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  1. I guess I don't have to go out in public for mom to semi-embarrass me. I forgot I am registered to this site and when mom wants to say "Happy Birthday" and tells me to "check the sites you are registered to" it kinda slipped my mind. Then she gets home and tells me "did you check Gr.net?" and I am thinking "I am registered there? "... So here I am saying thank you to all peoples who said "Happy Birthday" to me. So watcha guys get me?
  2. My Experience was pretty interesting out of what I did there. Playing on the SP mode was interesting. The Squads are just given to you. You have your basic infantry and a medic in which to heal your troops. After one of your men reaches the red zone they get meded, but if your men get to the grey zone the are beyond help (otherwise known as dead). The Basic load out for weapons is a type of rifle, a pistol, types of explosives, and depending on the mission, AT and Detenation devices. There are i think 5 classes to choose from. Rifleman, Gunner, Lone Wolf, Marksman, and something else i can'
  3. Dark Sniper


    there is java thing that is supposed to pop-up when it does that. after you get that you should be able to get in.
  4. Dark Sniper


    What are all your guys' combat lvl and total lvl?
  5. Dark Sniper


    my name is: metalicz lvl 55.
  6. oh man. "i know kung fu" is so funny
  7. Dark Sniper


    This might seem a little old to some of you who might have seen this already, but its funny none the less. TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR!!!!
  8. http://www.chriswetherell.com/elf/ my name is Maeglin Mithrandír
  9. Dark Sniper


    i have seen that comercial. its soo funny. Doomed doomed doomed
  10. Dark Sniper


    WARNING: some of the skits you are about to witness have some strong language. Enjoy. BTW. watch the squirrel. The squirrel's den
  11. Dark Sniper


    this site is funny. just enter you name or Screen Name and it comes up with a funny saying and what you are doing. oh yeah make sure you put the right gender click here to start the fun Edit: please show us your results
  12. LOL very funny there Rose. if any of you want to play with my right now i will be at the US East Gateway and i will be in channel GRNET. again: Gateway:US East Channel: GRNET Name: CK-Reaper
  13. i never have really seen that strategy before but it sounds like a good one. what i would ahve done was just get a whole mess of gardians and laid waist to there photon cannon defense. then i would quickly follow with mass hydras. i just love to mass hydras.
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