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  1. Ok guys, cheers anyway. Hopefully it will be back to normal when I get home 2night, who knows. We had a really busy server, full in game and loads of peeps in TS.
  2. Hey guys, Was experiencing sum right problems last night with GRAW: - 1. Was taking ages to load. 2. From picking my weapons to spawning my game froze for abt 10 secz then finally got in2 the battle, then after that people had 2 keep moving me from teamspeak because my microphone kept going crazy during the freeze so i had 2 keep restarting TS. 3. My frames dropped to about 10 and it was proper crawling! (not me crawling, i was running) 4. My ping was terrible. The only change I made was to the xml file in the data folder, changing a few things to "true" but i played for a good hour after doing this and it ran sweet as a nut (30-40 frames) Anyone else's game suck like this last night? I haven't tried it today though yet as im at work. Any advice would be great. Cheers.
  3. Nice one Seth, had a few good games with you last night, my other Zen moment was a 22 killz n 5 deaths tdm match, i shot archdevil BDA 4x in a row n then he left! was a great round 4 me in shanty town (quality map)
  4. my best moment was playing one of the top members on the BDA server, on the church map, i tossed a grenade up2 were i thought he was, (top of the stairs) not only was he there but i managed 2 land the nade on the top of the thin wall right next 2 him, he had the chance 2 look at it just b4 it blew him straight 2 well, he had 2 flick over on teamspeak 2 congratulate me on the pinpoint accurate nade. Made my day
  5. Thanks alot, I'll check it out when I get home from work
  6. Hi all, was just wondering if anyone could recommend qa good headset please? im currently using a crappy old mic and my iPod headphones plugged in2 my stereo! wires crossing Would i be better with a wireless headset or wired? Would really appreciate links or names and model numbers. Im in the UK by the way so a UK website would be good. Many thanks.
  7. Siege = One team offense and one defense... defense much prevent offense from getting into the smoke for a set time Hamburger Hill = 1 smoke area (zone) in the middle. You get points for entering it. team to elimated the other team or get the most points by staying in the smoke wins. (there are some other sub versions of this also) Deathmatch... All against all Domination = Take over set zones in a row (linked together) You can tell when someone is in your zone. team to take all zones or the most wins. Variation with tactical points where you use points for taking a zone to purchase new weapon. Weapons can onloy be purchased when your zone is linked. (supply line) Back to your spawn. Break in link = no purchase. C-op... 4 person co-op (like the single player camplaign but with real buddies) OGZR ... up to 12 players, play against the ai with your buddies or joiners. Recon mode = reach the objective, game over. Firefight = find and kill all enemy ai Cheers very much mate!
  8. Hi, just a quick question, was wondering if someone minded just giving a list of the diff multiplayer modes and a quick explanantion for each 1. I know all about team deathmatch as this is the most regular, its just things like "hamburger hill" what a stupid name for a match type, no offence to anyone or anything but come on... Apologies if anyone likes the name! probably just me.....anyway i'l stop rambling Cheers
  9. Thanks alot 4 the replies, I think thats better anyway, If you know how good your opponents are I think it puts you off playing them if they are really highly ranked, not saying that im cr*p or anything! Cheers again.
  10. Hi all, Just wondered if there were any type of rankings in GRAW? and leaderboards etc.? In multiplayer I mean. Thanks
  11. Cheers boys, yer my max ix 2gb 3200, cant get anything above that. I played it all afternoon yesterday and was getting good fps, really smooth gameplay, and i was doing better which was good aswell not gettin owned anymore, spend most of time in BDA server, its very good. really pleased with ther performance of my gfx card aswell, overclocked a lil bit but i recommend it for someone who hasnt loads 2 spend yet but wantz 2 run graw on medium-high settings. Cheers
  12. So happy I had to post i have now upgraded my RAm from 768mb to 1GB, my 512mb was 2700 and my 256 was 2100 I am now running 1GB at 2700. Will I see much of a difference whilst playinn GRAW now? fps or anything? Cheers
  13. Hi all, I know this question has probablt been answered before I just cant find it. So here goes... My game seems 2 crash after firing the GL? someone said it was a bug? Is there any fix for it? anything I could do 2 prevent this apart from not firing the GL? All help appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Thanks mate, im doing "ok" with the carbine but its not the weapon 4 me, im not a bad sniper but i prefer 2 run and shoot! dus my head in when im legging it round and sum1 appears and i cant draw my weapon quick enuf! gona av 2 start creepin more. Alot of ppl av recommended the scar so il ava practise 2nyt. Cheers!
