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  1. i take it you have a e6300 these cpu,s o/c very well as long as you have the right cpu cooler and the ram and the mobo you could get 3 gig quite easy out of the cpu thats if ur into o/cing that is
  2. could the cpu cooler of moved ? as dropping it wouldnt of been the best for it maybe your mobo is earthing out as in touching something ?
  3. wouldnt changeing ur name in gamespy do the trick?
  4. not seen this posted yet looks like some good drivers New Forceware BETA's 163.16 XP/Vista 32&64 bit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthrea...3305&page=1 From nvnews forums. Download sometimes ends early so beware. Support for 6 series and up. XP-32bit http://www.electronicpunk.com/forceware/16...tional_beta.zip XP-64bit http://www.electronicpunk.com/forceware/16...tional_beta.zip Vista-32bit http://www.electronicpunk.com/forceware/16...nglish_beta.zip Vista-64bit http://www.electronicpunk.com/forceware/16...nglish_beta.zip
  5. what would the spec need to be as i was wondering the same i have an old comp sat next to me
  6. not sure if this has been posted so soz if it has found it on overclockers forum http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17761729 the file to edit is here: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings\profiles\(your name)\settings.xml and there are 2 lines to change, they are: <has_physx value="false" /> <physics value="0" /> change them to 'true' and either '1' for high physics or '2' for extreme [Merged with existing thread] oops i see it has
  7. im useing these thay seem fine http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_162.18.html
  8. delete this please didnt notice the beta drivers were official today
  9. ForceWare Release 158.22 all upto date new drivers out gonna try these 162.18
  10. spec in sig running xp sp2 Crash in application version: 30292.2673 Could not load geometry because IDirect3D9::CreateVertexBuffer failed. This device does not support the queried technique. Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded found the reason which is ntune for some strange reason back to rivatuner
  11. looking at renting a server for graw2 who do the guys use in the uk as i cant find none thanks
  12. Yes, we concentrate on whats important. Go figure how stupid we are. think you would be surprised how big co_op is to alot of peeps in a game with that comment its not lookin to good or ive read it wrong
  13. i have the same case and tbh its 1 of the best ive had the fans run quiet on low but can be abit noisey on high but i use this http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....=57&subcat= so headphones could be ur answer temps arent a problem
  14. Changes and fixes in v 1.02 - Fixed some issues with server listing ======================================================================= Changes and fixes in v 1.01 ======================================================================= -Speedhacking antimeasure added. -Fixed bugs and occasional crashes. -Added server sorting to the server tab. -Added favorites to the server tab. -Fixed coop order commands if the server died and client became leader. -Fixed "Unnamed" Loyalists for clients in coop. -Fixed friendly markers for clients in coop -Fixed some gui alignment bugs -Fix for crouch leaning. -Fixed some Saving / Loading bugs. -Fixed some scoring issues in Multiplayer. -Interface fixes.
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