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  1. It is easy enough to test Rav. Make a small Test Map with one Panhard and crew and passengers. In the script set the number of enemies to kill to nul (" ") Then blow it up in game. The number that appears on the Post Combat Screen is the value. It is my understanding that the 'crew' is counted but the passengers are not. So this will be a problem in your missions. Speaking for myself, I design my missions with the objectives being the goal, and not how many OPFOR get killed so it doesn't matter. You kill as many as you have to, to achieve the objectives! Ergo, I set the value
  2. Pritzl Another good tip is, get TS, then when in a game you may find other newer players like yourself. Make arrangements to play a game with just 2 or 4 new players. That way you can mutually agree to go into a DM or TvT match and not fire at each other, just explore the map and learn tactics/strategy. When ready the 2/4 of you can practice without getting raped by more experienced players. After a short while you will find that you can hold your own, or even be a true threat Online! All wil honor you with "Hail Pritzl! PRITZL THE MAP MASTER! " (Cheers go up from the grubby throng!
  3. Sui317 Your concept is an interesting one and has me thinking of playing around with the idea. I can see no real barriers to making it in a domination style, but that will require some more investigation and testing on my part. An option that I have more confidence in (since I have been working in [GR] Coop mostly) is a scienario where in one version, you and your team must stop everyone of 12 AI from getting to a location. In the alternate version, the AI starts from a central area and spreads out to stop you getting to the location. This I know I can make! As soon as I finish and
  4. Some really interesting & useful stuff there, thanks Viiiper A few minor changes/additions since 1.35 but, Modders can compare with readme txt(s) example: KEY BOARD SHORT CUTS 1) The 'G' key will toggle through the GRID scales 2) Thumb click (drag) and then right click will 'align to surface', usefull for signs and such. 3) 'B' Key with curser on prop will copy that prop. Saves having to go back through prop menu list. I'll put together a full list of the ones I know and start a post in Graw Map or Mission Modding Is there one for Planer Move Toggle???
  5. Nice work Wolfsong. This also works with [GR] maps made in the editor. Just in time too, since I made a sweet map for 1st mission with the intent of making mutiple missions on the same map! Tried the route of re-naming files with 'no joy', then saw this and "budda-bing budda-boom" a simple way to port my custom map to next missions! There seems to be a lot of people frustrated with GRAW Modding, but a few of us are slowly pulling apart the mysteries and getting results. In a large part, thanks to your work and support of GRAW Modding, Wolfsong!!
  6. So... let me get this right. This crash on second round only happens when we modders are testing with only one person (ourselves) but once the mission is hosted on a server with 'x' Players, then no CTD on second round. Is that right? If so, I can live with that. Should have two [GR] Coop missions finished late today or tomorrow (if I 'xml' myself into a blithering idiot today!) What has not been mentioned is any error messages. In my case, I do not get a CTD, but I do get a VisualStudio error. (Visual Studio is part of MS NET Frameworks I believe) The messages states that " no Jus
  7. Nice project Snow ! Since your retirement from GRAW modding, I have been stumbling around, (blind and clueless) in MAX 8 land. Give me a year (or two) and I'll have a really nifty cube shape (or maybe a teapot!) done! Of course by then, you will be designing space stations if not whole galaxies! "Carry On - carrying on!"
  8. Ahhh, the easy part of mission building! AI Graphs are used by the AI Characters to �€˜see' their surroundings. According to the tutorial, once you build a basic network of graphs, the program builds a matrix of smaller graphs to define �€˜go' and �€˜no-go' routes for the AI. There are two types of AI Graphs. The default AI Graph and the Vehicle AI Graph. Once you select the AI layer, you can toggle between the two by pressing the �€˜n' key. Use the default graph first, you can always add the vehicle graph if you decide to have moving vehicles. (Note: the GRIN Doc s
  9. Welcome to Scripting Pritzl I can help with the first two of your queries... 1) "I tried placing a props/us_marine_corps body and though I could rotate, yaw and roll it, I could not for the life of me figure out how to change it's position" - There are a lot of props and static objects that do not have collision handles so you can not drag them about, nor can you delete them from within the editor. You will have to find them in the last 'World.xml' file saved and delete them from there. Check your "Editor, Known Issues 19/06/2006". I believe it is a text file within the patch 1.35.
  10. Too funny! On the 1.35 patch : - I found that the overhead map view for custom missions are now exported directly to the 'M' key function! Bonus! - TriggerRandomEvent can be cascaded. - Both Game and Editor are noticeably more stable, though I did still get a CTD on second test run of a custom mission. Cleared up after a hard boot. - Objectives and Msg Txt scripts will add that much more to the quality of custom [GR] missions. I expect we will see great things for GR:AW from the dedicated Modding community!
  11. Well, HAPPY DAY ! Thank you GRIN, thank you, oh thank you, oh thank you! Like Wolfsong, I have a little package of missions nearing completion that will benefit greatly from a script re-write to take advantage of the Random event module. Sure beats the crap out of a complex series of cascading zone (area) sequences. (Though, a combination of both may have some interesting potential... hmmmmmm...) - - - - - On the off chance that someone reading this is a 3DS Max wizard, I have a small ‘props' & ‘kit' wish list! If interested, try making a small, medium and large IED (Im
  12. Wolfsong; I just want to thank you personally for all the hard work you do for the Modding Community. Your tutorials for GR-IGOR were very helpful to both new and old Modders. The work you are doing on unravelling the mysteries of the GRAW Editor is equally appreciated. The above list is something I have been meaning to assemble myself, but kept putting off, until the next time I wished I had a list! Now I have a handy reference for future use. Thank you again for making all our Modding better and easier! ‘A New Game, A New Editor,, Another New Binder!'
  13. Working on an [GR] Co-op Mission. Have been working on getting a C4 charge to explode. Am using the 'c4_aa1' script from SP Mission 5 as a reference. Got it to activate, but then get the following error msg. data\lib\units\types\weapons\c4.dsf(-1): can't find member: activate in type <void> Has anyone doing [GR] missions got a working C4 yet ? Care to share your script? Thx Zero (edited for sp)
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