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  1. Hey all, I don't have the resources for a 3d character builder, but on the other hand, I hope this request is really quick and simple. With the Lindy Cohen model I was wondering if someone could simple remove the "helmet mounted computer and sensor display" on her helmet. Its that miniature eye piece thing that hangs off the front of her helmet over her right eye. I hope it is really easy, and I'd really appreciate it - prefer that all my US Ghosts look similar! Thank you.
  2. I notice from looking down the list of missions that it repeats the unlocked heroes and adds the d_jodit_haile file. Does this have any effect to the heroes once I hit the DS and IT Missions?
  3. Thanks Rebar, but where do i put the file in?
  4. The problems that I have come across is that it sometimes flat out will kick me out, or automatically jump me from Organimss Missions to DS or IT missions. I'm really stumped. I didn't think a campaign was such a pain to make when including original missions, I figured it would be something easy.
  5. This is my mission file in notepad format. The file is in my missions folder. Is this what you wanted. It is also first priority. <Campaign> <Mission> <Filename>m01_caves.mis</Filename> <Hero>astra_galinksy.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m02_farm.mis</Filename> <Hero>buzz_gordon.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m03_rrbridge.mis</Filename> <Hero>susan_grey.atr/Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m04_village.mis</Filename> <Hero>nigel_tunney.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m05_embassy.mis</Filename> <Hero>klaus_henkel.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m06_castle.mis</Filename> <Hero>dieter_munz.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m07_river.mis</Filename> <Hero>lindy_cohen.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m08_battlefield.mis</Filename> <Hero>henry_ramirez.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m09_swamp.mis</Filename> <Hero>jack_stone.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m10_ruined_city.mis</Filename> <Hero>will_jacobs.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m11_pow_camp.mis</Filename> <Hero>scott_ibrahim.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m12_docks.mis</Filename> <Hero>guram_osadze.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m13_airbase.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m14_mountain.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>m15_red_square.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>d01_beach.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>d02_refinery.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>d03_traindepot.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>d04_riverbed.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>d05_aurora.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>d06_ghosttown.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>d07_roadblock.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>d08_tank.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>c01_plantation.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>c02_military_camp.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>c03_high_sierra.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>c04_swamp_airfield.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>c05_bridges.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>c06_polling_center.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>c07_beach_resort.mis</Filename> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>c08_mountain_stronghold.mis</Filename> </Mission> </Campaign>
  6. Hey I have been trying to combine all the missions of GR, DS, IT into one campaign, except GR doesn't seem to like it. First, it only starts off with the IT missions, second, soon as I complete the IT missions, it kicks me out of the game. The Campaign XML document in the mission folder is in a specific order. This is the order that I want the missions in, but it won't follow this order. I tried to arrange it with the original GR missions, then the DS, then the IT missions. arrghh this is killing me. Anyway thanks.
  7. Hey all I was wondering if they made a model of a certain female rifleman: It is the exact same uniform as the original Ghost, but with a female body and face. The X box version of GR had it, so I figured it would exst out in the PC world. (In short, I'm looking for a character like Susan Grey with a kevlar helmet, not like Lindy Cohen and all her high-tech gear) Does it exist? Thanks.
  8. awesome thanks - ill be looking forward to the release!
  9. Hey does anyone know where I can find the conversion of GR, DS, and IT maps from day to night and night to day maps? I remember they came out when GR first came out but they are no longer in the downloads section. Thank you.
  10. So you guys are saying that I should create large amounts of forces and have them execute the same plans? I got that to work - too bad I suck at scripting by just using plans I had 200 attack me at once, or had them wait 30 seconds in between waves. Really intense. Anyway thanks a lot guys, once I get this scripting thing down I'll be perfect.
  11. I know this response is a little bit late, but I now have a couple weeks to work on this mission. I've been reading through a bunch of script references and am still lost but when starting the mission I was having trouble with this: Group: <Default> Comment: tank1 in zone Trigger Event: tank 1 is within 10 meter(s) of tank start zone. Responses: Increment tanks in zone. I got everything to show except I could not get the "Responses:" "Increment tanks in zone." How do I enable that? It is not an option in the Response section of the scripts. I spent an hour looking for it and couldn't find it! arrghhh. Thanks
  12. Hey I don't have any means to make a model, and I've been yearning for a certain US Marine model. Its the one they wore in 2003 during the Iraq invasion. Instead of standard digis or old cammies, they wore: - woodland NBC suit (note: the hood, how the trousers go over the boots and are velcroed around them, and that the uniform is baggier in general because it was meant to go over a utility uniform) - gas mask container around the left leg - desert boots - desert kevlar helmet (which could be either digi or the standard army pattern) - solid tan flak vest or woodland cammo vest heres and example: http://www.theage.com.au/ftimages/2003/04/...8962894443.html I was wondering if anyone was bored or had some spare time to make it. I'd be really grateful for it's asking a lot, but hell it could be added as a independent mod! Thank you.
  13. "Not possible. They have to be unlocked as you advance through the missions and only one per mission. " Damnit to Hell!!!! thanks for your time though.
  14. I guess it would be just a generic PLA grunt. Wait would anyone know how exactly to get the wrinkle texture part it? IE show the wrinkles, where the elbow parts are, etc etc?
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