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  1. Glad to here we have got the best guys for the job on this project and like wise am now looking forward to it. Sorry about double post. Kilbil
  2. We all talk about this new game from black foot but i cant see the the weapon graphics and physics being as good as graw2 and as for the sound graw2 has the best gun sounds ever. If only the multiplayer community would adopt the rsva mode of game play it has all the teamwork the the old gr crowd crave.
  3. I have been having been getting stuck at the connecting screen whist trying to joinl multiplayer. I have AVG anivirus free edition and since disabling the resident shield aspect of the software i have had no trouble.
  4. I did not think it was possible to play the campaign with a friend over a home lan but more through luck than anything else i got it to work. Here is a step by step of how to do it just in case any onehas the same trouble i did. (1) Install 1rst dvd and join game spy the usual default way as if your going to be playing normal multiplayer. (2) you must purchase a 2nd GRAW dvd and install it on your other computer as per usual but when you fire it up the first time for multiplay , dont login and create another new gamespy account like you did on your other computer just tick the box f
  5. I am a fan ot the RVSA mode of game play and was hoping the new patch would bring in a few more punters. The opposite appears to be true as i have been unale to join the official NGZ ubisoft server for this mode of play for the last 2 nights. There has been no problem joining other types of multiplayer. Later on in the evening i was able to join an rvsa game on a different server to the one i had problems with. As this is the least well supported mode of graw the server needs to be checked as soon as possible. I have had no problems pre 1.05
  6. hey i would stick with the stock and maybe add groundstry and then wait on Grin_wolfs mod. : And make sure you try RVSA, it might seem a bit boring untill you get to know the maps but its very rewarding when played properly. People are clamouring for no respawn servers but this mode of the game does just that.
  7. Patch 105 officially out on wed 13th February 2008. By the looks of the fixes and mission addons it looks like grin have done a smashing job. They have even given us two new guns a shot gun and the saw.
  8. Obviously as computer games get technically more complicated the modtools for it do as well.
  9. If graw2 was made with the same passion that the first one was the take up of the game would of been automatic. Even though the ingredients were there for a cracker i suspect ubi demanded a more formula based title .
  10. Studying the guns in cod4 makes you realize what a great job grin did on the graw2 . I dont think we will ever hear the like again sound wise.
  11. I have build one of the mayhem pack installed, do i unzip version 2 over the top of it
  12. After installing the mayhem pack i Must congratulate the guys who put it together, not having completed the main campaign the maps were like a breath of fresh air and to any body apprehensive about installing them dont be.
  13. Is the bug that shows no players on your server when in reality it is quite full still a problem because this could be quite of putting to potential players who are not aware of it.
  14. RVSA is a bit of a steep learning curve but once you know the maps and get a handle on the game play It can be a tactical treat. Once a game is rolling second guessing which adats need defending, or which to blow next keeps the game interesting, your thinking about the whole of the map all of the time.
  15. If grim were to release another game patch would the data i placed in the customs folder corrupt the installation of it. . If i was to transfer the stuff placed in the custom folder to some were else for storage would the structure of the game go back to how it was initially.
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