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  1. can anybody give me a list from the groups who play the sounds music in the helicopter, thank
  2. i'm from Venezuela, i supose that everybody in USA have atleast a 6600gt agp
  3. hi, i would like to have any skin witout camo, cuz i would like to make my own camo, thx
  4. ok, i get it, but my question is...where is the editor map, i cant find it, or it's just a plugin to 3dmax??????
  5. but, i cant see the software that open this editor map, which is the software, can you tell me where can i find it, and where is the models, thx
  6. hi, i would like to know how can i do to get the models or player model from the game and import it to 3dmax with its skin or texture, thx
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