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  1. any aid or explanation? if there are not solutions for this bug, it will come resolved next patch?
  2. Hello Manti italian friend , I don't have fastweb ISP... and I don't think that a problem is a ISP because I play without problem all official and unofficial maps except "The Cape" and "Hollow"... THIS IS A BUG introduced in 1.30... don't know who is affected.... me and u have the same video card but my other friend have an ATI video card and have exactly some bug... AMD processors is affected or what? go go with 1.31 Someone can help us?
  3. Hello, i have a problem with 1.30... in two maps (in italian the name is: promontorio) and the next maps of circuit's HH. When i connect to server the first time, Ii can't play this two maps 99% of time!!! I need to wait the game start and wait the timeout... after this I respawn in game with pistols... this bug is incredible. Me and my friend have the same problems. Is incredible play in this conditions.... because this game is only for fun... is impossible organize ladder and other event with this macroscopics bug affected 1 - 10- 100 - 1000 - 10000 people... My config is: AMD 4000+ (64) 2 GB RAM DC HD Sata GE FORCE 7800GT SB X-FI Platinum Win XP SP2 plus KB All driver are upgraded (sound, video, MB) no Windows FW... only outpost but there are some problems with FW up or down. ------------------------------- Sry my english but that is!!! lol I hope u understand the problem
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