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  1. How is this mod coming along? It's looking very promising so i hope that you guys don't ditch it, is it possible to test the beta version? Keep up the good job
  2. Yes SCAR is working with v1.30 it was I who did not read the read me carefully, it says clearly that you can't give your team the added weapons (except for when you have the sniper scope on the SCAR the crosshair is out of sync). Jason's mod doesn't work except for the "Improved AI" part, but you have to single out the files you need for that manually. But I think there is a stand alone mod for that anyway.
  3. That is not entirely true, some mods still works flawless even with patch v1.30. The question is to know witch ones, and that you only can find out with try the mod at this time.
  4. Well I think it is the SCAR mod that causes the crashes, I did just try that mod and the game crashed when I was changing weapon for one of the team AI soldier (I have v1.30 of GRAW to).
  5. It might help if you have a reference to how much you want to change so you could try this... http://www.ghostrecon.net/files/pafiledb.p...file&id=342 It was released in June so it probably won't be compatible w/1.30 but you can use it as a guide to what needs to be edited. Well that mod actually works with v1.30 it was that mod I did meen that the shadows is to dark in. It's rely easy to remove the sepia in the post_effects.xml file, ether you remove the whole sepia strings/code or you just change the value to zero (0). The strange thing is that the shadows gets pitch black direct y
  6. Is there no way to get the night vision to still work when you change: <variable name="post_effect_quality" value="true"/> to <variable name="post_effect_quality" value="false"/> ?? All mods that reduces the yellow/sepia makes all shadows pitch black until you walk in to the area, then it looks like it should (doesn't matter if you set "brightness" to the highest value). The game looks just awesome with out sepia/HDR, to bad that the night vision gets screwed up but hopefully some one knows a work around.
  7. Were can i download this mod? I did click on the link in the first post but i found just some new maps?
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