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  1. I miss em... and i ain't nobody. At least as far a GRIN's concered, i have a wallet. I could see how the widescreen would be an issue in clan matches, but for regular online play I think its a non-issue. The not-so-obvious advantages outweigh the costs. The more support larger monitors get, the more monitors that will be purchased. When i bought my Dell 24", it was $800US, that was a year ago, now the newer ones can be had for 500US on Ebay. A few years before that, they were going for 1200US and their quality was much lower! 30" 16-10 Dells can be won for as low as 800US on Ebay now! About a year ago they were going for 1500US. Personally, i switch to the losing team several times a night for more challenge, and i used to do it with a 4x3 too. Don't get me wrong, im not bragging (in fact, i don't generally take credit for my physical nature, good or bad, its DNA or God and i had nothing to do with it.) I hate losing all night long if i can't see that im not making any headway through personaly. Ok, one last point, if you read this review of a Dell 30", the fellow states "One world to “PRO GAMERS†.. you know the type.. the ones that live and die to play these games and live by their frag count… because this panel is so large, competitive gaming might actually be a little more difficult than on a small panel, because in the heat of battle your eyes need to work more to look around to the extreme corners of the view etc. Maybe these milli-micro seconds or whatever are what separates competition gamers from the rest of us, so pros should bear in mind the extra work your eyes need to do to navigate this huge viewing area." I had the same sensation going from 15 to 19, then when i switched to 24". http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/forum...opic.php?t=7060 I also play without a reticule whenever a game will let me, and a bigger screen makes it much harder to aim like that.
  2. I have a 16x10 monitor and the FOV angle is too narrow. Thats the most important point, thats the reason i won't even consider buying this game. Its also pushed forward some, but that may be the designers accounting for where the ghost's heads are when aiming and its effects may be more pronounced because of the narrow FOV. forgive my density, but can you tell me how to do the above directive? He can't, he's trying to help the dev's do their jobs...
  3. Heres how it should be.... http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/forum...pic.php?t=10024
  4. From where i started in this thread, the length of it seemed to stem from people not understanding Paddy's very simple point above.... I personally played the game for a few minutes, wondering why i had tunnel vision, then tried tweaking the setting and searching the internet for an answer for about an hour. I'm not even going to touch this one unless they fix the widescreen. I didn't buy widescreen for a flippen bigger ###### picture, i spent the hard earned to increase the amount of the game i see in MY fov thereby "getting into the game" more. Grin's a European deleloper right? Aren't the BF2 dev's from Europe? As someone who for years, developed and conseptualized game design concepts, hoping to create Operation Flashpoint meets GRAW, i just shake my head when dev's drop the ball on something so simple. Hey Viiper, if i cared enough and spent more time in this forum, i'd most definitely have "go into a thread viiper started and rip/counter-argue on the things he desired and felt passionate about" on my to-do list. You remind me of a selfish 16 year old.
  5. I think it's supposed to be more of a "what if GRAW was as good as everyone hoped and then some" kind of thought. If GRAW met the expectations of the community would people be willing to pay for a monthly subscription. Yes and No, No because this game in my experience, is a standard quality game: ei, Its got all kinds of bugs and missing features. And Yes in a way because I wasn't here before the latest patch though, so keep that in mind, but looking at just a few of the patch notes, it looked like they were mostly addons. I see the same bugs, some things are very polished, others aren't. But my point is that all STANDARD AAA titles have problems, and this is what im talking about, basically sending more money to devs in some way IF they are willing to support the desires of the playing public. It seems sure based on this thread, game companies are going to have to show us the goods BEFORE gamers are going to pay dev bills. Im also running under the assumption that GRIN has maybe 2 or so people still working on GRAW, but thats just a guess. I'm guessing there all working on GRAW2 mainly. A 3D engine coder is one expensive dude to have hanging around working on a title which isn't making money. On the other hand, they are marketing the game on the new 8800 fan, so im not sure what their plans are. This article caught my eye from Blues News, is about consoles, but it has everything to do with what im talking about. Is Next Gen Gaming bad for gamers? http://www.dailygame.net/news/archives/006061.php
  6. FlimFlam Well, i think single player would be very tough, if not impossible, unless it played perfectly, such that no other game could touch its features and gameplay. But how would it be possible to satisfy the broad range of peoples desires? Thats what i mean about moddability, its the requirement for an individual game to satisfy the whole spectrum of players, without charging 200 up front per game. With mods, LIKE-MINDED people with the time and know-how re-create parts of the game with your preferences in mind. Toniezz I find that sequels are most of the time, just more of the same with better graphics and lower framerates. So for the people who like the game, thats great, and it is good that they like it, but obviously the people who aren't satisfied, or who never bought it because some features weren't there, they continue to be unsatisfied. Well, i for one hope that something happens so we can all be completely happy with the games we play. Maybe pay modders... btw: how much would you pay for your ultimate game?
  7. Hey thanks Jason, that gives me something to go on. Any clue if ill get kicked out of MP automatically changing this?
  8. That is EXACTLY the idea The thing about highly functional modding tools isn't the use of the tools, its more the content that would be available IF the tools exist. There is a big difference between good and bad modding tools. But the main point is, in the current system, modding is really the only way the maximum player base can reach their ultimate satisfaction with a game. Because devs don't have time to add full on arcade physics/settings for BF2 players while adding full on realistic physics/settings for the realism junkies, and others, like for example, the sneak elements of the "sneak" genre which is become more popular, or vehicle physics, or RPG elements, etc. For example, I always someone would make a HL1 mod where you would have complete believability/realism thus forcing you to sneak in some areas(mainly because i like those Thief games), because your firepower was toned down for realism and you couldn't carry 10 weps, as you wouldn't in real life, thus creating *tension*, and *fear*, for a more immersive experience. But to code the AI "sight", and shadows, and sneakable locations would take effort. Effort like this example won't be available without $$$$. Heres a horrible thought for me. What if publishers think they will go broke if they create really good games? Would they keep pushing out so-so games to keep the money flowing? That is a worry of mine. Bottom line: I'm willing to pay more for games that i REALLY ENJOY, a LOT more.
