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  1. There are 3 running tanks and our team could only found 1 RPG near the entrance of the valley, there is no Zeus either, so how are we supposed to beat this map? Thanks.
  2. Wow I love this map, it makes me recall the days of old RS games The lag is caused by crate blown ups, I guess it would be solved with that PhyX card. How could be kick off those broken crates? should we blow them up instead of shooting? They're just blocking the passages
  3. nice firefight map, however our player crashed when he presses M accidentially, then not able to locate the server again. Sorry I didn't remind him to include the crash log.
  4. 8. An [GR] coop player lost its connection and then reconnect and join the same game again would have no name displayed on his character.
  5. Oh man, you're crazy~ I can't imagine how we could beat the 5 armors on the roof
  6. Hey, did you guys got the same problem? I just turned on smoke granade and start the game, GRAW crached and I was booted to the desktop. It works fine when smoke granade was not activated I tested the smoke granade with original maps and they all work fine, just had the same problem with "BHD" and "halls of mirror" maps Another thing I figured is that the minimap is very dark for these two custom [GR] maps, too dark that I can't see a thing except my own white arrow
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