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  1. WELCOME BACK Wolfsong!! Cuchillo* C<S>C CHEERS. GOOD NEWS!!!
  2. HEy! U want the enemy to shoot u with antitanks?! just change the KITS weapons for them its easy ,in IGOR u got that choice for all the enemies u can change their KITS.is that the question? you can even make them to smoke a cigarrete or drink a beer or a soda.:)HOpe this HELP A LIL ok when u open in IGOR and choose ur enemy to place it in the map at ur right hand corner,were u have ur platoons and companies.OK once u got ur enemy in map is gonna appear at the same time bellow the section the "Actor Properties,u got in this" Name" for the actor:here u can give the actor the name u desire."Class"this is how they appear in ur list name of actors to ur left cornerdown."Kit"Here is were u can change those weapons for the ones u desire,just KLIK on it and it will take u to ur "FILES OF EQUIP"OK and here is were the posibilities are open for any change of weapons for ur actors,remember if u want them to smoke a cigarrete,u got the kit ak 47and cigarrete.kit,Klik in the kit u want to give him,after, it will apperar in the file name then just klik" open "OK!! U just change his weapon NOW!!if u want to them smoke a cigarrete klik in the kit of cigarretes and other weapon,open it and then remember to go below the section of "Start",u got ur "Stance",ok?!here u can choose how u want ur guy to be in position,then u got "IDLE"ok ,here is were u choose his action in the map KLIK in the arrow of "IDLE"and choose smoking,if u choose" Smoking Squated",remember to set his stance "Crouched" and in ur script too ,HOPE THIS HELP FOR U ,remember just one little Detail " Your weapons Files "EQUIP",will change as u get the expansion packs this are DESERT SIEGE/THUNDER ISLAND."HAVE FUN !!!-Archon-! CHEERS.
  4. Thats true . Good design of site =MM= Shadow. Cheers. P.S.How does the STARGATE Project is coming?
  5. OK ! HI M H Puffy!! HERE WE GO ,Open ur IGOR "if u got ISLAND THUNDER",k?1,go to ur Vehicles k,u'l see the first Symbol as a Tank it says "apc_bmp.vcl" right OK.,! thats ur RUBBEr Boat <Class crrc.vcl>. use it the rides for insertion are Fun as for choppers to. < CHEERS>.
  6. HI We like the PAPOP,sights are good,all the Mod is PRETTY KOOL,Skins,Camo,Guns,Sounds. SALUT!! Cuchillo* C<S>C P.d.Personaly ; the Famas_aimpirat FINE assault gun,Me like.
  7. U can even put your BUDDIES in a chopper for insertion if u want !! IN the RUBBER BOAT if u want TOO !! so the posibilities of this ENGINE are flexible,just play with the Integers and try dif .things INNOVATE!! HAVE FUN!! Wish u the best if need some help with something just ask,and by me i'LL do as much i can ,there's a HOLE community of ppl that's pretty talented. CHEERS.
  8. OSOK .Oldie BUT GOODIE!! Is one of our favorities, Sniper Toy,nice clean work,good KITS!! CHEERS. P.S. hope mo ppl,play this one,have Fun!.
  9. Try the tutorials for IGOR ,from el OSO,u can get them here in this SITE ,or just kilk in PATH,on IGOR and then go to ur map and just drag the path or but remember left klik to choose path , rigth kilk to move the path where u want to go ,then it all depends if ur using choppers,dont drag the path,make the paths separated but in secuence,for tanks or vehicles,jeeps and trucks drag the path.then choose the speed u will find all these in ur IGOR,all these u can find in the TUTORIALS advance IGOR v1 and v 1.2,Hope we can get those tutorials back to help all the new ppl that want to get into the Mission scripting,but at least this is what u can start doin "HAVE FUN "play with IGOR!! CHEERS.
  10. RGR .Acknowledge, thanks SOTO!! CHEERS.
  11. YEAH!! Thanks again!! for all your hard work!!and for the Specialists!!COOL MAN!!< PLEASE!! BUSHMAN!!BUSHMAN!!branches,grass,mud PLEASE!> A Swamp Thing!! CHEERS.
  12. HI NIGHT MARE! Hope this Year brings JOY and lots o goods things to u and all ur friends and family!! With this i JUst want to know if in ur" M.P.STEALTH Mod."Just if its "POSSIBLE"add some "Branches" into the "CAMO of the SNIPER"WE really like your CAMOS,They BLEND CORRECTLY into the Maps,I read in the other forumm before the "EVENT"that u were working in something, a "BUSHMAN"?!!We will wait,no rush,if u doit COOL MAN!!!if u don't COOL BRO!!this CAMOS ARE THE FIRST GENERATION IN STEALTH,Thanks to you and all the ppl.that was involved in the Project. KEEP IT UP!! "BUSHMAN!" CHEERS.
  13. OK , the crash for the Kit #47 and above,is Fix NOW,very Kindly Petitjean check the patch and iT's ready to Download V1.2,"S.P./M.P./COOP". <hippeis,xG5kdo> Hope u like this Mod.armee-francaiseV1.2. CHEERS.
  14. RGR. Link is workinG NOw,In the section of Downloads klik in Ghost Recon,this will take u to the Page"GhostRecon Moderateurs:Aucun", klik in below were it says" PatchArmeeFranchisever1.2",this will take u to the page "Patch Armee Francaise ver 1.2"below u'll see the first message "Sujet du message:Patch Armee Francaise ver 1.2" OK! thats not the link , trying Klik in the word "ici" it will take u straight to "file download"Hope u can LINK. CHEERS.
  15. WOW!!Me like the FIRST GENERATION of STEALTH ,to DEFY the Skills, Beautiful and INGENIUS WORK!! Can wait to see the BUSH MAN!!!M.P.>!! Cuchillo* C<S>C CHEERS.
  16. HI thanks to answer me i can give u the site of the PTITJEAN,is in french do,HERE try it ! http://www.petitjeansmod.fr.st/ confirm if u get this LINK thanks again,just go into section of Downloads "Ghost Recon"there u will find the patch V1.2 of Armee Francaise. CHEERS.
  17. HI ! Itried the armee-francaise v1.2patch,Is a Kool mod.like the detail of the blue Helmet,Famas and new ret.for sniper gun,Binos lazer ,We are trying to contact Petitjean's n his forums,cuz we are experiencing a crash to desktop, if we choose above of Kit 47 of DEMO.MP,COOP.Has anyone else tried the armee-francaise Modv1.2patch and experienced this We like the Mod. Thanks CHEERS.
  18. Hey!! Good to see the Site running again and Improvements done,I wish the Best of this 2003 to All Staff and Members,We saw Bad Times and Good Times last Year;And this Year promises such changes, that will give us strength to continue giving the best of us. Cuchillo* C<S>C CHEERS.
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