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  1. Is this compatible with 1.35? game crashes and wont load any missions. I was looking for an AI upgrade for the computer controlled ghosts in sp or coop, anyone can point me to something like this? Thx
  2. Found it, the thing was that i was choosing [GR] coop instead of just cooperative
  3. Thx guys, will try this evening after work.
  4. Hey all. I've bought GR:AW last week and been going through the SP campaign. I'm new to this GR and fps thing and never played GR1 (going to though, after reading this forums ). My online gaming experience comes from Everquest where I've played dayly for the last 5 years. I enjoy GR:AW it would like to try it online, my idea for starters is hosting a game with a couple of friends joining in. I've read somewhere that we can go through the SP missions online and have AI controlled team mates filling in the available spots. I've checked the manual (if we can call it that) and messed arround in game yesterday and could not find a way to do this. is this possible? what kind of coop missions can be done in GR:AW? is there a place where i can learn more how to play online? Thx for help.
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