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  1. great!! these maps look fantastic... good job BIRO!! They will be on our server asa they are finished!!
  2. Thank-You for suggestions... I think I have the right AMD drivers since i download them 2/3 weeks ago from same site ;-) Cool'n'Quiet in bios is always disabled ) Ati Driver: 7.2 (framework 3.0) X-Fi driver downloaded 3/4 weeks ago .. 2.09xxx if i remember well their name.... download tweeking guide... Formatting at the moment..... for another "new shoot" Is there anyone of You with a DFI nforce4 Sli-d and dual AMD cpu that can tell me which Nvidia driver is using for NF4??
  3. This is interesting.... but not sure if i understood well: with ATI driver i will have problems stressing the cpu? On any Motherboard? !! ??? Temperatures on the system are okey: the mobo is on an horizontal base with NO case around CPU temp. in Idle is 34 C° - loading no more than 46/48 North Bridge is 38/40 - 48/55 Vga: 50 - 65/70 everithing should be installed in a proper way, for thermal compaund i used the grey cooler master. I have installed 2 kinds of Power supplier OCZ pfc active 520w and Arkangel 850 w I have tried 3 kinds of memory Corsair xms pro 2x512mb PC3200 G.Skill F1 2x512mb PC3200 Crucial Ballistic Tracer 2x1gb PC4000 The VGA is an x1900xtx (it was perfect with the previous cpu 4000+, never a problem) then i got an X-Fi Fatality gamer (or somrthing like that) "Only" ISDN pci modem (no adsl here at the moment ) I tryed only with AMD driver 1.3.2 then with the optimizer then with the italian patch for a win XP problem NOTHING to do! I stressed the cpu to test it with orthon (prime something...) for 5 hours, 8 minuters, all was okey I did several super_pi mod x2 all OK Aquamark ... 97.000 points, ok 3dmark06, 6.700 points, no problem Absoluting testing without Overclokking... REally I can't understand everything was "normal" with the 4000+ ... and now with an FX60 i can't play online for more than 8/10 minutes!!??!! Then pc restart!! It.s 2 weeks I am trying to find a solution.. nothing to do.... This is the only game I have time to play... and now i can't ... unbeliveable! (sorry for my "not too good" english)
  4. Hi mates, I just changed my CPU from AMD 4000+sandiego to AND FX60 dual cpu (both for socket 939) Hardware: Mb: DFI UT NF4 SLi-D Ram: 2x512 Corsair Vga: x1900xtx ecc. I only changed the Cpu and from that moment playing online each 8/10 minutes the pc restart itself!!??? Can't understand the reason.. Any idea??
  5. Hi all, I would like to know your opinion about the size of most HH. I think on most maps it is too big! I think it should be a few square meters and not a big area where a full team can hide and camper till the end of the match! I like to play without respawns and i noticed that if a team is good enought and arrive on HH first, can win easily the match... Smaller HH are more difficult to secure and a matchresult could change more often during a 10 minutes round... What do You and your clan think about HH?? GRIN which is your opinion?? (Last map realised for HH has a perfect small HH ) Thank-You ........and sorry for bad english
  6. Mode: HH Using GL granades (more than one) last night I had 3 win. error messages in graw.exe (I had to restart game) anyone else??
  7. Fantastic!!!!! You guys are doing an excellent work!!
  8. a good news... thank-you for promt answer Postal !! asa I go home i will install them immediately!
  9. will I be able to connect to MP servers if I install the new maps I can found here?? Or server without them will "think" my files are incorrect???
  10. doing an AC, that there are still unlucky players as me that have only an ISDN connection.... because not reached with a faster and cheap connection..... so I really hope it will not be too heavy for the connection..... thank-you
  11. i would like to help.... but my clan will not have a server till adminserver file will be realised..... i can instal them and join a server in any case if i will be informed
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