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  1. I love playing Graw2 My friends are having a bit a problem with head movement.It makes them sick. Is there any way of turning it off or disabling it.Or adding it in the upcoming patch.Not sure how difficult it would be. Thanks any help would be appreciated it.
  2. Hello everyone. I was wandering if there is any way of disabling the head bobbing effect.A few of my friends are experiencing sicknes from the type of movement.So it limits them from playing the game.Any help would be appreciated it . Thanks Dalmantus
  3. Yeah I agree ,It will attract more interest to the game.
  4. Well I was an Operation flashpoint player for a long time.A great game indeed with open potentail for mods and creating your own mission and so forth.But the game became out dated graphics and all.When I heard about armed assault I was looking forward to the release.Well I downloaded the demo and was pretty much disappointed .The game graphics had very little or practically no improvements from the original.with exception of a few added menu tweaks and so forth it is pretty much operation flashpoint with a few tweaks.but that is it .I felt it was'nt worht spending any money on the full version when I have a copy of operation flashpoint already. That is my 2 cents worth.I love playing GRAW .overall idea game modes weapons ,grahics are excellent.you do need a decent machine to run the game A bit of downfall but seems to be the way all games are going these days. I played [Ghost Recon] a lot but was'nt a real hardcore ghost recon fan.But with GRAW and GRAW2 coming out soon I hope lol.I love playing this style of game and enjoy it quite alot. I do agree they are only trying to make as much money as they can.But when it comes to ORG and GRAW at least there was considerable enhancemnets all round IE Graphics ,Game play, Weapons and so forth.As far as Armed Assault that was a total plan to rake as much money as they can.There was very little enhancement to game,graphics and so forth compared to OPeration Flashpoint in my opinion. Dalmantus
  5. The wait is ok .It means they want make sure it is ready and finished . I hope they release a demo in the meantime to tickle our fancy
  6. Alive I love the game in everyway .After all the new modes Great game GRAW rocks
  7. I was getting the gl ctd so I uninstalled the game and reinstalled with the patches.Tried it out and the game crash again but this time I got a windows error that came up wich did'nt happen before I have image of the error but can't seem to attach them.could you let me know where i can send them to they may be able to help in resolving the issue Thanks for time Dalmantus
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