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  1. Ok thanks will give that a go. Been ages since I installed the first version of this mod... but something tells me I had to unbundle it last time to. By the way, are there any british DPM skins around? Like desert tan? Would be awesome with the L85 .
  2. Yes it can take that long to stalk a convoy, form a plan of attack and get yourself into a firing position ahead of the convoy... in fact 2 hours of game play would be quite good time if you didnt use a lot of time compression! The thing I hate about that DRM I mentioned, what about those folks who don't have anything better than dial up? It sounds daft in this day and age but there are people out there with it... and what happens if ubi drops support quickly for a game? If their server crashes or if they're doing maintenance you can't play the game at all or it will cause your client to close in the middle of a game. Rise of flight was supposed to be great but they lost a lot of sales because they used the same type of DRM. I want to be able to double click and play my game, but I'll just get a message saying I can't... because I'm not chained to ubi's server for one reason or another. I know you don't "OWN" the software you just own the disc... but your still paying for a product you can only use when Ubi's servers are up. Another point, Ubi have stated that you won't be able to resell the game after you have used it... perhaps they tie it to your "account". This kind of stuff I don't mind for MMO's... its normal to be connected to the net at all times. But for a game I might play mainly offline... or completely offline in the case of SHV its way over the top. There will be a cracked version of it within days of release and all the DRM will do is shaft legit buyers. Not to mention its very draconian. Edit, by the way... this might sound crazy for some here... but think of this. In years to come, when Ubisoft have released a few more milk cow versions of silent hunter/ghost recon. Are they going to keep paying to keep the servers up? What then? Do we just lose the ability to play a game we played for? Or will we have to pay to play? Ubisoft are just after every dollar they can get so I wouldnt put it past them.
  3. Yeah I double click that and it runs with the mod enabled but as soon as I try to load anything I CTD.
  4. I installed GRAW2 again today, installed the FPV version but it doesn't seem to be recognised by the game. I extracted it like instructed in the Readme to the GRAW2 main directory but i fire up the game but no mod. Am I missing something obvious here?
  5. I'm not going to get my hopes up about a new GR until I know more info on it, the whole cloaking device puts me off a bit lol if I wanted to be a Klingon I'd play Star Trek: Online! Silent Hunter V is supposedly coming with a new type of DRM, where you register online and your save games are stored on a central Ubi server. You can't play the game offline either it requires a constant internet connection to their server or you can't play the game. So your paying for a product that you can only use when Ubi says its ok to do so, and if your internet connection drops or their server dies your client will go belly up. Imagine setting up an attack on a convoy for two hours and then getting a CTD or something, complete BS. I can't help but be a bit worried, I'm not buying SHV for the DRM employed on it... if they do this to a new GR it will kill the franchise on PC. Even though I was disappointed with GRAW and its successor, I still really like a good shooter and will be a sad day for PC gaming if this game goes down the same road as SHV is as far as DRM goes. Scope...
  6. Hmmm, an interesting way to evade a SAH SAM! I can't stand these games, I used to enjoy ace combat years ago but no the sheer unrealistic manner of them irritates me lol. Time to go for a spin in a REAL sim, Falcon 4.0 . I was hoping for another GR game, perhaps its too soon after GR:AW2, or have ubi just ditched the PC altogether?
  7. Hmmm. Have you tried downloading the new X-fi drivers from the website? I installed them recently, prehaps thats what stopped the problem?
  8. Are you running Vista by any chance? I've read there are problems with Vista. Google it you may come up with a fix.
  9. If I remember correctly, on the right hand side of the truck there is an open door for you to jump into the passenger seat. Then your ghosts will jump on the back. Hope this works. If not reload your last quick save and try again, might be a bug!
  10. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling JJUK? If your experiencing the same problems it will take a fair while, but it may work in the end. I really have no idea why mine started, or if indeed the defrag fix was simply coincidence. Give it a go anyway, it would seem that this problem is by far just a "one off".
  11. Sorry if this has already been covered, but will this work with the latest version of Bret's weapons mod? (1.47) If so, what is the best method of installation?
