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  1. hi Rifle -001 this is a freeware version so you can start with something link: TurboSquid http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax and there is MAYA called now autodesk a free trial version Link : http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index...&id=6902573 Hope u enjoy ur time modding as we do . Cheers
  2. DID you read the Silent -Op post??? that will enlighten you . p.s if not try to replicate that. in the map ull undesrtand what are we talkin about.
  3. we do to , we enjoy this forums , so dont post or call my attention in forums dude ok thanks, and this is the last time we go trough this... with you too , this is getting absurde . good nite. lol n.p. rocky ==================================================== BUGS. p.s. well another is that the game its been reported that still lags in some parts of the maps and the loading times are been longer in dif. systems ppl. keep been kicked from servers or in the chopers goint to start levels or the chopers lose the trayectory in flight to get to the start point of mission , another is when rapelling the character loose ground keep falling until mission ends. that's a rare one , but its happening in dif . systems . thanks.
  4. Tank you very much Silent -Op To explain better the bug , ............ In respect to the LOL's ROCOAFZ pls. keep your personal opinions to urself about me pls. dont make it personal , concentrate in the subject . I can see my way of posting maybe is not ur preference but IM not a grumpy guy "PORK", just dont make this personal stay in ur ground . What?? Idont konw wut about me here? omg LoL !! jessss. by the way Rocky who is Helping me? and how ? I send you a private messsage about this situation , but seems that you want to ventilate this at open space , OK well there was no need from him to make fun of my post as he did , if that is the way to help , I think was no profesional or descent , we take offense in that manner. we didnt offend none , what we got in answer, they make fun of the post and make it personal. we dont argue , we dont like to argue just because ...., we been in this site for Long time we know our place and the rules of this forums , but seems new members don't. But Thanks for the assistance in moving it to the "right forum" Period. Now about he bug yes is excatly how very kindly Silent -Op. expalined. and Fletch you got it Right !! So there you go , thers ppl , that play the game just to run gun, or having FUN (at least trying to) and thers ppl , that look at the game in a "tech. way" , at the time its playing it , so that's the diference of finding dif. kind of Bugs , Flaws, etc. etc. Cheers p.s. my english is not perfect is not my first lenguaje so forgive my spelling o grammar.
  5. there's to many bugs , deserve lots of LOL's LMAO. cheers
  6. WOW !! this is the BUG FORUM ?!!! LMAO jess Rocky pls . pin a FORUm for the specific bugs . this is not a TECH support issue OMG !! THIS IS A BUG from the game patched supposed to be fixed , but is not LOL. As I say to you GrinWille in a private message there's NO BUG FORUM specified YET , Deosl just post it here , not even have to be here, but anyhow LOL . This report is from other community posted here , but seems you guys are more ocupied in look were is posted that the original post JESs. now we understand why this game is like it is LAMO cheers p.s. As I say is not my BUG 'PORK" is GRIN bug LOL , and of course you havent noticed LOL but u can discover another bug and posted her if u want , the lil , label iof supporter dont give you the right to post sarcasm against members of this communitty , and dont make this personal , because the post was not even directed to you , ok .
  7. Sure i can be more specific but " pork " havent u played the game?? didnt noticed? try diferent planes in the ground , theres lots o ground to fix still in the levels. but thisis not a bug in level its the "camara" from prone somtimes dont align with the ground . What u say Willi ?? HEY please post your bugs in the appropriate forums and threads! thnks. You read it Faster than in those forums didnt ya ? so........ ther u go.. now u know it right . Jess by the way thers NO FORUM for BUGS thers a WISH list that dif. will thanks
  8. HEY the prone position STILL HAVE BUGS. thnks. cheers
  9. HI all : 1.- QUESTION What video card are u runing for this game ( ATI chipset or Nvidia chipset ) and how's your performance with this ? Here is the read me of this game : 1.1. System Requirements Minimum: Processor: Intel or AMD, 2 GHz Operating System: Windows 2000/XP Memory: 1024 MB RAM Disk Space: 4.5 GB Graphics Card: 128 MB DX9.0c compatible card, GeForce 6200 or higher Radeon 9600 or higher Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive : x2 read speed DirectX Version: 9.0c Network: High-speed modem with 64 Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a client, 512Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a server on a full game. Recommended Configuration: Processor: Intel or AMD 2.8 GHz Operating System: Windows 2000/XP Memory: 1024 MB RAM Disk Space: 4.5 GB Graphics Card: 256 MB DX9.0c compatible card, <----- Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive : x2 read speed DirectX Version: 9.0c Network: High-Speed Modem with 128 Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a client, 512Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a server on a full game. Graphics Cards Supported: Radeon 9600 Radeon 9700 Radeon 9800 Radeon X300 Radeon X600 Radeon X800 Radeon X1600---\ Radeon X1800----} <--------------- This ones with 256 Mb. and 512 Mb. Radeon X1900---/ =============== GeForce 6200---\ GeForce 6600----\ GeForce 6800----/ <--------------- That's it for Nvidia ?!! that's GeForce 7800---/ Cheers p.s. we posted here because the Tech. nature of this treath , but if u guys feel is not pls. move to an appropiate forum . maybe this will assist ppl. in the next purchase of a video card if they "still planing" to play this game .
