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  1. Wow I love this map, it makes me recall the days of old RS games :P

    The lag is caused by crate blown ups, I guess it would be solved with that PhyX card.

    How could be kick off those broken crates? should we blow them up instead of shooting? They're just blocking the passages >_<

  2. Hey, did you guys got the same problem?

    I just turned on smoke granade and start the game, GRAW crached and I was booted to the desktop. It works fine when smoke granade was not activated :wall:

    I tested the smoke granade with original maps and they all work fine, just had the same problem with "BHD" and "halls of mirror" maps

    Another thing I figured is that the minimap is very dark for these two custom [GR] maps, too dark that I can't see a thing except my own white arrow :wacko:

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