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  1. Its probably your security software. Turn off zone alarm, mcafee, norton anything like that.
  2. yer your right man, that map isnt currently in our rotation anyway but it can get very frustrating especially when people start shooting down the ramp where we spawn.
  3. no maam is in germany and he couldnt get online.
  4. sleepdoc that sounds like alot of fun, i need 2 take a break from multiplayer. Lag enfuriates me
  5. lol no, we all get along great, we just think splitting up is the best and the most fair way 2 play. Thats ur opinion of the BPR, when I hopped along they were very rude when approached on the situation, they aint gona draw in new members that way.
  6. Hop along to BDA my friend. www.thebeerdrinkingassassins.com, quite alot of members and server is pretty much allways full. We use teamspeak and there are usually quite alot of members on their 2. All willing 2 help. Sup2u bro. The BPR guys all jump on 1 side and go against the noobies every game. They never play each other, they all go together. This is a very poor attitude to take in my opinion. All BDA players split up and go against each other.
  7. hey i got the x1600 pro. Its pretty good 2 me. But i did OC the ###### out of it. Im a bda member so hop on ts and ill see if i can help you out. Turn off dynamic lights! that nearly doubled my frames on the custom maps we have. Good luck.
  8. Hey, When he clicks the GRAW icon and it starts 2 load do ctrl+alt+delete and set GRAW.exe priority to normal. Try that.
  9. i got amd sepron 3000+ 1 gig 2700 ati radeon x1600 pro 512ddr2 AGP I get around 30-40 fps, but i am still very competitive. I got a widescreen and play on a high res with most things high apart from post affects and dynamic lights. The eye cannot see more than 30fps so why bother with all these high rates? it doesnt mean anything! you cant see or shoot any faster cuz i have at least 30 fps so its 50/50. Stick with your system and look at buying a whole new 1 in the future, dont fork out on AGP cards if your getting reasonable frames. typical would be: - intel core duo e6600 2 gig corsaird ddr2 abit/asus mobo and when you have the penniez - an 8800gtx then youl get kick ass frames and an upto date system.
  10. a guy in bda has 2 8800 gtx cards running SLi, they have the same framerates as running 1 card, no performance boosts. Dont make the same mistake!!!! SLi also currently not supporting dual monitors.
  11. dont expect anything more than around 10-15fps
  12. Nero Burning ROM is your best bet!
  13. itz just a basic 1, itz not the kick @$$ 1 that u have http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=0&pid=372
  14. Iv got my orange modem installed and I also have a d-link router that I am not currently using, which would be better for GRAW?
  15. Weapon MODS are for chumps, keep the game fun and even without mods and enjoy your gaming! send your maps 2 the custom levels folder in your GRAW directory, BDA server have some real cool new maps, jump on and see what you think.
  16. that might be true, i did not read much good words in the chat window from you better luck next time, as for the lag.... has any one noticed the spikes and the stuttering when someone joins ? but as for the BDA server kram talks about, i often see people play with 250 + pings and not just one, but sometimes 10 at a time, i don't think any coding can prefent that from happening people join no matter where the server stands haha, yer im a very competitive player, i like 2 display my emoticons! im a good laught tho 2! i havent noticed the stuttering when ppl join to b honest. Yer im in the UK and i average about 180 ping which is very playable and I get no complaints, it has been goin upto around 220 which is kind of annoying but other members of my family share the connection. But they havent been on it whilst my ping has been sucking! new patch again hmmmmm? none of my internet properties have changed.
  17. Were do you live? Eu times been on KFORF server? would like to see some people I meet there over here and comment on gameplay and such Is this an idea to try someday? Gripen I see often, but some people have different names here than on GRAW, would be nice to see some people here online.... I would like to discuss the gamestyles on different servers, maybe get a bit more understanding in how to organise a server and what to do/not to do. For instance, sometimes you meet people online that have a lack of patience in readying up, but on the contraty when a server hosts 32 people waiting to start the game with 4 people AFK and no server admin avaliable is troubling sometimes. Might be adviseable to have a start anyway button activated after waiting for 2 mins on game-start (timed autostart?) Grin do your thing with this info, might be good for GRAW2. We had a TK yesterday, with the accidentally killed one killing the other first thing next game..... He was told to stop that, but the one teamkilling first maybe should have apologised. Everybody should know that not everyone online thinks the same, and it takes some skill to play online without rants and flaming. Good gaming, Forrester Yer I usually play on the BDA server (as im a BDA member) and our server automatically kicks you (so im told) if you have reocuring TK's. Might try a diff server 2 see if the gameplay is different, tatics etc...
  18. Thanks 4 all your replies guys. Maybe I was just having a crappy couple of sessions. Im enjoying the new sounds but i do think they are kind of random like the dog and cat noises? anyway..... I couldnt believe how many TK's there was this weekend, im not blaming the patch tho it is a coinsidence! I just wish they would put in a dual kill. Its allwayz 1 or the other! (shooting) if ur both thrashing ur scar H ur gona both die sumtimes 4 sure! but u neva do and it blows. (i know u can both die with nades) yes i am impressed with some of the new gfx etc 2. Maybe I am just being picky as my weekend sucked 2, and i nearly crashed my car this morning, think im on abit of a rampage!
  19. Hello, just a note that I think the new patch is not too good! and im not on my own Y the frick do they have 2 keep messing with the guns?! Everytime im being killed now I have no idea were its coming from as its allways a 1 shot kill! 1 shot everytime, i havent had any descent fire fights like in the last patch its allways just 1 shot...dead. This is crap! Loads of lag 2, people are shooting me b4 they stop running and there gun hasnt even appeared, never happend in the last patch! so u cant blame my ping/there ping. I vote bring back 1.30. The only thing they fixed 4 us is the odd connection drops. Whoopey doo! Thanks 4 nothing.
  20. Hey ther dude, Just letting you know this is the 1st game ive played properly online. Ive only ever played a few other PC games and im telling u now...IT ROX! nothing can prepare for the absolute ass handing ur gona get on ur first few weekz but after a while it gets good and you become competitive! After playing in the BDA server since the beginning I have enjoyed countless hours of fantastic gaming. Multiplayer is fantastic and you meet some really cool people if you have team speak etc.. So jump on in and try it out mate. Best of luck
  21. Just an update from yesterday when i was moaning about all the lag etc. Ping is totally back to normal (around 175 on the american BDA server) Game is running as smooth as ever! good frame rates etc. No more mic problems as i was getting kicked off TS when i was freezing whilst loading and I had an open mic (but i hadnt) No more crashes to desktop apart from when i was AFK for about 20 minz then i came back it was closed. Server ran perfect all night from about 7.45pm - 12.30am when i came off it. I figured out the problem that was causing all this crap: - THAT FRIKKIN RENDERING SETTINGS.XML FILE! A certain sum1 told a bunch of us with only 1GB of RAM to change all the settings to true! MISTAKE, u needAT LEAST 2GB of RAM for this to make a difference or everything goes 2 pot, just mess with the video settings in game and overclock ur gfx abit. I still get a real good performance from 1GB of RAM only PC2700! 2 sum up, I had some great games last night and everything is fine and dandy. Hopefully due 2 the new patch even though I havent tried shooting a GL yet, im assuming thats fixed right ? Thanks 4 lisnin.
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