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  1. I remember reading the description of a mod for GR:AW that altered the friendly AI so that when issued a follow order, would stay much closer to you. Also they would take cover better under fire. I've searched here and elsewhere for a good while now and can't find it. Any helpful soul point me in the right direction?
  2. Actually, the already improved state of GR:AW has recently caused 3 of my clan-mates to buy it. If their experiences over the next couple of weeks impress them, then you can be sure that many more of the clan will follow. BTW my clan has over 10,000 members and that's just my story. I'm sure there are alot more late comers who are buying on the word of those who can attest to it's improvement. In fact play.com where I bought this was selling it for just £15 inc delivery for a long while. It's recently gone up in price! and I would think that is due to increased interest.
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