  9. Is it possible this immersion killing feature? Ok i have another question. Ill post here instead of making another thread. Is there way to set up a server to make the game more realistic for all players? IE, cancelling aimed zoom (except for sniper rifle of course) turning off the reticule taking off ammunition counts turning off kill notifications etc Thanks guys
  10. Heya guys, I posted a new topic in the forum and was wondering if you guys plan on incorporating any of those ideas. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=40115
  11. ......if it meant that devs would be paid to continually work on game material and bug fixes and general improvements, toward the maximum potential of the engine and as long as people are willing to pay. This could mean: better modding tools which could mean , snow/rain/forests/more weapons/landscapes/possibly animations/you name it/point being: mainly a huge potential or tweaking EVEN BEYOND paid developers. Continuous engine optimization. Keeping framerate as low as possible (Without making the engine a text based Wheres Faldo) while still adding content. continuously fixing bugs AI improvements more art for artists and modelers etc,etc,etc, Great Googly moogly, heres something i just though of. Having played games for so long and seeing what coders can do for framerate if given enough time: MIGHT IT BE CHEAPER TO PAY A DEV TO OPTIMIZE THE ENGINE, THAN FOR YOU TO UPGRADE YOUR HARDWARE? Operation Flashpoint and Falcon 4.0 among others are great examples of what engine optimization can do. I think we're hitting a wall with things like AI, because they take so much time to develop. Further, i see the same bugs and BAD "features" over and over. Good example: It wasn't until Raven Shield that the Tom Clancy shooter series would save your chat text you were typing in from the debrief screen to the next-mission brief screen in multiplayer(a half-second screen change, which we see in GRAW today). There's no way to save favorite servers in BF2142 (demo). You might have to be connected to the Internet, but I'd do it. They could annually/semi-annually release comprehensive versions to people without the internet connection. Personally, I've been waiting for a real immersive experience, not just another arcade shooter and don't know if that can really happen if the money isn't there. I don't know much about the industry, but if a game comes out in a less-than-standard form, then aren't Ebay and the like flooded with used copies, which people who don't want to pay full price buy? Interesting articles on Gamasutra http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20061013/ford_01.shtml (Downtime) http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20061020/qotw_01.shtml wow, i spelled a lot of words wrong
  12. I finally got a computer to handle GRAW, but i have a few ideas to make it better. Some may be more appropriate for modding depending on GRAW dev goals but i thought i'd put it all here. First, kudos to the guys/gals responsible for the impresive and immersive sound engine and sounds.(I was reminded how important sounds are playing GraW AFTER playing the BF2142 demo. Ok then, i have serveral ideas in each section. IRONSIGHTS: Goodbye to reticule, use the aimed view, like in real life. For the grenade launcher, how about a animation for the gun to point straight out and up a little, with the position of the gun just to right of the center of the screen allowing the player to see what hes aiming at. To give the player a sence that his aim will be off when hes turning/moving, have the 3d weapon lag behing "just a tad" unless the player switches to ironsights. Mini combat binoculars anyone? In general, have the 3d ironsight weapon model move when the ghost looks around.(see Call of Duty series and Especially see video interview of Brother in Arms upcoming game as example) Plz, have an option for disabling auto-zoom when aiming. I can see a need for low resolutions though. The thing is, when it zooms, you lose so much of your field of view that its not safe to walk while aimed. Walking while aimed, or close to(gun pointed down just a bit, with both eyes open), i assuming, is a more common stance for this type of soldier. Ever so slightly quicken the rate at which players can enter into a different movement. (IE: I encountered an enemy player behind an opening in a wall, he was near the end of this wall. He was in the process of throwing a grenade already, he threw it at me, so i tried to shoot first, then sprint around the wall to his side, only about 3ft, but the time to go from full auto to running around this wall was to long, im dead. It took way too long, in many situations in multip, i'd be safe, but am hindered by movement limitations. GRAW's getting it very close to accurate though, i'd say you set the bar higher, good job. CROUCHED Moving on your knees while crouched needs tweaking. The interval for head bobbing is too quick, no? I think a soldier would be making smoother movements so not to catch an enemy eye. I think there are more situations then not to have your gun pointed somewhere in front of you when walking crouched. Not ironsights nessasarily, but in front of you. This problem might be solved with a faster crouched ironsights-capable view. HIT REACTION: Huge reaction when hit in "most" places. How should the reaction go? Well lets examine, since the our viewpoint in the game is from our head, then when hit in the torso from the front, the view should go down in the direction of the hit location. Hit in torso from back, view should go up a bit Hit in torso from side, view should turn just sightly to direction of fire, plus screen should go sideways about 30 degrees.( The higher up the torso, the more sideways the screen goes) Perhaps a C++ rand( ) function for the amount of movement, or something Leg hits should result in a limp, but the movement penalty could be variable. Just have 3 different rates of speed change as a result of a leg hit. Then change the frames per second on the limp animation. For realisms sake in a mod(or in the game in your daring GRIN) i recommend a chance for immobilization. Screen dimming: too better represent flinching eyes, how about making the screen black for a sec. MISC: Please don't cancel a players chat text when changing the screen. Theres no panic option when reloading. You should allow the player to cancel his reload when he presses the sprint key combination. Any thoughts? See you all on the BDA server.
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