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  1. http://www.fugly.com/videos/3953/Life_is_Short.html LOL go play the AW , in 360 that's better , LOL . troll OMFG !! u kids are fun . cheers.
  2. Hey UBI and DEV team here I think you guys know about this game , hope you learn something . because your learning curve its getting to steep. http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=2773 1.- Visual quality 2.- War studio 3.- Story line Thats a game p.s. what u say ?? TOW pls. keep your personal opinions to yourself , dont make this personal ok.., stay in topic and or just dont post , you make me laugh , go back to your game to play ok. omg . pff.
  3. From UBI interview page . Q. For those unfamiliar with these modes, could you give us a quick overview of each of them? A. In [GR] Cooperative mode, you and your team-mates face off against hostile soldiers in enemy territory. Your mission is to reach the extraction point. So.. it's Recon or a Firefight ??? ohh yes a Recofight oh.. wait no , ....its just "Cooperative mode" ala UBI GRIN messup , with all complete bugs , and same old crappy graphics and maps . more Crap omg. This game is already DEAD . that did it . sorry" Matt " this time you really ...as your poduct say "W hiskey T ango F oxtrot , up lol , with the Dev studio , but hey good youre getting a new project , lets see how it turns so far so good . Next time before post a "Dead canadian president" in your pages LOL , make a good search , that was the first bad impression of the whole Dev.team...... for this Game , in particular , and we mean THE WHOLE TEAM . this product it's been a "dead man walking " since demo , wiith that useless PhysX driver , " for this game ", we try that card . for this game and it didn't pull it , game it's the same crap = "low quality product" RSE and pc.GR1 and expansions packs = excellent product . ( take note " Matt " R. S. E. sale parameters ). sorry I couldnt resist , but was about time . PERIOD. cheers
  4. Well said NYR32 we vote here for RSE = experince cheers
  5. PoW_LigHtsPeEd , I think they haven't have the time to answer but maybe they " WILL " and by the way Judge Recluse and SpeedNut{cv} u kids really make me laugh now. OMFG !!!
  6. HI vekien First of all..... Welcome to Ghost Recon community forums. Check pls. you P.M. hope this help Cheers
  7. WUT ?? u really make me laugh now omg . Character models ??! uff man , those character models of the game Lockdown are pretty slik , not mention of Las Vegas , you will see , but is ok , you dont like the game Lockdown as many ppl . dont like this AW . you really dont know what u talking about , honestly LOL , but is ok , np pff. enjoy da AW product .
  8. LOL Papa6 , u really need an update in ur news report , that GR 4 stuff , was known since before da release of gr awfull o bugs . make a recheck in da forums UBIsoft , UBI com some other forums "gogle it"and I guess here was comented too , so , maybe u coordinate ur posts LMAO . But cool u mentioned again .
  9. Cpl. Ledanek right ON !!!! and all this......... edit this ,change that , click here , blah blah "crap " just to switch a mod ??? they couldn't install it in DA GAME !! pfff. OMG !!!
  10. las Vegas !!! even Lockdown got better graphics , than gr: AW'full o bugs , the new R6 looks sharp , demo it's coming soon , so you'll try a good close qtr. battle . .
  11. That was OLd news .... that why GR : AW full o bugs , its canned and in da shelf . pff. Haze , GR4 named as this for now , Crysis , Armed Assault , DA GAMES not this crap . good (Real studios) back this games . Xmas time.
  12. ?? expansion pack ??!! = Expansion Bugs !!!!! no thanks !!! . let them "try" to finish this game first , sorry couldn't resist
  13. That's it UBI / Grin performance issue "not solved" and new bugs "not solved" gamespy "not solved" crap . again . p.s. anyhow , thanks to post the link here .
