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  1. Ok...Here's my initial feedback on the demo. 1. GRIN did a fabulous job on the game! 2. Some of the weapons recoil needs to be re-visited and corrected. For instance; the M14 sniper rifle kicks like a mule. That is not realistic. 3. The RX4 scope viewable area is too small. 4. The distance fog needs to be backed off by 1/2 or 1/3. If left as is the thick fog will turn GRAW2 into mostly sniper warfare, as the infantry assault guys cannot see very far without a big scope. I understand why they put the distance fog in, because in the beta, people were making head shots clear across the map. However, the devs overdid the fog and now they should back it off some. Other than those few items, the demo plays great for me. I'm glad they put the butt slide back in.
  2. Talon... Sometimes it takes some time to get a patch fine tuned. We've already had 4 patches for GRAW. That is amazing, based on Ubi's track record with Raven Shield and R6 Lockdown. They left those products to rot on the vine! I think it is premature to gripe about not having another patch just yet.
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