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  1. I am so glad I wandered back to GR.net. Some good news is possibly on the horizon. let me just +1 to FPS view, 9 squad slots, and moddable COOP missions. (LOVE me some Alpha-squad tournaments) Question: Whats with the xbox controllers in the video... was that all that you guys had to work with? I don't remmeber seeing a good shot the good ol K&M setup. Thanks for still being around rocky.
  2. I couldn't agree more... the technology in games has come a LONG way since the OG GR days, there is Sooo much they could do now. Lowest common denominator is as far as they are reaching it seems.
  3. First off, I'm kind of suprised that there is not more activity in these ArmA forums, I remember a whole lot more going on back in teh OFP days... That said.. Do any of you know if there is a good ARMA mission scripting tutorial out there floating around? I'e still got the old OFP ones, if those are still valid. the Wiki page that BIS has set up has the outlines for a good resource, but nothing in it yet. I keep firing up arma and going into the editor, but then quickly rush out to play another mission instead of getting my head into it. Anyone know of good resources? thnx
  4. ordered mine thru the sprocket online system. Came down quickly, only a couple of downloading hiccups, but installed and runs like a champ. This game is going to catch fire much like GR1 did. edit: my d/ld speed hovered right around 370K/sec. The hiccups were a section of "bad mdsum chucnks that appeared to come from about 80% complete till the end, but the downloader managed to get all the right parts...
  5. no disrespect to GRIN, they made a good game on it's own, (if you take away the expectations of gr1'ers) but who is the developer this time around? RSE would be interesting. as could BI. And I guess GRIN might be able to take the feedback they've gotten and do something a lil different. but who is it? with early 07 releases, it's got to be deep into development by now.
  6. sort of. I've played so many that I think not all of them were "stock" but I thought there was one on a night map where you had to sneak up to a location, wait for a jeep to arrive, let the transaction occur, THEN take me out. hmm.. mebbe that was a harntrox mission.. coulda been a stocker tho.. dunno anyhoo. But the whole key to the AS tournies was the ability to balance a stealth attack with a show of force. That's what made them so popular. I'm optimistic about this patch. I'll take a renewed look @ modding now.
  7. Is there a way (un-bundled, I assume) to re-use some of the terrain from the SP maps? Like teh one with the castle, has the hills going up and stuff, is that all one peice and cant be portioned off and used elsewhere?
  8. +1 on the carrying incapacitated people. +1 on fastrope insertion.
  9. finally got a chance to check this out. good stuff@! cant wait till all the empty sections are full!
  10. I like the idea, but the logistics of complete strangers just linking up and have good discussion is pretty tough. Sometimes the smart ones get put off by the mouthy ones and cant get a word in edgewise. A guy named Tank over @ tgp used to do some source engine map modding for counterstrike source, and teh way he would do it is schedule a night with a limited curricula that he would post ahead of time. (come to think of it, H-hour used to do something similar with GR1 over @ tg as well...) Stuff like what mods to have, what parts of the editor needed loaded, sample map, etc, that way, once the "meeting" started, he would step through a few things and everyone listening could be at the same point, following step-by-step. Once he got past the few things he planned on covering, everyone could ask questions, and form there, it turned into a free-for all. It was nice, a lot of guys got stuff out of it, and he got some help on some maps I think too. (mmm beta-testing) That's my .02. I'll bet there would be a waiting list if you could con a grinner into hosting a night. but I'll show up to get walked thry by ducky too, or even to listen in on how Delyte's new map import is going... Just a thought.
  11. sweet writeup ducky. Love the <!-- comments at the end of yer post too, nice touch.
  12. I'm not sure if this counts as a bug or not, but when I was hosting my own (non-dedicated) server with just me, I could only play 2 rounds at a time before I CTD. Comes right back quickly, so I didn't care. Oh, and this mission loads up WAY faster than any of the stock ones.
  13. holy crap. That was TOUGH. Nice work man, I love night maps man, that AI will HUNT YOU DOWN. hehehe
  14. Np. I made the script to do spare myself some hours, I might as well share it so that others can do the same feel free to dump the contents of your drive for all to see. Thanks!
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