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  1. First thing you'll learn ....is to die , and die fast by a frag !! then carry on , figure it out in "virtual combat " !!! good luck m8 !! welcome to Ghost Recon community
  2. no .wait .......theres another Joke = " GRIN " and a bad one . cheers
  3. Ghost Recon its dying , good times , and fun moments of playing this Original game , It needs a Truth Replacement = Thats is in works but not until 2008 . This was One Original Game 100 % FUN !!!! Modable , playable, replayable and most important thing , brought together Trough this Fan site ( Rocky admin.) a whole new breed of bright ppl. to the mod. scene , RSE and Ubisoft did a GREAT JOB !!! Hope my dear UBI guy , you know who you are , place what the gaming community " plays " and "mod. " and incorporated in that " last project " , I think the new gen. in Team UBI devs. are getting the right direction Now . As I say once " Make it FUN make it Playable ." and by the way Merry XMAS (in advance ) to every body in this forums . p.d. (there will be ppl. still playing [GR] for a little while) . Cheers
  4. LMAO pls, pls, a sling shot . realism ??? omg..... its just a game !!! just make it FUN !! make it playable , that's it . cheers
  5. 1.- AW2 for around mid. 2007 2.- You guys better upgrade "again" your systems = windows vista etc. etc etc. 3.- New bugs 4 new fans = same crap and more . That's it ..dont ask were I get info . ok....... can't say no more about this = no saying enjoy DA Process . Cheers
  6. Sorry to hear you m8 ..but the "mediocre" game itself its a HUGE PROBLEM , lol Full o BUGS and a pretty bad problem of performance . Hope you can fix the trouble , because theres always a new bug every day , try reinstaling it , play it , check , then apply patch , good luck M8. cheers
  7. Old Ghost Recon with expansion packs = Desert Siege and Island Thunder HIGHLY RECOMENDED !! play it on UBI , Xfire , Tha ALL SEEN EYE , Game Spy via I.P. support T.S , etc.............. and there's TONS of Mods and Maps , missions , retextured maps , a full armoury , Total conversions you name it . Replayability 100% give it a fly . Cheers
  8. Good for you guys !! good effort and nice soft. there was another IRC channel already On the other hand ........... " UBI chat open " again ................. Cheers
  9. I gues you didnt read the "BOX" or the "read me file" in the install . abis $$ video card $$ Power source $$ and some luck to make this " mediocre " product to run +- well , then some more patches LOL . Is not worth .....but if you were thinking to upgrade your sys. "your call" but good luck m8 . cheers
  10. Welcome to Ghost Recon communitty cheers
  11. The game itself its CRAP , another patch ?? to fix this ?? no way Jose , meanwhile they dont get rid of "gamespy" disconections and etc , etc , will continued , we really feel sorry about this happening to you m8 , but ur not alone , theres lot of performance issues on this "mediocre" product , that will never been able to fix , they need to REDO the whole game And for help for this............. check your Firewall XP , be sure you are not running any other app. (just I.E.) but this game and make a Ping test , hope you can fix the trouble....but honestly change Game m8 . dont waste ur time effort and energy the game itself not even worth now $9.99 LOL . good luck m8 . Cheers
  12. Nutlink dont worry m8 , you dont need to . And all of the above that is been mention about this "mediocre" product was observed since the release of the demo . O well........... there's still GHOST RECON , Island Thunder , Desert Siege and a Ton of Mods . and new games , new engines . Guess this Studio better stay doing Arcade games , they are .............. ok . cheers
  13. Welcome to the gaming Industry p.d. we told you , even with "tweak guide" lol cheers
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