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  1. Really looking forward to this game, especially the co-op. I hope they release some game play showcasing this mode!
  2. Thx man...That is one nice thing, the .50 cal gunners CAN be taken out from the front with the right shot. I'm sure I'll get past it, but right now it's reload-get shot, reolad-try again...etc. EDIT: Just finished it. The trick was to inch toward the .50 just until it becomes visible. Then nudge a hair until the guy is visible. In single shot mode, cap him. Also, the very last part near the nuke is not to bad, you have to make a good run, and it will take you a few times. Finally, What's with the ending credits you can't ESC out of??? Don't forget we paid for this thing, and if I want to see who empties the trash in the GRIN office, I'll watch them, but don't force me to shut the task down to stop the credits.
  3. Yeah! Right on Bro! Maybe I can mod a Chicken Launcher for GRAW2, although I should call it a Pollo Launcher, now that the Ghosts are in Mexico! Oh well, time to try the bridge again...nothing like reload...reload...reload...reload...etc... EDIT: Oh brother, is that the truth. I got to the toll booth, but now going back to the other side is worse. The .50 cals can pick you off in one squeeze of the trigger (I can't hit crap when I'm on one!) My only beef right now is the distance limitations. I can see the .50 cal gun, but it's unmanned. Then the guy just appears and mows me down. The same with the RPG on the roof. I can see the building fine, but as soon as the merc appears, he spots me and starts firing. This game was so much fun up to this point. Then they go and do what every other game in the world does. At the end, you make it a super hard, throw everything at you, you have to do it perfect, ending. I just hate the reload-reload-reload, stuff. Sucks all the fun out. Back to the bridge....
  4. The insertion point here is just plain stupid. If they want you to play it alone, they should send you in alone. It's like a bad save point in game where you really shouldn't have saved it. I had trouble in the last mission because my men died and I had to kill the two helo's on my own. Personally the AI in this game (and GRAW) are mostly useless anyway. I use them as decoys most of the time, LOL. I think I could keep them all alive if I could make them all go prone instantly. Is there a way to do this? It seems like in [GR], the team would mimic your posture, so if you went prone, they all would.
  5. I actually started the entire mission again because of this issue, but I like the dam map so it didn't bother me to replay it, making sure my team stayed alive with their zeus backpack OMG! I made it!!! Alone! After taking out one with the Zeus, I made my way to the extraction area. After taking out all the mercs, I was able to use the building and the mountainside to my advantage. The helo couldn't get a good rocket angle on me. I then used every freakin' gun on the ground (in single shot mode) and after about a half hour, it finally went down. Now I've just been dropped on the road in Act III, and my team is getting killed as soon as they hit the ground! I need a break!
  6. Crap, my team was wiped out in that last mission, so I'm alone in this one. I like a challenge, but this is pretty weak realistically. I can always get one chopper with the Zeus. I set myself up to use an RPG I found when they first appear coming up from behind the dam. I shoot the sucker point blank from about 40 feet away. He smokes a bit, then the smoke stops, and he looks fine. Damn! Then I manage to keep my self alive, kill all the mercs, and start plinking at the last chopper. But apparently these choppers have unlimited ammo. I've been fired on for well over 5 minutes by one chopper, they never run out. This same thing happened on a mission in GRAW if I remember. I'll probably have to back up quite a bit to play this one right. It's a shame because I loved every mission so far, and now I have to go back and re-do a bunch of stuff. It just takes the fun out of it having to do something over and over. If you can't accomplish a mission goal without teammates, they shouldn't let you start it. Oh well, here goes....(maybe a beer will help!)
  7. I just upgraded my video from and X800 XT to a X1900 GT. Loaded the latest Omega drivers, and I get these weird looking polys all over the place. They seem to be attached to objects like buildings, or vehicles or even teammates. Sometimes not at all, sometimes so bad I can't play the game. I haven't noticed them in any other games like BF2 or R6 Vegas. Anyone run into this, or have any ideas?
  8. Did you even read the orginal post? It kills me how many people attack someone because they don't have the same opinion. Especially when they don't read the entire post. There is a difference between "moaning" and dissapointment. The original post was a very "well-put" objection to hanging on and hoping that GRAW would become what we had hoped it would. Grin did a lot of work, put some great patches out, but a lot of us feel it's not enough. Most of us are probably also in the "CO-OP" ranks. It may be a good game that a lot of people do like, but they shouldn't have called it "Ghost Recon". The orignial poster echoed my sentiments exactly: We gave it time, they did work on fixing it, but it's not something I'm going to spend much time playing. If you don't agree, why are you in here posting, go play the game!
  9. I'm running a 19" widescreen at 1440 x 900 and that option comes right up in the list of resolutions, and works fine. I think my ATI driver populates that option. It was not there before my widescreen, but as soon as I loaded the driver and the new monitor, it was there, and works great.
  10. You hit the nail sqaure on the head! These 3 things are all we ask. Fix these 3 things, and a LOT of people will be a LOT happier!
  11. Amen bro! As far as I'm concerned, this game is "broken" until they fix the co-op. Me and my bud's want to play, but we can't if the game is over when the commander dies. Especially if you can't respawn (I can't believe the game shipped like that). Pleeeeese GRIN, fix it soon!
  12. You will be sorely dissapointed if you buy it for that reason my friend. Save your money. Watch this forum for patch updates, though, they may fix it eventually. Right now, it's not even close the the original.
  13. Until they include respawns and more then 4 players in co-op, this game is still the same crapfest I wasted 50 bucks on. Oh, but there is trash you can kick down the street...that's something gamers have needed for a long time...
  14. You're right, it our fault this game is a disapointment...
  15. I'm with you on this! The only problem is COOP, to me, is unplayable without respawns. What were they thinking? Two to four players can make it through an entire mission without getting killed OR the commander getting killed? I'm also getting to the end of my rope with SP and no quick saves. Or at least more frequent autosaves. I may just put it away until they put that stuff in. There's certainly no way I'm modding anything for this game yet... QUESTION: when I'm killed in coop and there are no more AI's, I just lay there and look at the ground. Is there a was to jump into active players to at least waych the game?
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