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  1. Hey guys. Many thanks to Rocky for making so many memorable times happen in a very fun environment. Salute! Never have seen another game half as good as this for being able to plan team tactics and then try to execute the plan under ever changing conditions. The organized competitions between clans were great fun indeed. Too bad the game's owners just couldn't grasp what we saw.
  2. Well it all depends on how you play. You can simply use your AI team as flank support and protection and have your main character do all the important stuff. Problem solved. You're never gonna get more in GRAW2 no matter how much you complain. This is a compromise with brings makes a really good combination of only being 1 soldier, which is correct in the reality aspect of TFPS, and also the ability to give correct orders without having to have the solders report back what they see and how their surrounding looks. We'll see how well it plays, but I think it'll be really good. I agree with you if that it is in how you play. If you can actually enjoy being able to peer thru the eyes of your lifeless inhuman AI team-mate, and watch how stupid, ridiculous, thoughtless, blind, and inadequate he is compared to you,.. then more power to you. All I want is the same choice of game play that we had in the [Ghost Recon]. WOLF, I do not want to deny you your way of playing. But GRIN inherited the game honored name of GHOST RECON. Maybe they actually hate what that old name represents to them. But nevertheless, THEY are the ones who must answer to where this game title in PC version goes, while representing the GHOST RECON name. If UBI/ GRIN wants to make another game that does NOT reflect very very closely to [GR], then let them go do it,.. and give it a completely NEW name! But because they choose to use the GHOST RECON name, they must also pay to us the 'opportunity cost' that goes with using this particular name. It is no longer possible now to have another game company step up and make a great and worthy follow-up to the GHOST RECON name. UBI/ Grin have taken away that possibility from everyone here. So it now is up to us, the original great fans of GHOST RECON, to DEMAND a GHOST RECON game that honors most closely the fun, unique, and identifiable qualities of the original GR game. So yes,... I see it as imperative to have this feature in the new GRAW 2 PC! Like it or not, it IS the GHOST RECON heritage. And if GRIN follows the most unique, and identifiable qualities of the original GR game, WOLF, you too will have your favored single play game style, and I will have mine. And then we ALL win!
  3. I wrote earlier when discussing the possible single play aspects of GRAW 2 PC : IGN wrote in their GRAW 2 PC preview: DEAR GRIN,... PLEASE LISTEN!!!! I WANT to get my hands dirty!!! In single play I WANT to be able to experience all of the difficult demands of ANY member in my squad in the 1st person!! I want to be able to plan a mission so that I will get to be the person who actually succeeds or fails at each important spot in a mission. I want to be the master warrior in 1st person at all critical points in any difficult mission!.. I do NOT want to become a ridiculous master nerd warrior who can best direct his lifeless and unhuman AI around on a map without "getting his hands dirty."
  4. I just reinstalled GRAW completely clean without any Mods or Mod maps. I crash every time while starting [GR], Coop, LAN, singleplayer, patch 1.35 installed. I get this error: Any help? Mucho Tnx.
  5. Pritzl,... we are talking about 'single play' format, and having the OPTION ([GR]), of directing our unit's AI around using maps,.. OR employing these same strategies and tactics ourselves,via our own human intelligence, and getting the full 1st. person experience. Which ever method either you or I employ within the privacy of our own computer room, is all good and kool. And the AI method is already there... We are now trying to solicit from the GRIM gods, the old [GR] single play ability to make the switching between unit characters OPTIONAL... not manditory.
  6. Can't see that ever happening. Instead of setting GRAW2 apart from those other lame one hero wonder games their following right along with them. Soldier switching might have even made GRAW enjoyable. It does appear that GRIN is beginning to listen to us sometimes. From what is written in this new GRAW2 infomercial, I am thinking/ hoping that they are also making it possible to increase the mission scripting possibilities. ANd they ARE adding the ability for us set our own GAME SAVES!! So maybe they will add to the game, the ability to switch identities within our unit in single play format.