  14. hOLA Genarg . Mira la verdad mejor quedate con la version del XBOX 360 , la version de computadora no vale la pena , por ahora ....... los que desarrollaron este juego lo hicieron Muy mal , si tienes un computador con 512 MB una tarjeta de video , pentium 4 y como 2 gh de memoria Ram , podras mas o menos jugar el juego , ahora si no toenes los requisitos minimos , tu juego estar por los suelos , el rendiminto sera muy pobre , la verdad es esta , el juego no vale la pena gastar dinero por ahora , RSE los que desarrollaron el primer juego GR1 y sus expansiones de juego , desarrollaron el juego del XBOX 360 , este si vale la pena comprar , ahora si no tenes el XBOX 360 ,bueno pena me da decirte que deveras te pierdes de un buen juego SERELAN y su equipo hicieron un magnifico trabajo , los del GRIN le falto mucho trabajo y su equipo es muy nuevo , etan tratando de salvar un juego que esta muerto desde el Demo . pero si quieres probar y gastar tu dinero en algo que no vale la pena gastar , es tu descicion , yo te aconsejaria primero juegar el DEMO !! y te daras cuenta OK . bienvenido a la comunidad del Ghost Recon , lee tambien los FOROS del UBI , ok Saludos
  15. Thats a big 10 4 Crusher . ( here CookieMonster ) Cheers
  16. If anyone here its having trouble login into UBI looby online lately ? cheers
  17. Ya rossiski by to GR:AWfull o bugs LMAO. and Zulater you are right there. Demo was crap = final product PERIOD . cheers
  18. Gr:AW full o bugs------> ---------> by by...... Will never buy home from this new home builder (no experiece at all , no man power or resources ) "home builder builds bad reputation for itself" contractor save money , but start loosing some clients , but will look for new homebuilder ( more experince ) again , contractor not guilty , builder no experience to build fast and well done . contractor say BY by to homebuilder this make me loose money , mmm no good , NEXT PROYECT !!! Cheers
  19. Normal Player of GR1 use this GRMM = Ghost Recon Mod Manager have that option for GR 1 as an extra feature . or if not , go to your Options XML , c: or wherever u got ur install of GR1 / Program Files/Red Storm Entertainment/ Ghost Recon/ options "xml open with notepad scroll down under the 2nd. line of </Gameplay> . <ShellBackgroundIndex>2</ShellBackgroundIndex> <ReticuleColorR>255</ReticuleColorR> <ReticuleColorG>0</ReticuleColorG> <ReticuleColorB>0</ReticuleColorB> <ReticuleIFFColorR>160</ReticuleIFFColorR> <ReticuleIFFColorG>200</ReticuleIFFColorG> <ReticuleIFFColorB>255</ReticuleIFFColorB> old stuff . same here . xmls . and from the start "Bundle reader by Nemon" made it more easy to mod. the xml for reticle in this game . ( not HACK ) before 1.21 . but is fun to open files of games to explore and learn somthing diferent to see how capable (with or with out the proper tools) a game can be "mod." cheers
  20. LMAO !!!! Ikillintel YES you got it right there!! maybe just maybe , after a "few " cases of Beer maybe this game can start looking OK !! I guess , if not ......oh well you get drunk . cheers
  21. Here : http://www.gamecomm.com/ " GAMECOMM " http://www.skype.com/download/skype/window...ading_beta.html " SKYPE " http://www.goteamspeak.com/ " TEAM SPEAK " http://rogerwilco.gamespy.com/ " ROGER WILCO " http://www.xfire.com/ " XFIRE " http://www.gamecommander.com/products/gcvsgv.html (oldie) " GAME COMMANDER " http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Best/game-voice-chat.html And the " REST " ---------------------------- http://www.ventrilo.net/ VENTRILO Cheers
  22. http://www.edimensional.com/product_info.p...te_banner_id=78 enjoy cheers
  23. Yep Frag maniac That's a cool map , but hey !! if you open IGOR , the map editor of GR1 , you can place the insertion zone , outside the borders of the map and place it , inside the caves , remember to do it in a small scale , not to wide open (remember to check Mission for this insertion), so you or one of your members dont spwn out borders o map , trial and error , you maybe want to try a few times , just to see that your spwan area , inside caves is correct , we have a few missions , wiht spwn insde those caves , the 2 ones , the one close the HELI port BIG ONE and the one you saw , top of the mountain close to Sniper tower , (if you want the missions let me know , will be a pleasure ) , the last one is not a high ceiling but is a cool insertion too , Theres more Jungle maps to try , caves systems , militar compounds , forests , Mapacks , theres cool levels for this game Download section , ad if you want to try this Mapack its called . TPC_Map_Pack v2 this is a Classic!! here its the Read me of it : ThePlatoon.com Community Map Pack v2.0 (Full Install) -------------------------------------------------------------------- MOD REQUIREMENTS: This is the full install of the "ThePlatoon Community Map Pack v2.0" for Ghost Recon. If you already have version 1.0 of "ThePlatoon Community Map Pack" installed please delete the folder, "TPC_Map_Pack" from your Ghost Recon mods folder before