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  1. My kids used to play C&C renegade all the time. Even now, years after westwood droped support for it, individuals keep the server lists up including self made anti-cheats and patches. I'll be watching this one closely. Thanks Pave low
  2. This is a mind blowing Physics dispay done the Cryengine 2. The dude who made this not only must have one incredible comp, but lots of time on his hands
  3. You could say its causing you to have e.reticle disfunction....
  4. http://www.infinityward.com/community/foru...hp?topic=5159.0 This one is effected by server version, so if you download right away, you may have trouble finding servers tonight. DESCRIPTION: This is the release of the v1.3 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfareâ„¢ patch by Infinity Ward. This patch addresses the issue reported by community member Uzi Kidding which now catches some files bypassing the pure client test. In addition this update will set properties so that Anti-lag is always enabled upon map loads, an optimization for Sniper Rifle accuracy at certain distances (as well as ACOG scopes), as well a fix so text chat between rounds of multiplayer will no longer cut out at the end. The 1.3 patch will also include all previous fixes from previous patches.
  5. Precisely the opposite is why I quit GRAW 2 and like cod 4. In Graw 2 it took two or three centre body mass burst to drop an opponent where as COD4 is one shot kill in Hardcore mode. I like alot of things in GRAW 2, but I just couldnt get past the run and gun favoring multiple hit system. If you havent tried hardcore mode yet squad_e, its a must. Its still too fast movement speed wise, but run and gunners drop like flies to those who play smart.
  6. I seem to have gotten rid of it now. Not sure what the solution was as I tried quite a few things, but its all good now. Thanks for your help quarter.
  7. Hi, I've got a minor problem and was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to remove this. The above mentioned service pack update came from microsoft via automatic update yesterday afternoon. When prompted I installed it with no problem. Unfortunately, the little updates reminder stays in my toolbar. When I click it, it again asks if I want to install this update. re-install just gives me the message "some applications could not be installed" Nothing gets rid of it, not cancelling, not reinstalling, not restarting comp. It hasnt effected my machine other than just being in the toolbar, but I'm concerned about what has happend to the update, and how it will effect future updates if I can't get rid of this. Any Ideas? Thanks
  8. There are two ways you can get a high kill death ration. One is to play in a small server, maybe 6 v 6 max, and play like you used to in GR1. Slow, quiet, and stealthy easily rules on these tiny maps. The other way is to play on a full server and continueally get airstikes and chopper streaks. I prefer the first approach.
  9. With the recent plethora of decent FPS this year, the numbers of players in each game has been knocked for a loop. According to gamemonitor.com, there are now 26,000 players online at the moment for cod4 compared to 12,500 for BF2. BF2 has been number 3 on the list for ages behind the counterstrike games but has now been passed by quake wars and cod4. Quake wars didnt surprise me, but cod4 has none of the vehicle dominated games the masses seem to want as of late. To do so well being an infantry only game is promising.
  10. My preferred set up: G3 silenced High capacity 9mm pistol 2X Claymores UAV Jammer Last stand Just a note, if you don't play hardcore, then everything I listed above is useless. In regular mode, claymores dont kill, your running around everywhere so UAV jammer is pointless, Last stand would take half a clip of hits to kill, and the G3 just doesnt pour out enough led.
  11. I don't use the grenade drop perk (martrydom) , but I do use last stand. If the martrydom perk is left in, I'd like to see it a little more realistic. As in, the guys dying, so it takes him a second to pull out the grenade and pull the pin. Not insta drop. At least then you can see the animation and gives you time to react. Its still going to get you once in a while, but not near as much. Last stand I love, but the pistol is way to accurate and comes out too fast as well. Again, there should be a delay before I can start firing. I'm bleeding to death, not injecting myself with drugs that increase my hand speed! Then being able to kill a sniper thats sitting 500 feet away with a pistol is none too realistic. I like the variety the perks give to the game, but some tweaking is required.
  12. Patch #2, is your head spinnin yet? http://www.infinityward.com/modernwarfare/...-PatchSetup.exe
  13. Its actually only a patch that addressed people loseing there ranks when they went back and forth between modded servers and unmodded servers. No actually gameplay changes were included so maybe the servers don't register a differnet version?
  14. About 18 players is about the max I'll play in. Anything above that and these small maps just can't handle it even in hardcore mode and chaos insues. The top scorers just get on a streak and can call in choppers and airstrikes over and over without even firing a shot. With less players this will rarely happen and they have to venture out and take risks to get more kills. Playing in non hardcore servers is like playing in a totally different game for me. I droped by EBDA's new server last night and regular mode was on. Just chaotic run and gun everywhere which I'm totally un-used to. I went from getting kills like 22 and 7 in hardcore down to 7 and 12 in this mode.
  15. Search and Destroy hardcore is the one where you have no clue where the bomb carrier is until the bomb is actually planted. By far my favorite mode. I still keep wondering how much better this game will be once we can mod in some larger maps. Think of these small ones as training maps
  16. So if I come into your server now and still get owned I'll have to come up with a new excuse! Great.
  17. I take a little issue with you naming them HARDCORE and then not running them in hardcore mode. I just can't keep up with the speed those blokes are running in and out of rooms at. I used to play FEAR combat all the time, but this is even more twitch and strafe then that. It just takes too many hits for an opponent to stay down when he can just jump out of the room for a second. I guess if a guy played in this mode since day one he'd be alright, but I got used to hardcore and got owned hard on your server.
  18. It doesnt come out and say it anywhere, but I'm assuming that gamemonitor is only reporting the PC games for CoD4?? Search and destroy is about all I'm playing so far once I found out it was the only no respawn gamemode. The server info is lacking in detail...I can't even tell which games are hardcore unless they say it in there server title. ...and i think other gamemodes can be set for no respawn, but how do you tell?
  19. Taken from Gamemonitor.com TDM 9300 Search and destroy 5300 Headquarters 2100 Domination 2100 Deathmatch 2000 Sabotage 1300
  20. In case you havent figured it out yet. If your a cod noob like me who only gets about 4 kills vs 4 deaths in TDM, you get about 40-60 experience points from this. In Search and Destroy, if your team wins and you get 4 kills, you get 240-260 experience points. Much faster leveling as well as the fact theat Search and Destroy has NO RESPAWNS!
  21. If your looking for single shot, I havent seen it yet, but you will unlock fully auto rifles as you level up. As you unlock perks, you can set up custom loadout after you leave the game...gives you time to look through what you've unlocked. FOV is increasable up to 80 from the stock 65. console /cg_fov 80
  22. ...especially when you level up in the middle of a gunfight
  23. For my fellow Canadians, the cheapest place I found was Best Buy at $44.99 SCE_Lightspeed "Killing players feels almost perfect - no one shot one kill except for good headshots but at the same time you dont feel like you have to unload a full clip for a result. Usually 1 - 3 well-placed bursts will do the job nicely." I havent got to play it much yet, but I found in hardcore mode it was pretty much always one shot kills? My stats after were not full of headshots either. What really ###### me off is I let my 12 year old play it and he advance in rank at about double the rate I did! ...he's so grounded...
  24. That just makes me feel like more of an animal abuser Does the right click also gently set down everything else in the game you can pick up?
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