  7. For successful single play, it is a MUST that GRIN add the [GR] ability for us to switch identities within our unit. e.g.... If our missions are to become much more strategic in nature,.. we must be able to switch between the role of a sniper and his specialized equipment,... into the body of specialized demo guy, as he sneaks stealthfully in order to plant an explosive charge within a building. It was this ability to play so many different specialized roles in the [GR], in order to finish a very difficult mission with many different and evolving objectives, that made [GR] so addicting. I find little fascination in trying to get an idiot AI to do something difficult by playing around with endless waypoints and lines on a map.,.. when I know (1st person), exactly what that trooper needs to do... And I WANT that excitement for my self,.. in 1st person;... not for some idiot AI.
  8. I would feel much much happier if these same GRIN people were playing COOP with Alpha Squad and learning first hand, the significant inadequacies of the current coop formats. Let's see the Grin people try to impress us within the team COOP format.... Now that would be something worthy of well earned praise.
  9. .... silent_op Silent_ops, Wow,... I thought I had been following the GRAW discussions, but I have never seen this post that you quoted. If that post is from a real GRIN source,.. it answers just about all of my GRAW game format questions and worries, and makes me look forward to a long gaming future with GRAW. I had seen the many talks about future patches with vague references to COOP and other game formats,.. but i have never seen anything with such detailed statements about what will be presented. Silent_ops, would you please provide a link to the original posting of this quote from UbiRazz?
  10. ok 1 the three things you asked have been addressed that they will be done during the summer ... Randomhero, Can you tell me where it has been posted from a reliable source that these three exact issues will be addressed in the upcoming "COOP" patch? I hope you are correct, I have been looking hard, and have NOT found anything about these specifics actually being acknowledged and addressed in the future patch. If it is confirmed,.... I too will praise GRIN.
  11. I hope the GRIN techs will make GRAW friendly for recon and stealth parts of COOP/ SP missions. GRAW should always give us the option of using stealth techniques on the current single play and COOP missions, if we should want to take the extra time for it. .. That would also include giving us settings for our own AI to move in stealth mode... We are depicting elite special forces, NOT general infantry... and moving in stealth is a BIG part of of all spec ops normal functions. The current AI configurations ( both enemy and friendly) do not have enough limitations in their listening, and seeing definitions, to allow for stealth possiblilities to exist in any present or future missions.
  12. I have played all of the single play missions,... and I cannot tell the difference in how the enemy AI reacts to a round fired with a silenced weapon, and one fired without a suppressor. Is there any difference? Again,.. I hope the GRIN techs will make GRAW friendly for recon and stealth parts of missions. GRAW should always give us the option of using stealth techniques on the current single play and COOP missions, if we should want to take the extra time for it. .. That also includes setting our own AI to move in stealth mode... We are depicting elite special forces, not general infantry... and moving in stealth is a BIG part of of all spec ops normal functions.
  13. This subject brings to the surface the lack of RECON or Stealth missions in GRAW. In COOP or single play, this type of mission was essential to improve a game's overall quality, into something more than just a Run-and-Shoot silly game. If i am not mistaken, GRAW will need to undergo some more tech changes with the AI's sound, hearing and vision abilities, before this game can stand up to GR1 quality in this area. As it is, I don't think that stealth aspects of a mission are possible. Please remember that the GHOSTS are Elite Special Ops,.. where stealth movement and pin point assualts are their basic unit characteristics . For me, most of GR1's best missions ( mods included) are the ones that had both stealth elements as well as some seriously difficult shooting.
  14. Poita, I enjoyed your post and the info on Crysis. And i find it all completely appropriate since most of the current discussions about GRAW here at GR.net, are centered around speculation about what GRAW will eventually become, when all of the needed patchwork is completed. Unfortunately, i am stuck waiting for a format of GRAW that is acceptable. And I also believe that GRIN is trying its hardest, and giving us their best efforts to accomplish just that. But until that does happen,... the World of GR is still built in dreams rather than reality,... and your post fits quite well within the dream speculation of Ghost Recon's future.
  15. I am often in Russia and in ex soviet countries near Pakistan nowadays,.. and I saw the GRAW game available for about $2 USD in the booths by the Undergrounds... but i would never try these versions, of course. They are complete counterfeits, and with a horrible russian translation... And who knows what kind of spyware lurks within those illegal copies, ready to eat at my computer. Its amazing that sometimes you can see counterfeit $2 DVD's in Russia, of American films even before they are released in the USA.
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