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  1. You say that victim number nine was camping. Weren't you doing that exact same thing most of the game? No offense but you seem a bit hypocritical.
  2. I tried this out for a laugh on the playstation Rainbow Six. Put the team god mode cheat on and unload at you buddies.
  3. A little bit of advice on an otherwise good story. When there's dialogue, don't just say "said Pvt. Melinda, screamed Cpl. Janice, exclaimed Sgt. Candice". They're alright used in moderation but not in every single spoken line in the story. Hope that helps. Me's is good at the English.
  4. All those weapon models were very good, apart from the nuke launcher which I thought looked a little splodgy. And that bug looks amazing! One question though. What are they gonna look like when they get shot? Will bits fly off of them like in the film and how will they look when they fall down? Good job, Chems.
  5. OK, you may or may not have noticed my abscence over the last few days. I've been away because I'm getting bogged down in study for my exams. I don't think it'd be right to continue my command when I can't play. So I'm appointing BK as team leader and Supa Sniper as his second in command. I wont be able to play until probably the end of June, but hit me up on MSN at harmera@hotmail.com if you need some advice on organisation...I'm sure you wont though.
  6. XP. This problem is only a very recent thing though.
  7. Things have gone wrong for me, and nobody wants to help in the tech support section. Therefore, nothings really happened as yet.
  8. In the old British Navy fleet, each ship had it's own compliment of marines, I believe. That's where it all started.
  9. Ah, someone else has found one of my favorite sites: Lair of the Crab Of Ineffable Wisdom
  10. I've been meaning to watch it, but apparently it's just another crappy reality TV show.
  11. Never ever used ubi and I said I have the latest patch.
  12. OK. I have no mods on and the latest patch, it's a legal game and I still can't get into any servers because I apparently have the wrong software version. Help!
  13. This'll go so well with Standard Upgrade and USMC Force Recon. Those cammed-up guns are cool.
  14. Where'd you get those skins?
  15. Very nice, Cush. I've got everything working fine and I have the legal copy.
  16. Problems! It says in every server I went in that I have the wrong software. I haven't got any mods on and I've got the latest patch so what's wrong?
  17. I'm in th 7S server now if anyone wants to join in.
  18. OK, my list goes to 20, but you just post your own. A Fistful Of Dollars Bullitt Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid Dirty Harry Get Carter The Godfather Trilogy Jaws One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest The Deer Hunter Apocalypse Now Scarface Platoon Hamburger Hill The Shawshank Redemption Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Training Day The Bourne Identity City Of God
  19. My friend Joe got all these different vids of airsoft competitions off iMesh. One guy had one of them miniguns and it sucked! He shot five cans off a shelf and it took him 30 seconds. Bearing in mind that these cans were one metre away, you can see my point.
  20. It's coming in the mail as we type.
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