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  1. No info is usually a turn off.

    I understand that you don't want others to nick your idea, but at least give something for people to get excited over without actually revealing to much.

    Anyway, good luck with your project.

    The reason I don't provide information on the mod itself is because it will create unnecessary attention and can perhaps bring unneeded pressure on people. I don't want this to be a project which demands modders time, this is a project for people who want to do a semi serious mod at their own pace. Its more a project for people who are interested in seeing something finished but not destroy their time schedule for it to happen. This is a turtle mod, its gonna be slow in the making.

    The idea behind it all is to make 1 playable level, try to make a custom game mode for it, make some new models and release it to the public. Then take ideas, comments and whatnot and continue to build on that. I am looking to take a basic but cool idea and build a foundation with a few people first. Then if it is promising enough after a first small release maybe try to recruit more people to make a more extensive package.

    Instead of alot of modders putting time into small package releases, its sometimes more rewarding to see those pieces come together into something more complete to release to the community. The idea isnt carved in stone, its a foundation idea that can be molded and shaped by discussing it and brainstorming. Its not some revolutionary but should bring an element to GRAW2 that should be fun for everyone.

    The most important thing is to release something that works.

  2. Hi there!

    I am looking for a couple of guys who might be interesting in doing some mod work with me and a buddy of mine. I wont say here what the mod is about so for anyone interested you will get that information when we get in touch.

    As not to fool anyone I myself am doing alot of work not wanting to leech of others. Il be working on weapon modeling, static modeling, texturing and maps.

    My buddy will be working on scripting.

    What we need are.

    1 person who likes drawing skins, characters/weapons etc. its best if you're versatile and don't stick to 1 type of skinning like weapons only etc.

    1 person who is proficient in modeling and would like to either make character models from scratch or edit previous models.

    1 coder, semi decent coder to add some features if possible.

    This is not a time dedicated mod, though it will aim to change some stuff to work for us we aren't intending on making a new game. We want to edit around the game to make it fit what we are planning. I myself will be helping possible modders out to ease their time consumption. I myself am on a tight schedule so this is something to just have fun with and take the time we feel is needed. No pressure.

    Although I don't have any final released mods under my belt I have been participating in several mod projects personal and otherwise. Although I am probably a little rusty in Max, getting back on that horse isn't hard.

    Well thats it, if you're remotely interested in having a go at it please send me a PM or email me at puffthedragon123@hotmail.com (also my MSN addie if you prefer).

    Tell me your name/nick/whatever

    What you would want to take a crack at

    And be willing to at least keep in touch once a week to discuss progress and other things.


  3. I'm sorry I didn't really explained what I meant about faces... you need to move the texture a bit higher(If I remember correctly) because it doesn't fit the model a bit, check the original file, faces should be positioned a bit differently :)

    Ah ok, yeah I though their eyes was a little out of place making them look rather retarded.

  4. Ok the skin is updated, I brightened it up a little bit to bring out some more details especialy on the vest. Removed the holes in the helmet so now its completely semi/light black.

    Faces should be ok now.

    Use the same dl link as in 1st post, its updated.

    The helmet was edited a little darker than in this image


  5. I decided to do a skin based on my own countries camo setup. This wouldnt be the duplicate of what the FSK (NSO) wears into battle but its our primeary woodland camo. Skin isnt perfect, but it looks pretty nice ingame.




    no readme on how to install though, I figure most people know where to place the textures by now. At least if youre looking at these forums. If you really dont know post and il muster up the will to explain.

    Hope you like!

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