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  1. Many thanks "Noquater" for the info i will do a roll back as suggested to see if this fixes it, i am pretty sure your on the money. once again thanks for the help i'll post an update just incase anyone else comes across this problem
  2. Hi any one had this problem before... Multiplayer coop contact. i reach a set point in the game play the screen freezes like a photo, i can still hear myself running and shooting but the screen picture reamins the same i cannot get out of the game i have to crash the computer. running GRAW patch 1.3 agie physx driver (no Card) 2.5 winpows xp serv pack 2 latest updates Nvidia agp G force 6600Gt driver 93.71 P4 I gig memory just formatted drive three times and relaoded GRAW no change it used to play ok but now having this problem after the formats i have adjusted screen setting au
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