  10. ok if u got time to read here Link : http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/06/19/can_ageia/ veredict ........no good p.s. they told you UBI guy , but was good for ur Beta game GRAW with your Beta card . Cheers if this link was already post somewere else in this forums "apologize" . but maybe someone will read it better here. thnks.
  11. Degamer that was a GREAT example of graw vs GR1 !" ilustration" they even make it a Sign. Good post by the way Degamer . Cheers
  12. mm ok. just 4 IMPORTANT points hardcoded stuff. 1.- peek on prone 2.- cheatbuster to disable and enable in a dif. installer 3.- View of weapon OPTIONAL enable and disable . 4.- Abillity to run and shot as "SPRAY AND PRAY " shot from HIP . "low aim" That will doit the REST in Modding hands . Cheers
  13. RSE !! developing !! NO PROBLEMA AMIGO that game it's already SOLD!!! Lockdown it's gonna be patched so !!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!! lol . My respects for SERELAN and GREAT DEVELOPING TEAM . for a great "console experience" . dot. They can doit no problem , if they will ...that's another History that you will not understand. cheers
  14. OliverReed we hear ya man . In GR1 honestly when we used to suddenly get shot from nowhere........ (like u knew they were sniping you) , It makes you jump from ur seat , and say WOW !!OH MAN!!! dammm, HOLICOW!! that smarts ! that was a cool sensation ! that was FUN !! that's the main felling in a "virtual battlefield , in a game", that was GR 1 , this "game" LACKS of that , its "diferent" . NO MOD will get or give this old feeling , the game was not mean to be like that , PERIOD. sorry to read u spend ur money in a product that is not finish and didn't deliver what was promised , they try...... but , but they miss for a LOOONg SHOT, they knew about this for long time, I posted several times about "That performance ISSUE" , well here it is the NAKED TRUTH this game just DONT HAVE IT !! this game has to be MOD ALL COMPLETE to be more o less enjoyable , but ......LOL better re-Developed , JESSS LOCKDOWN have better Graphics than this game!! (its gonna get patched by the way)lol , but seriously OLIVER REED next time check the demos those will give you a parameter to follow . Honestly GRIN and UBI just lost it........ this time the Priorities of a great game were made Grin ppl. were in this forums before released , exchanging or posting words . But at the end here's the result . Great gaming experinece??? hiding were?? bugs that are not bugs??! What's the big deal in a COOP with 4 ppl??!! cmon. .....20 times ??! learning curve?? ohh jesss. UBI This community will appreciate a "release of a tutorial" and a SDK . Oliver Reed they will try to patch this game as far they can , but they lack of manpower and resources , so try to enjoy as much you can this "product" meanwhile the mod.communitty put something together or better learn how to doit or change the game you play. Thanks UBI to try this time we wait for GR 4 (as we call it now) , that Studio u choose this time Cheers p.s sorry for my grammar or spelling , as english is not my first lenguaje. UBI guy thnks.
  15. HI JasonFMX beforehand let me give you the WELCOME to Ghost Recon community forums "game" . and welcome to our Knigtmare LOL . been one in the game industry o been a gameplayer. Well JasonFMX only thing I can add , (because I think you already read most of the post as u said).... is ....that's the Game industry for ya , companies that dont have the manpower or the resources to do this or that or BIG signs that just care about $ell$ , blah blah blah . anyhow all this is part of the "SHOW" but just remember one thing , if a DEMO gives you a bad impression or bad performance in "graphics , gameplay etc.. just dont buy the product and wait to this to be "possibly fix" remember that the demo is not the total finish product ,(as you prob.know) but place the parameters of the gameply , graphics that you're gonna expect in gameply , Im not talkin about video clips ok. that a totally dif. graphical sit....so there you go , the rest is History or will make it . anyhow... have fun and try to enjoy as much you can the product you bought , new companies (small) need to grow in all aspects and what better experinece is , that to work wiht a BIG sign , there you go . WELCOME p.s. pls.forgive my grammar and speeling but english is not my first lenguaje thnks. Cheers
  16. This article is courtesy of BEN ok. for those dont know him hes a Genius doing this , read the article you'll find intersting things on it and know ur "XBOX" inside out Link : http://www.gamespy.com/articles/713/713016p1.html and his personal Site of Ben : http://www.benheck.com/ cheers p.s. if this article or site has been shown previously in this forum my apologies , if not ..Cool. enjoy
  17. HEY!! dat looks relly nice!! keep it up , nice blend . cheers
  18. POSTED by AGENT SMITH in UBI FORUMS : POSTED by AGENT SNITH in UBI FORUMS. Posted Fri June 23 2006 13:53 Hard to believe (although not if you have played GRAW) but SoF2 Demo gets more players than GRAW. If that isn't the big stamp of rejection on this horrible mess called GRAW then I don't know what is. One of the bigger MP PC franchises reduced to complete and utter obscurity by a development studio (Grin) that is so obviously incompetent and clueless as to be laughable. Can't say I hold Ubi responsible for the code on the disc as I think publishers are not responsible in that way but their choice of Grin and the way the PC version got 'developed' (or didn't as the case seems to be) makes me fault them as well. No more Ubi games for me, period. There are many sources for player counts, below is just one: http://archive.gamespy.com/stats/ Since release I have yet to see GRAW with enough players showing in the game browser to ever make the lowest spot on that list, or many other. AMD 64 FX-60, K8N Neo4, nF4 U, 2G Mushkin XP3200 DDR400, PhysX, 4 WD Raptor 10k RPM S-ATA, Promise SuperTrak EX8350 Array, OCZ 520W PS, ATI x1900XTX (512M), Audigy2 ZS, 24" WS Cheers p.s. Sup Prozac hows da school doing?
