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  1. A.W. = R.I.P. cheers p.s. but cool for your huge effort to mod this {mediocre}product .
  2. Pls. make you a favor.. download the demo , that will give you aprox. what you're going to get in the retail . . Game is not good , lots o bugs have performance issues . ( o well maybe you already did it "try demo") Theres no ppl. in the servers online as much as 100 and something , and that's a good day . Gamespy is not good . Thats our opinion of this product , good try but missed for a long shot . " Feels Arcade and to Linear " . Anyhow GR4 its coming soon . good luck and try to enjoy the product . by the way congratulations for your new Baby Cheers
  3. So ............................. ? cheers
  4. Your Right Dannik my typo and Sup I was not making compairison with this 2 dev.studios . both have dif. levels of experince but in diferent fields of the gaming industry . anyhow........ have Fun Hotel . cheers
  5. Hi Hotel We read it , we agree , it's truth . "since demo" . Try the [GR] game = Old Ghost Recon for good old times gaming , but as you say , they will be more and "better games in 2007 , rainbow six Vegas its been developed already , Red Storm Entertainment "Quality Studio dev. team"= experinced in the gaming industry give us Graw in the 360, or Bethesda and Zombie Studios with prox. proyect Rogue Warrior FPS. and Crysis , etc. good luck and have fun . cheers
  6. Cuchillo*

    WCG 2006

    http://us.worldcybergames.com/sp/web/News_...tion_code=N3N01 Cheers p.s. if theres another post as this pls. delete my link if you want thanks .
  7. It's clear as MUD , you didnt get it ?? That's why its out for Civi , understanding. cheers.
  8. both times we thanks Havok again , a good laugh ....the best medicine. cheers
  9. This .....it,s been very disrespectful for the original poster and for us , even from the " Dev. studio repsentatives " , not been able to respond in a profesional and proper way , pls. someone lock this treath . enough is enough cheers
  10. your going to open Pandora box? ur call . Cheers
  11. Zero alpha Thank you very much , we appreciate your honesty and sincerity , you dont need to apologize . Some of us we knew about this , we salute you man. Cheers
  12. LMAO ! what I promise wut?? Its the raw truth about this game , but you kids cannot face it , LOL welcome to the game industry . cya laters go play kids LOL .
  13. Could be cool to have that character in Frostbite . we know some girls that they will . cool . looking good Cobaka . pls. forgive my english . grammar .spelling. cheers
  14. HI private parts . You can make a search too , in your Sound folder , of the game ;c: Program Files / Red Storm Entertainment /Ghost Recon / Mods / Origmiss or Mp1 or Mp2 / Sound . The XML Document , that you'll find inside this folders (sound) , can be easily modified , opening it , in a notepad / source , (drag ond drop the XML in the notepad.) . You will find all the sounds that are use in the game , sound effects , music "intros" etc . most of the sounds are in wav. format , and almost of all the sound softwares out there, can play it , but here a link if you want to edit those sounds , mix them , etc . this is a free trail software , pretty usefull , if you one day , decide to create a weapon sound mod or the full3d model with 3dMax. Just grab and drop the wav. file into Goldwave window once its installed , it will tell you , the speed and timing etc.. Here link : GoldWave http://www.goldwave.com/ cheers .
  15. OH by the way, Willie go back to work pls. oh wait......forget this is "part" of your job Awwww colin thanks . ok lets see when did you kids join this site ....06 04 oh , ok LOL , kids some of you , didn't even knew about the existance of GR1 . And yes thers ppl. posting neg. and some others posting pos. , at the end all its feedback , but seems you kids don't undertand that , if you really , dont like the post , just ignored , easy , LOL Go play ,..go , enjoy you product . But it's looks like , this call your attention , give you something to do , as we see , your not playing your game , LOL you are here R6 Vegas , looks OK . lets see demo . (few months). http://www.tomclancy-games.de/modules.php?...6_Vegas_Screens anyhow . That said... enjoy this Fan site and the GR gamming communitty . Cheers
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