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  1. ok... heres the deal then... i couldnt get the GUI images to work properly for those weapons (and some others) now they do... thanx for the help
  2. dunno... all i know is that theyre complete crap at combat... those guys are worse than a pensioner with bad eyes when it comes to shooting enemies...
  3. no ehh... you misunderstood me... they WORK... just not the inventory textures hehehe... all the guns WORK in the game... the gui textures dont... for those guns (and a few more) but i hope thats fixed now...
  4. ok, so i downloaded those xml files you provided... renamed the weapon group files correctly (based on the xml files they should be gc_wp_group06 and gc_wp_group05 (6 being the masada one right?) both the masada and brettzies weapons turn up fine, but the G36k, G36c and the crye doesnt work.. as well as some of the addons (like the scope on the rx4) what am i doing wrong here?
  5. anyone tried to make a "half-way" emulation of the M249 SAW? is it possible to add front grip and sights to the SAW in-game? maby even an M203? IMAGES: http://www.gun-world.net/fn/minimi/spw-5.jpg http://members.shaw.ca/stan420/Pictures/ne...c/m249_PP03.jpg EDIT: since i wrote this at like 2 am i forgot that there already is a front grip... but sights would be nice...
  6. id like a mod where the team ai is a bit more aggressive... as it is i have seen them just stand there and thake hit after hit from an enemy right in front of them... why one might ask? well, seemingly because they were "positioning" themselves after a move... and btw, this is in assault mode... wich kinda sucks... i could understand if they didnt shoot back (ok, not really, but kinda) in recon mode, but not in assault mode.
  7. well why not ask brettzies then? im kinda itching for this to be done since im in no way capable of doing it myself (i, like alot of others, am completely modding-illiterate... 'cept for soundmods)
  8. well in the x-box 360 version there are "fart" cheats (silent but deadly as in the old R6 games) they probarbly intended to include it in the pc version too, but apparently they decided not to...
  9. Does this work for both the L and H versions then?
  10. hah, i got the game two days ago and the (very) limited weapon selection has already lost my interest... i just go with SCAR-H (in the original) or M24SWS (jasons mod) with an m8 backup... boooring but the game is fun as hell!
  11. I think it would look better if you used a blackended version of the M99 for your M24... the blackened SCAR-L just doesnt anything like the m24... but then again, there are alot of other sniper/sharpshooter rifles out there that look alot like the SCAR-L and -H... in fact i think there is even a sniper version of the SCAR... that would be a nice addon IMHO... other than that, great mod! (although i made the overhead map black and white again... couldnt see anything because of all the shadows) EDIT: i think i found a bug btw... When youre supposed to blow up those bunkers with C4, when using your mod nothing happens when i press X to place the C4 (yes, im in the right spot and it sais "press X to place C4")... but when i play the same mission without your mod it works just fine... might want to check into that...
  12. Hey all! just bought the game (well, actually im waiting for the thing to arrive with the mail) and i was wondering wich major mods work with wich patches? is there any specific patch that is the preferred patch? from the forum i get the notion that i should stay away from the 1.30 patch... is it that bad? oh and just for the record, im not gonna play the game in MP just SP... thanx for any help you give...
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