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  1. We just started a GRAW dedicated server thru wolfservers. I had one years ago but seem to have forgotten how to create a custom map rotation. Does anyone have a copy of a good config i could use to get this going. I have uploaded maps to the custom levels folder and can start them from the consule, but would rather make a rotation. This is still the best coop game ever made. Thanks
  2. I have the latest patch and nvidia drivers. I installed nHancer and it shows both cards are running during gameplay. Must be a glitch with game that I cant checkmark SLI.
  3. I cannot enable SLI in GRAW 1, it wont let me checkmark the box. Is there something I am doing wrong? I am running two 8800GT's. I cant see much difference between one card and two in this game. Is there a way to know if the game is utilizing both cards? Thanks
  4. I am sure this has been asked before... in coop mission how do you get to option of sniper, scope for m14, rockets ect. Do you earn these weapons thru missions completed or amount of kills???
  5. Is this just me or is anyone else having problems changing rates of fire. Sometimes, not always, when I change to single round fire mode I can hear the click but it still remains in full auto??
  6. For what it is worth, I have a amd dualcore 4200 . The crashes seem to be more server related than machine related. Some servers I crash alot using the gl, others I dont crash at all???? Also I doesnt seem to matter the distance of the shot, some are long shots and I still crash....
  7. You mean Grenade launcher don't you? anything 10 meters or less on a MP server has the possibility of crashing. Next patch should resolve issue. Thanks for the reply, Yes I meant grenade launcher
  8. My game has been crashing after firing an RPG, not every time but often enough that I dont carry the weapon anymore. I can use any other weapon and it is fine, just the RPG is causing the problems. I have adjusted the graphics from high settings to low and changed the res to lower settings, no help. My system: AMD 4200 dual core, Asus M2N sli deluxe mob, 2gig corsair DDR2 800, two 250 gig WD caviar in raid 0, BFG 7900GTX
  9. This may be a dumb question, but here it goes. When running graw I noticed the cpu usage on the one side of the cpu is 100% and the other side runs 10-20% . On other games it seems that both sides run together averaging about the same usage. Is this normal for graw, or is there a dual core optimizer patch? The game seems to run fine, just curious. My machine: AMD4200 dual core, asus m2n sli deluxe mob, two 250gig WD caviar in raid 0, 2 gigs corsair ddr2800 ram, and BFG 7900gtx thanks
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