  19. we were working insome flash , and get this : Link : Dare to click if u dont mind a Stcik men attack inur desktop http://abum.com/file/shadow/animations/17632.swf Cheers
  20. Cuchillo*


    O k .......... if this is not the proper forum to post it... pls. move it thnks. link: http://www.joystickjunkies.com/content/item.asp?item=41 oyoyoyyyyy !! lol Cheers
  21. Cuchillo*

    Prey Demo.

    Oh yea !!, it's a good game here another link : http://www.fileplanet.com/164821/160000/fileinfo/Prey-Demo "comments about it" This is the sleeper of the summer," says GameSpy reader giftedinthepants. "Brilliant demo" raved Hardflip. WeeDab|x posted in all caps: "OMG AWESOME AWESOME," while Scudo says "I swear to god a game has never made me dizzy before this." It's rare to see such unified excitement over a demo release -- the only negative feedback about the demo on the GameSpy forums so far came from people who admitted that their computer was in need of an upgrade. See what people are saying! Of course, you should be Downloading the Demo if you haven't already -- it's a couple hours of entertainment for the weekend. Today's lead story on GameSpy.com talks with the developers and goes into more detail about what to expect. My opinion? I'm impressed by how many 'hooks' this title has: the spirit mode, what happens when you die, and of course the portals and shifting gravity. As a result the level design can be totally new and different. It's been a while since I've seen something this inventive in the first-person shooter space. See for yourself and talk about it! -Fargo ================ Cheers
  22. I hear ya Damolee !! that,s a Great studio Bohemia Interactive , publisher Codemasters . Operation Flashpoint its a fun game and Armed Assault its gonna be a fun Online experinece too ,..... now imagine GR4 sort of like That? ?!!! Thats what we want !! Thats what we pLAY !! that,s Ghost Recon game essence.......a cool Mp experince.... a battlefield...this new Studio in charge of developing the "new version of GR" its getting the picture about TOM CLANCY'S idea of Ghost recon . Ghost Recon game = an actual soldier , not a FUTURE ADVANCE blah blah blah a NO NO of ( Sci FI bad implemented), this new studio really got some good background , lets see how it ends , but they are in good track , (so far so good) . but YES def. Armad Assault will be real fun !! Cheers
  23. Posted in UBI forums this is funny stuff ============================= Posted Tue June 20 2006 17:40 Hi, For some of you Patchaholics that are reading this thread. I have this for you. This should bring any waverers over onto the side of DP GRAW. After some digging, calling in a few favours and lets be honest some really serious felony blackmail I have managed to uncover a few little known facts about the add-on/patch/grovelling apology for GRAW you know there are 3 new maps. yes? Unlike the maps that came with GRAW these maps can be used upside down, inside out and back to front giving a total of 3x3x3x3 . 81 new map combinations or a near infinity of options. The map editor can be used either with keyboard/mouse or you can control it with the power of thought alone. The Editor help documents are in almost every known language including Walloon and Klingon. The English version of the the help documents will be in the August patch. The Cure for Cancer WILL be in the June Patch. Better impact sensation - you will really feel how little this patch actually does. All weapons will now have a 50% chance of being modelled on real world weaponry. Grenades will no longer kill, only stun. Looks will now kill. reloading is now possible while running, but only if you are running backwards. You will still not be able to join a MP game. 'The Black Screen Of Loading' with have the words 'You are not joining the server' to make this clear. The patch is approx. 8 gig in size compressed (GRIN used their own compression method so its less that 100K when uncompressed) Later Rob Chairman - Campaign to DP GRAW GRAW is in the toilet, don't let them yank the chain ======================================== Cheers
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