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  1. haha thanks, sorry i dont know much of these things, im not really good with computers but thanks! really helped
  2. AWWWW MAN thanks anyway what video card should i get? please help THANK YOU SO MUCH
  3. It is Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 128 mb PLEASE REPLY THANKS!
  4. My video card is 128 mb Geforce and i have a memory of 512 mb Would this work if i install all the stuff you told me too? PLEASE REPLY!
  5. Okay so i just got ghost recon advanced warfighter and whenever i try to play it it always say ERROR Crash in application version: grpcrc1.30 Direct3D - Unknown capability violation exception. SCRIPT STACK data\lib\managers\viewportmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\mpc01\mpc01.dsf(0)
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