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  1. I have the original Ghost Recons ( Island Thunder, Desert Seige ) from the special edition package, but I lost the english versions so I had to install French. I was wondering if there is a patch or fix to change it to english?
  2. I installed Eagle Claw but encounter a problem. Whenever I finish the intro to campaign, the soldiers in the selection screen are all sideways and when i press next to goto mission the game CTDs
  3. yes Canadian Ops is the reason I want to find a skin because I don't want the soldiers to be women and wear 'Grunt' clothing.
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows of any JTF-2 or CSOR skins I can use for the mod Canadian Operatives, or even better if someone can teach me how to make all my soldiers look like the Specialist Bob Jones(Canadian Operatives)?
  5. thnx alot. And yeah, I only use cheats where realism is overshadowed by bad AI causing KIA so i'm forced to cheat to survive certain parts.
  6. SPOILER --------------------------------------- in the 7th campaign mission how long does the meeting between the Northern Alliance and Civilian take? Because i left it for 15 minutes and they were still talking.
  7. awesome mod guys. but I was just wondering if there is a way to turn on cheats in singleplayer? I know it makes me a n00b but i need it for some parts of missions.
  8. thnx. you think you can PM me how to do it?
  9. i know but isn't it only for the 1 specialist?
  10. in the future will there be JTF-2 skins??
  11. do you have the link to these forums? p.s. I searched these forums but I can only find GRAW skins. The only ACU for GR1 the download link didnt work.
  12. Does anyone have ARMY ACU for ghost recon 1?
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