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  1. Here is the link for this fast build tdm map. It was a blast playing it with a few friends. A true killing spree Enjoy. Paintball TDM map
  2. I don't run a physix either, never have seen that one before, but I do play the map often and never has it crashed on me.
  3. ok ty. I was saying the terrain was being placed in the editor but nothing showed up. Will poke around this this new info now
  4. it is the textures available in 3dsmax8. Can someone post an example of the texture_scope.xml and tdb_texture_set.xml for materials in 3dsmax8 ?
  5. Ok. double checked root_point was attached. Checked naming of materials, checked code against code posted here. I know it is something really stupid but after watching the video for the 50th time and reading the tutorial posted here I am sure I am blind, dumb, or stupid, or a combination of the three lol. Anyway here is the link to all the files I have for it if anyone can help me out. Just pm me for the pass. Thanks in advance HELP ME PLEASE It is just a simple terrain for learning but once I get it I know I can make a nicer one
  6. Was gonna take another wack at it this weekend, I am pretty sure it is in the naming of the textures. If I don't get it this time I will zip and post it here. First gotta take care of my wife for her surgery tomorrow and see how that goes. Thanks for all the help everyone. Gonna use your examples to check against my code aswell Winters, thanks for posting that.
  7. Thanks for the release Bogie. I had a chance to try the beta, it is a kick ###### map, NICE JOB.
  8. I already figured that out since I play with adobe creative suite and photoshop cs2 more then I spend time attempting 3dsmax. Anyway I figure I am doing something wrong. I exported, got the landscape to show in the landscape list, but when I goto place it there is nothing showing so I am just going to stick to the boring old terrains in game unless I find a custom one I like and decide to add it to the editor.
  9. Running windows vista 64bit home premium here with no issues for original gr and graw1 and graw2. Haven't had any issues finding software as of yet for it either. Most software runs under 32 bit emulator though. Crysis kicsk but on 64 bit, hope all new games are 64 bit. I been running winrar instead of winzip with no issues. I hope that helps you seeker.
  10. forget a single beer, better get me a case. I may need that and a hair transplant by the time I am done.
  11. Gof or it. add, modify, etc. Its all ok with me.
  12. Will add a story line etc to the next one, as for that one I am leaving it alone due to it never being complete otherwise. As for the creation, I was familiar with making maps in graw1 so it was more about learning the changes in graw2. Not fond of having to learn 3ds max though to avoid using the same terrains over and over again. The wiki was a huge help aswell as keeping the pdf print off I did handy. Overall though I must say the lack of any substantial amount of ai sucks as I like to make it as hard as possable for me and the friends that play with me to stay alive more then 10 sec. Thanks for all the input and help, I am sure I will have lots more questions once I finish placing props and stuff in the one I am putting most of my efforts into now.
  13. Is there a tutorial with written text for making a terrain file for graw2? I have one showing up in the editor in the list but when I go to place it boom, there is nothing coming up. I would like to see something other then the video in the downloads to explain the steps out better.
  14. Ok here it is. There are 2 version in the bundle. 1st has mines enabled, 2nd the mines are there but can only be blown by being shot. Hope that satisfies everyones tastes for mines. In 3 weeks of the latest version the only errors seems to be either with brettzies or graw itself so I am calling this one done and moving on to the others I have started. DOWNLOAD
  15. I plan on it, just don't plan on releasing the other 2 missions I have on the go, other then maybe to zero and the guys over on the taw server. Seems to stir up ppl around here when you make something hard. PS look down, just the very tips of the mines show which is why they are hard to see. I didn't place them with 10 inches of trigger sticking up.
  16. Thank very much. Much appreciate the help.
  17. Ok, exported to a diesel file, put the materials into the materials.xml file, and put the info into the landscape.xml file Put all in data/objects/world/landscapes directory. What else do I do to get it to show up in the editor?
  18. Its simple ppl. Mines make it harder. I used to lay mine fields for the forces,not all mines can be seen. The mines were placed to where I would place them if having to lay a minefield out in an actual theater of operations. Only 4 of the objectives spawn at the beginning of the mission. other 3 are after which is what others have given input on in my first attempt at a mission. As for only going one way. With 70 ai spawning from ppl running around you would be complaining about low FPS. Can't have everything. guess you can't keep eveyone happy. To those that like it, Thanks for the remarks, for those that don't, just don't play it.
  19. thanks for the reply. you answered it just fine
  20. I can export a the terrain I want to diesel format, but the question I have is about the materials.xml file. Is that a file I can create through 3ds max or is it one I have to make with xml marker? question2: Where do I find the props for grass etc in the graw directory? Only thing I found was in diesel format again and I do not know how to extract them. Just learning how to make a terrain with the help of the tutorial video on this site. Thanks to the person(can't remember old age setting in) who made that.
  21. Last night of work tonight Zero, will try to make some time to jump in with you guys tomorrow night if you have a practice going on.
  22. Yes. Remember that we're running a client server - that is, the server is also playing. This tends to bring up different issues than dedicated servers. I host on a client server aswell. Been playing it for about a week now on a client server, TAW_Zero been helping me by testing on their dedicated. I disabled my weapons fire mode key to avoid the z button crash. Gets really annoying when your playing on a client server.
  23. TAW been running it on their dedicated so far with no issues. not sure what caused the crash. I figured some would not like the mines, but being ex military myself and working as a recce debt commander and an assault pioneer (canadain soldiers will know the terms) the mines are more realistic then running around with out them in the map. Every military around the world uses mines in theater, so why should graw2 be any different .
  24. thanks for the info. printed it for future reference. Learning some 3ds max atm so I can create the right terrain for the next mission I work on. The one with the antenna I already releases less one antenna
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