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  1. YOUR RIGHT there PAP6 Thats a COOL MP and SP !! FUN GAME !! Cheers p.s. Hey Crusher my Dad say HI from Dust "dAVId Ground" .
  2. THE MOTHER OF What !! ??? of ALL BUGS !!! LAMO sorry couldnt resist. cheers.
  3. Feedback July patch................ errors/crashes/ lag/ long loading times/ missions in coop crash/AI descend from choper and continued falling out of ground of level/hacks and cheats everywere/ etc.etc.etc... not good........... who test this patch??? OK "BO ys" hurry go get the next patch to fix this patch and patch the next patch with this patch....oh no , no , no wait make a quick bundle with watever u got from the last patch.. LMAO !!! this is Hilarious . good job !!!!
  4. Hey GPS theres a mod for Clear nitevison binos but if you want you can open ur C:Program Files/Red Storm Entertainment/Ghost Recon/Mods/Origmiss/Textures folder and scrool down until u cross ahead with this files Nvnoise.rsb RSB of 9KB this is the file you have to change to make your nitevisoin clr. if you have photoshop 6 or 5 , but in case you dont have this you ca download the mod. hree link: http://www.woody2000.com/download.php?view.493 in your mod folder install . enjoy have fun Cheers
  5. WOW is that ........SPEEDY GONZALEZ!! Cheers
  6. A known issue but here : http://www.twitchguru.com/2006/05/31/iga_h...ur_in_game_ads/ cheers
  7. maybe u hear it before , maybe u know about it or... maybe not , anyhow......something to read between classes , her link : http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=c...80&Itemid=2 cheers
  8. Moderator for Rabbi 74 pls. you guy..... are testing deep water , out o border , carefull what u post in here , theres kids reading this forums . keep ur personal habits to yourself . pffff. LMAO. CkZWarlord yes thats true all that involve programing , integers , 3dmodeling , etc , pretty interesting and always a challenge , constant evolve . cheers CkZWarlord Thnks Rocky .
  9. LMAO U guys make me laugh seriously !! LOL Hey " Darklighter " You asked for it accept it This issues are not gonna be fix soon by them , you are gona have your respwns < if that make you FEEL BETTER , if you really want to do something!! learn to MOD its really fun , sometimes one stays long periods of time modding instead of playing the games , now , the xmls are easy to modify , use your SEARCH engine of this forums and you will see what Im talkin about , theres already ppl. seraching this issue about mission ends with the dead of this character, you ca be one too you can learn something , right but is your call buddie not mine , and respect about working for Grin OMFG no way jose !! but NO LOL, ppl, dont need to work in this little studio to know and see that this game was doom since Demo !! but hey you can WRITE TO GRIN STUDIOS right?? NOT Here go stragith to the source , if you want to kow more about it , THIS IS JUST A FAN SITE , devs. sometimes visit here but prob. you can try there too good luck and enjoy this product . Now you dick ie , negative posts?? 500 times ??!! wow guy !! Deal with it?? you Deal with it , MAKE UP YOUR MIND DUDE you really NEED HELP !! LOL , about if the ppl . like this product or not , pff good for them , is their Option , the guys like this original poster , dont know how to make up their mind, so they ask , then they receibe what they are not ready to read , so cmon . play the product and hope that the studio that is working on it fixed more o less to be playable , Metal jacket got the POINT pretty good. And to end this ridiculous arguments with you 2 guys DICK GO GET THE GAME PLAY IT < SO YOU CAN GET A REAL FEEL OF THE PRODUCT , AND THEN YOU CAN MADE UP YOUR MIND TO KEEP IT OR NOT. now you get the picture ?? and Darthvader ops ..sory DARK LIGHTER . so there u go a NO NO NO for your 3 petitions. pray for the end of XMAS 512 MB chipset Ati Radeon or Nvidia or 1GB for Nvidia. http://www.ati.com/products/gamer.html http://www.nvidia.com/page/desktop.html http://www.bfgtech.com/physx/index.htm PERIOD. p.s. this is the game Industry welcome guys.
  10. A BIG NO, NO to the 3 options . sorry dude, this game is dead. since demo . PERIOD . cheers
  11. <--------------- graw lmao just faced it ..........its gone , since the demo. cheers.
  12. WOW !!!! less than $20.00 .......in this short time !!! that,s pretty BAD and gettting worst. told ya guys p.s. bet on GR 4 , HAZE or Crysis . good studios behind this games, more experinced , resources and man power . Period.
  13. Snow fella dont make me laugh dude !! pls. Im not even talkin to you , so keep in track of the post . dont need to explain ourselves to you LMAO . ( keep modding and one day your dream to be a real dev. will come true, if that's what you want , cool....... if not carry on with ur life. " if yes, then ull understand what the game industry is about , meanwhile keep it up " ) now to TOPIC : rifle_001 we got you a package with some things maybe you can use. cheers
  14. OMG.. grin stay in the forums of graw pls. rifle check ur P.M. p.s. In this site you can find some tutorials to start modding , but we can provide you with the tools if u need them . link : http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/recon.htm Commando Crazy !! He ask for Free 3dmodeling software RIGHT?!! so that's what he got , to (start getting the feel of things) need more tools , somthing else mod , gr1 ?!! OK n.p. u got it man , good to help ya. p.s. now we understand why graw is how it is and how it will end . Cheers
  15. Who have the bug remix?? that was FUNNy cheers
  16. Not even mention in da OLD GR1 , the coolest thing was to be able to fire a posted machine gun , in this "new version" forget about it !! this are just plain decorations or "AI just use" LOL . cheers p.s. missions are boring after u play them more than 3 times and that a lot !! this game dont have that inmersion "its diferent". and the weird combo of key,s just to be able to make the character a simple crouch , prone , stand , some guys were able to set a more comfy combo but still its anoying .
  17. HI WytchDokta That's a good job in the digi camo ,......those filters are pretty usefull somtimes keep it up !! 1 cheers p.s. All the guys here say Hi to you m8.
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