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  1. I'm running Norton on my a computer all day sez it's clean. Today, I was able to recreate the redirect on another at work, same result. Looks like it's just not my computer. It's gotta somethingn coming from this website.
  2. Hi, just wanted to let you guys know that when I clicked a link from google to your forum, I was redirected to a different website. Some sort of advertisement or something and it was asking me if i wanted to unlock the site's content. When I clicked the back button, and then told IE explorer to "Leave this Page" I was redirected to the correct forum page.
  3. If there was any reaosn to switch to GMail, or proof why this new LIVE hotmail sucks, this would be it. When attempting to open a trusted email from a trusted website forum with trusted links hotmail would freeze IE for a couple of minutes before opening it. This time when trying to read such an email, my IE froze for about 3 minutes and then my monitor goes to stand by mode! I was able to hear the usual windows crash message pop-up but obviously could not see it. Fortunately I was able to manually (and blindly) hit the START button and restart. My monitor is back on now and I've switched
  4. I just got my first virus detected by norton in a while - [url=http://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2003-090514-4048-99&tabid=1 Anyways, my norton security 2008 found 7 of these and says they're all resolved. Here's the summery - Trojan.ByteVerify Virus ID: 36538 Type: Compressed Risk: High (High Stealth, High Removal, High Performance, High Privacy) Categories: Virus State: Fully Resolved ----------- 1 File [counter.class] inside of [c:\documents and settings\tyrone\application data\sun\java\deployment\cache\6.0\0\7dc6f380-4651d8e3] - Deleted Tro
  5. So why are Pentium 4s supported but only 2 ghz Core 2 DUOs?? Yes, it does require 2 ghz Pentium 4 CPUs but all Core 2 Duos perform better than any pentium 4 regardless of speed. Do you think they just forgot to mention 1.8 Core 2 processors? Also, I assume Pentium Ds are totally not supported now? I know many people who still have Pentium Ds.
  6. I'm no flight sim fan but I'm actually interested in getting into a military themed game for once that's not an FPS or RTS. And with the Tom Clancy brand I know or at least hope to expect realism and intense gameplay. They better not dumb down flight combat just because this might be coming out for the consoles as well. I know they might want to make this a little user friendly for mainstream audiences but it would be cool if this still had detailed controls that takes up a 100% of your keyboard keys. Also, you think they'll move on to a Tank/Armored Combat sim? That would be awesome
  7. That's great that they fixed the shadow problem. No the next big question is IMO do they bring back the CLASSIC nvidia control panel?
  8. Like I said in my other thread - TURN OFF DYNAMIC SHADOWS you'll thank me later.
  9. Yeah, turn of Dynamic Shadows and I can garuantee you a 100% your can play GRAW2 again. Also, the recent 1.03 patch does not help, so for now we're going to have to live withou shadows. It's not so bad and you get a HUGE FPS boost.
  10. Well have you tried turning off dynamic shadows? Turn it off and I can almost garauntee that GRAW2 will stop crashing especially after a loading a mission.
  11. Ummm, no you are wrong. The 162.18 drivers for XP cause corrupt graphics in GRAW 2 with a 7800 card like mine. The 162.22 drivers for Vista cause shadows not to work properly. As you can see, it is an XP and Vista problem. Yes, this is true. Both XP and VISTA users have to have shadows turned off because of the 16.xx drivers. And I just confirmed with my friend, he installed the new GRAW2 1.03 patch, turned on shadows and the game still crashes causing his computer to reboot.
  12. I already know that 94.24 will work with GRAW 2 because I used to have 94.24 when I first got GRAW 2. The thing is GRAW 2 is the only game I have that crashes because 162.xx
  13. As some of you might know, turning shadows on with the 162.18 nvidia driver causes GRAW2 to crash. So now with the 1.03 patch has anyone tried turning shadows on again?
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