  12. Thanks Fletch, but I finally managed to complete it, I cleared the corridor and first room, then used the top floor to get to the missile room. I almost got there before but got shot in the back from someone who ran downstairs from the top floor. Silly ending, so arcadey and macho it begs belief. Almost like a Bruce Willis film . I just lol'd when Mitchell comes crawling out of the bunker through the flames. Bit of a crappy ending scene, I was kind of hoping for some kind of news report thing stating how things had been sorted not a 10 second clip of a blackhawk! Now to play it on hardcore difficulty and the realism mod installed
  13. <rant>I don't understand the level design here. I've got a four man team armed to the teeth. I get to the bunker complex and they're like "go on mate we'll stay here". What gives with that? Some pathetic Hollywood one man army stunt? I sneak around like a ghost but they know I'm there before I've even stepped foot through the door even though I'm using silent weapons (mainly MP5SD) and there are no CCTV systems. I can't get through it, its as if they can see through walls (perhaps Superman with his X-ray vision is fighting for the rebels?). I've done the entire SP campaign without loosing a single man on hardcore and can't get past this last bit. Up till now there haven't been any stupid console style rambo acts and I was generally pleased with the missions but this is just silly. If there is a GR3/GR:AW3 (I hope not AW, getting boring now) they better get their act together and make some real missions. Perhaps they might even go as far as to play GR1 and actually see how silly some of the level design choices they've made are! I hope to god they use a different graphics engine too, the lack of real AA, small draw distance and annoying scripted pop-up soldiers. Especially annoying when you check your flank, its clear. Move to the next building and all of a sudden a tank and half a dozen infantry are flanking you . Anyone else have trouble with this? The infamous gunship attack on the dam was easy to beat, but I can't stand this one man army thing. Its like something out of CoD or MoH ###### .</rant>
  14. Your work is amazing Bret. I've just finished two missions and the multi-cam is ace, the character models are amazing. It makes it feel much more like GR instead of the stormtrooper outfits they come with in stock. Loving the Barrett assault rifle btw, pretty good punch compared to the 'ol M4! I look forward to whatever you have planned for us in 1.5
  15. Problem solved! It would seem that GR:AW2 doesn't like a fragmented HDD! A quick defrag and its working... how bizarre!
  16. Thats a nice animation, I liked the ambush well thought out.
  17. Bump... Anyone? I've got a dead game until I can get this sorted. If anyone has experienced this before please help! By the way, just did a quick test. With the task manager up, you have two programs GRIN and GRAW2.exe. GRIN was running fine (I take it thats the load bar thing?) but GRAW2 is not responding from the very moment its started. Quite strange. Really at a loss with this, never seen anything like it. I would normally say bad install, but I've uninstalled and installed again with the same problem :'( HELP!! Ok, nearly 50 views and no help? Someone must have an idea of whats happening? Please guys, throw me a bone.
  18. Ok, where to start. I got the game yesterday, patched up to 1.05 no problems. Passed mission two and decided to install v1.45 of Bret's weapons/new look ghosts mod. I used the unbundle method and followed it to the letter, but the mod didn't work in game so I thought nothing of it. Completed up to the start of mission 4, but the game froze on loading locking up my whole system. I rebooted, but now the game would not load. Even the uninstall didn't work, it would just stop (says its still running in the task manager but nothing was happening.) I even did a system restore to two days prior, installed with the same problems. It seems to load, but it takes about 30 mins to proceed to the next window (so the install splash screen takes 30 mins for the install wizard to start!!) Same when you load and get the "Ghost Recon ...." loading bar thing. Takes 30 odd mins for it to load instead of 15 seconds to get to the main menu. It then crashed again when I went to change my game settings to hard. I'm at a loss, can't understand the problem. Perhaps someone can give me some help? Even after uninstalling, system restore and installing again its not working The disc is fine no scratches or anything. Its really weird because it worked flawlessly until that level. I don't know if its bret's mod or the install thats porked it up. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it! Spec: OS: Win XP pro SP2 CPU: Intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz E6600 GPU: XFX GeForce 8800GTS 640mb RAM: 4Gb Corsair XMS Dominator DDR Sound: X-fi xtreme gamer edition
  19. I'm liking the look of this now, you actually get a briefing instead of just a rambling general in a uh-60 . Getting a new rig at the weekend so I think this game is going to run like as smooth as butter on max settings xD.
  20. I switched off after he said "levels a small and linear"....*sigh*
  21. Yeah I'm used to picking off targets at max range in [GR], thats why I hate sniping in GRAW because they are so close they can easily get you with a standard rifle where as you've got a clumsy bolt action .50.
  22. Jeez, Soild Snake is getting on a bit now lol, wonder if he's ever going to consider retirement? but yes EOTECH would be the dogs balls on the M4
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