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  1. Gears of War is a pretty sweet game, still trying to complete the acts on Insane judging from the images, the graphics look much more polished, little details look cleaner like names on peoples backs. looking forward to it
  2. I bet the full trailer just shows the medic etc. and maybe some in-game footage? but what I just saw, was CRAP!
  3. I agree with last post, change can screw over any plans. I do like the screens but why was the trees shadow still there? Hopefully it aint like that in the final game lol
  4. I like the idea of civillians. I don't know if you were on about the single player campaign but there definatly was a lack of them.
  5. I don't know it, I'll have a look though, try and see if it's in the end credits but I think that's just for band's songs.
  6. Just literaly completed the game, took me about 8-10 hours to complete, ending was dissapointing, but a good game either way. I completed it on Normal
  7. I haven't actually completed it yet The level where your on the roof, there was a glitch (I think) and the next objective never loaded, I haven't tried to play it again since, although I've completed the Chapter 1 Co-op missions
  8. On split screen you cant change the view from 1st to 3rd If you have two 360s linked up via LAN, you can have 3rd person view
  9. I haven't completed GRAW yet, cos I've only had it for 2 days but.. I randomly selected credits, and I loved the tune, does anyone know what it is and where I can find a download? thank you guys
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