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  1. Hey folks, My name's Ben Decker and I'm doing a research paper on fan communities for a class at MIT. The focus of the paper is on how the structure of games influences their external design dialogues, where external design dialogue refers to everything about a game besides the game itself (forums, fan sites, conventions... etc.). To get at this idea, I'm examining some of the different motivations for fan participation in general, then examining some of the variables that likely influence different game communities, and then lastly I'm trying to apply this framework to a specific game. Anyway, I'm hoping you guys can maybe help me out a bit. While I'm definitely a fan of ghost recon, I don’t know much about the GR community, and I’m looking to learn. I've posted some questions below to get the conversation going -- feel free to skim through them. Really though I'm just trying to get a sense of why other people like GR and how they express this affinity. So anything you have to say on the subject, about yourself or about others, would be tremendously helpful. So thank you so much, -Ben --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How long have you been playing GR? How much do you play on average? Do you play primarily single-player, multi-player (are there single- and multi-player options?), or online? Are you or do you know anyone who's in any sort of GR group (a clan for instance or a team), and if so, what do you/they do in it? What do you like best about the GR games? Do you find yourself at all compelled by the narrative/fantasy element of the game (i.e. pretending to be a Captain Mitchell)? To what degree is one able to customize in GR (weapons and characters and such) and how much do you care about this? What sorts of external participation do you engage in? As in... Do you read and/or post to forums (including this one) often, and if so, why? Have you created any sort of GR media -- wallpapers, fan-fics, video clips... etc.? If so, did you make them available online? Have you ever created informational pages--walkthroughs or characters bios or the like? Have you ever been to a GR lan party, tournament, or other event? And if the answer to any of the above participation questions was yes, do you know why you engage in this/these activity(-ies)? As in, do you know what you enjoy about them? What other games do you like, and do you participate in those fan communities as well? To what extent do you think your participation in the GR community derives from a desire for closer connection to people, as opposed to closer connection to the game? Do you feel you've gotten to know people through either the game or the fan community? Do you feel you've gotten close to anyone through the game or the fan community? If not, are these things you'd be interested in?
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