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  1. pardon my ignorance What exactly is force recon?? I always thought it was a S.O. group of marines. till i saw a thread come up about marines getting special ops and they never mentioned Force recon.
  2. what about socom navy seals commands? I like there commands.
  3. I was at the museum on a school trip about 3 weeks ago. we only got 30 min. and i never left that section.
  4. architects make more money but swat/police and marines will leave you with alot of stories ill be anxious to hear what u choose
  5. If i make a skin how can i keep the pocket but change the camoflauge. also the kneepads have camo on them but i dont know how to get rid of it and still have the straps to the pads. thanks in adance
  6. ive played all 4 versions and gamecube and ps2 suck. I cant believe it got a 4.3 out of ten!
  7. lol i watched like 6 episodes of that this morning i love that show. i always miss the good ones. It was all old stuff like jousting and muskets.
  8. I think you should be able to comand ur team the same way they do in SOCOM: N.S. You can tell them to bang/clear, frag/clear run to, attack to,
  9. This is the latest photo of it and it isnt any smaller. I definately think they should keep it. If the army will be using it in ten years when the game takes place why not?
  10. Just download another file of the same thing. i had a crappy one but i downloaded it again and it was perfectly clear.
  11. In Socom u can rifle butt people and it kills them. IS that also as easy as they make it cuz it looks like it would hurt but i dont think it would even knock you out.
  12. Im color blind in dark blues and dark purples and mayb in brown and dark red. what cant i do cuz of that. i know i cant fly a plane but thats ok. Could i be a sniper?
  13. thanks deltadude that will help me alot. i also learned some stuff there if it is true. I wonder if any US forces have a site about theres.
  14. to me it looks like the muzzle hole is to big. also it looks like a left handed gun, in which the ejetion port would be on the left side
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