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  1. But do we all know that? I didn't. I preordered the game a while ago, expecting in to be released when complete. I didn't expect them to ship a product that was incomplete. Anyway, after the disapointment of the demo, I put the unopened game in a drawer and will wait for the June patch before trying it as I don't want to get put off GRAW in its current state.
  2. For starters, I normally host the game, but if that makes me team leader and the game is over when I get killed, then some mission are going to be very short indeed. It also seems that too much emphasis is placed on the team leader, with event triggers based solely on that person rather than any squad member. Rural / non urban settings. I much preferred to open country maps to the city maps in GR, and was really looking forward to the new rural maps in GR-AW. I feel cheated that they aren't in the PC version of the game. In the single player demo, controlling the other squad members
  3. A mate and I played GR Coop for years and we were so excited about the imminent release of GR-AW that we preordered it from Game. After playing the demo and seeing the comments here neither of us have even bothered to unseal and install the game as we feel it is such a let down. I think I'll dust of GR and have another coop session, at least it had great coop gameplay
  4. I'm dissapointed with it. Used to love GR in Co-Op mode but this looks to be a right PITA for Co-Op play. I preordered GRAW a while back but from what I've experienced of the demo I don't thin k I'll be rushing to install the full version now
  5. Hi Thanks for that, I'll go and get it now. Cheers Mike
  6. Doh! Thanks Jack. I usually play Co-op mode with a friend on a LAN and had assumed that it could be played that way. Is single player campaign the only way to play WWIII? Cheers Mike
  7. (Sorry if this is the wrong topic to post this in) I have a problem getting some mods to work once installed. For example, I'm currently trying WWIII. I've installed it into the mods directory. I have Desert Strike and Island Thunder installed. I can see the changed WWIII menu screen but I can'f find the missions. All I can see is the standard ones that come with GR, DS and IT. I don't know if this would make a difference but I install all of my games into C:\Program Files\ Games\Ghost Recon or whatever, rather that the default directory that the manufacturer offers. I do this to keep
  8. Sorry - have just done a search and found all I need to know. Pity they won't release a patch for it though
  9. Is there any more info on the "shadow bug"? Is this where you sometimes see an ememy soldier who appears to be totally black and not moving and if you shoot him it crashes the game?
  10. That's exactly the problem we have in multiplayer Ditto
  11. I'm having a daft problem with the first mission I've done the bit where you have to go the the bloke by the tent but when it comes to securimg the permiter we've wandered around the map for ages and then only thing we've seen is the empty jeep outsite the nearest house I ended up skipping this mission and carrying on with the rest. Any pointers re the first mission would be appreciated
  12. Sorted - I had a quick look in my lunch break and there was the extraction point. I don't know how we couldn't see it last night, we spent ages trying to find it. That was a really good set of missions, very enjoyable, although the last mission seems very weak in comparison to the others in that I only have to move to the edge of the village, wait for Ghadafi to come out of his door, take him out with one shot and then walk to the extraction point. Thanks again for the work put into the mission pack - most enjoyable. Regards Mike
  13. Hi We waited at the yellow triangle marked "Road to Baghdad" for a while but nothing happened. We couldn't see any area marked in green for the extraction zone at any time during the mission. Will check again tonight. Thanks Mike
  14. Hi We're having a problem finishing the last mission in CO-OP mode. We can kill Ghadafi quite easily with only one shot being fired in the game but we cannot find the extraction area. We've searched the map and waited at various points such as the insertion aream but without any success. Can anyone tell us how to complete this mission / find the extraction zone? Regards Mike
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