  15. Hi all, Was just wondering which weapon every one chooses? I usually opt 4 the carbine with combat sight, gl & silencer, then an m9 with silencer & grenades, Im sure this isnt the best choice but I was just wondering what everyone else uses? Also what is gl? lol i sound such a noob dont I! Can any1 tell me a betta 1st choice weapon 2 choose please?
  16. Managed to OC my cpu to 2.02ghz, and OC my gfx card a bit, noticed a small performance increase, just waiting till next month to purchase some more RAM.
  17. looks good, only one thing, if you look at my screen (the FP91G+) the safety compilant standards are mentionned,a nd with this one not, so it might be that it is not compilant with those standards. on the other hand, response, brightness and contrast ratio are far better! so it really looks good to me. Cheers dude, will it increase framerate then? the framerate is measured on your graphic card, what the monitor improves is visibillity, so to say the more light-differences the monitor can produce the better sight you can have (contrast) a fast monitor helps in directly giving the image, i can understand you have trouble with a 24/20ms monitor, but the difference under 12 ms... I don't think that makes much difference. The other things that improve gameplay is better sound (a soundcard leaves more space on your CPU since it takes sound processing form the main processor) but to say a soundblaster audigy 4 is better than my old soundblaster live.... again I don't know. I noticed better gameplay and by far better sounds with my soundblaster live (you can hear more and the game got way more fluent) There are guys around here with plenty money and guys like me with small children and an suspecting wife who don't have that much to spend.... I may say I bought a decent computer last year, took long to select which rig I wanted and can say I'm fairly happy as long as I don't look too much at what's coming out now.... and I'm sure spending more money wouldn't improve too much for me. On the other hand an ods system with upgrades always is lagging on the weakest hardware..... (slow hard-drive, bus speed or anything) I don't plan on constant upgrading anymore, I will do with this rig for 3/4 years and then buy a new one with the money I saved on upgrades (if my wife lets me.....) I just wish ati tool would work with my gfx card then i could increase mem etc... Cuz it worked with my old 9550se on UT really well. Ive got a sound blaster 5.1 and my sounds great and is really fluent 2, no delays on shooting or anything, I havent got loads of money but i do ok. Im only 20 so iv got billz 2 pay 2! I get depressed reading magazines with all new hardware in looking how much it all costs, all im after is more RAM, gona upgrade to 1gb at end of the month and then up2 2gb maybe at xmas, and then get that monitor asap. Just trying 2 sell my old 15" Im happy with my cpu aswell, might try and OC it to abt 2.0ghz, (currently at 1.89) very limited mobo tho (ecs k8m800 m2 v2.0) got a pretty nifty 500w psu so that dus the job, plenty of fans in there aswell but looking to upgrade my stock cpu fan 2 a zalman, (any recommendations - socket 754) Its not the quietest of machines but that doesnt bother me as i play GR:AW propa loud, (hooked up 2 my stereo) everytime a grenade goes off i **** my pantz! My try and post a few picz on ere (can u do that?) Any recommendations for any of the above, thanks very much 4 al ure help by the way, just learning as i go! CONGRATZ ON GR:AW GAME OF THE YEAR! did you hear about that any1?
  18. looks good, only one thing, if you look at my screen (the FP91G+) the safety compilant standards are mentionned,a nd with this one not, so it might be that it is not compilant with those standards. on the other hand, response, brightness and contrast ratio are far better! so it really looks good to me. Cheers dude, will it increase framerate then?
  19. Can anyone recommend this ? http://www.savastore.com/productinfo/produ...44&rstrat=0
  20. where can i pick up some heatsinks for those? in the uk please. Had fraps running las nyt, got frame rates of abt 15-25 in furios fighting situations on multiplayer, still no lag or stuttering tho so i waz quite happy, i really need 2 invest in a new montor, i have a 20ms 15" tft, im looking to invest in a 19" tft about 6-8ms. Ive seen some for around £120-£150 on aria.co.uk. Is there anywhere any1 recommends looking for a descent monitor. Will a new larger monitor with a lower MS help my framerate? Also could anyone tell me a program which tells me what speed my RAM is, i looked on the actual module and it didnt say, its kingston 512 ddr, but i want to no if its 2100, 2700 etc... All help much appreciated.
  21. I've got the stock fan on the top, but i mean on the underside of it?!
  22. Is the map "nowhere" available on the PC? ive been playing it on the xbox abit and was just curious if it was on the PC version, I am very satisfied with the maps on the PC version i was just wondering?! Cheers
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