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  1. What is your OS language? Might be the reason for the missing shortcuts.
  2. It's in your "Games explorer", just click start->games and you'll see graw2 there!
  3. No problemo Hmm well use "warfighter 2" then a registry cleaner might just delete some of the keys, and if the demo installer does not overwrite the remaining ones, this could be a reason why the patch doesn't work.
  4. Try that: 1) uninstall all (demo, beta, etc) 2) cleanup the registry (remove everything that contains "Warfighter" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\UBISOFT 3) install demo in a path without any space or weird character 4) ensure you have ~1gb left on this drive 5) run game, autopatch /k
  5. Gamespy is not thaaat bad, not the best compared to Quazal Rendez-vous and some others, but it's quite fine. Direct IP was removed from alot of games due to NAT traversal issues: how can you explain to a non advanced user that he cannot create a server and give his local ip because he's behind a router..
  6. The 1.35 patch (not 1.3 ) was supposed to fix the gamespy bug, which is the reason of the disconnections (multicore processors work fine with patched graw). A good thing would be to completely remove (check the threads related to proper cleanup), reinstall graw and then patch 1.35 only (it's a cummulative patch). If the disconnections persists, hmm.. what internet provider does he have? /kUfa
  7. I guess you have configured your firewall properly, and dont have kasperspy running with the buggy windows update. Are you behind a NAT? the old gamespy nat traversal might fail on some server configs, even though it's still very rare.
  8. The incoming patch will most likely fix those issues You got the disconnections when there's a map change, right?
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