have to browse some of there forums for more info. Would love to see slightly slower run speed, no health regen, and none of the "attributes" added, just a level playing field. That would be great...this is sounding more like an old game I used to play all the time...
  23. Nice review Sup, thanks. In the mp video we saw, that was maybe my only concern, the high running speed. There was a realism mod mentioned by one of the devs, was this discussed in the beta forums and is run speed addressed by it?
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