starting this installation. MOD DESCRIPTION: This is a compilation mod containing various maps and missions created by the Ghost Recon Community. There is no original work by ThePlatoon other than the compliation, and the map and mission makers deserve all the credit for this mod. Included in this mod are: Aztec converted by Low Profile The Crypt by SR Kidd The Dam by Neutron. Missions by Right-Hand De_Dust converted by Ripper Killhouse map by SAF Clan The Market by Rawker. Missions by Storm The Park by Jujuman Shadow Valley by Gizzmo Shallow Creek by Xcal Renegade Stalkyard converted by Low Profile A big thanks to all these map makers who put such great effort into making these awesome maps for all of us to enjoy! NOTE: Certain maps such as Killhouse require Desert Siege to play. Please read all the text files in the "readme" directory for specific information on each map. WHAT's NEW IN VERSION 2.0: 1. The addition of Low Profile's latest map mod, "MLP03 Stalkyard". 2. Mission files have been replaced. In order to keep this map pack from conflicting with the stand alone versions of these maps the mission files and mission names themselves have been modified. This will avoid any conflicts down the line if any of these maps and missions are updated for the stand alone mods, but have not been updated for the map pack. Each mission file and mission name now simply start with a unique naming convention specific to this map pack. The names of the files and missions have not been changed in any other way. Without these changes the map pack and any of the stand alone mods for these maps would be in conflict with each other. Which ever one had the higher priority level in the mods menu would canel the other one out. The mission file names could have just been changed and not the mission names themselves, but then there would be duplicate missions to choose from if the stand alone mod was activated also. There would be no way to tell which mission was from the map pack and which mission was from the stand alone mod. This is why the use of a unique naming convention was implemented in this update specifically for the map pack. An added benifit is that now all of the missions for the map pack appear together in alphabetical order when you go to select a maps mission in game. Example of the maps new naming convertions: P01 Aztec P02 RDA_Crypt P03 The Dam P04 De_Dust P05 SAF_Killhouse P06 The Market P07 The Park P08 Shadow Valley P09 Shallow Creek P10 Stalkyard P10 Stalkyard II 3. Mission editing in IGOR for some missions. Several of the original mission files had problems with them. Some did not enable firefight and recon game types for single player under quick missions. Another did not have a central zone so SAR and Hamburger Hill game types in mp where not available. The maps that had actual missions were not tagged properly and would also appear under the team game type mission category, not just coop. There should be no mission game type selectable for the team category normally. The changes have been made for each of these mission files to fix these things. An updated version of the aztec mission has also been included which adjusts the tr base zones used for respawns giving you more cover than before. The only other changes made to any of these mission files was for the killhouse missions. The main base zones, tr base zones, and respawns have been slightly modified for the killhouse missions so you no longer start firefights and recon missions with five tangos to your direct left and right dying as soon as the round starts. No other parts of these mission files have been modified in any way other than what's been detailed above. 4. The complete obmission of some files not needed in version 1.0 of the map pack. Version 1.0 of the map pack shipped with over 2 megs worth of files that should not have been part of the map pack. Many of these files were nothing more than duplicate files in bogus directories throughout the map packs mods folder. This installation removes those files from your hard drive. The bogus directories which had the duplicate or unnecessary files in them will be empty after this upgrade. The upgrade program does not remove the directories themselves, just the files within them. RUNNING THIS MOD IN GHOST RECON: In order to play the maps and missions included in this map pack you must first activate the mod from your Ghost Recon mods menu. The name of the mod you need to activate has changed since version 1.0 of the map pack. This was done to make room for the version number as the map pack is upgraded from time to time. Simply activate the mod, "TPC Map Pack v2.0" from you mods menu to play all of the maps and missions in single player and multiplayer. There's nothing to it. Enjoy! ---------------------------- And if you dont find a map or mapack let us know and we send it to you , and by the way ; YES GR1 after 5 yrs . still giving nice surprises to new players its a great game !!! cheers
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