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  1. 200 000 goal on kickstarter reached! Yeah! :-D
  2. Great map! Awesome on hardcore, hehe Initial spawn point takes you right into the action - nice detail. A bit spooky to respawn directly into the defend zone since we were (of course) overrun at once when defending it. You feel kind of stupid waking up with 20 bad guys using full auto and disagreeing with you being there We've already had a couple of hours with great fun on this map. Much appreciated! -Hornisen
  3. Just love these remakes! We played snipers and revenge in coop campaign last night and it was just awesome on hardcore. Haven't tried hostage yet - looking forward to it! Small bugreport for revenge: If you take out the second tank before it reaches the top of the hill, you'll game will crash to desktop. Can't remember the error message right now, but we got the same error four times in a row before we decided to try and wait for it to settle.
  4. Sweet! We've really enjoyed version 1 and it'll be very nice to have the mod work in regular COOP as well. Looking forward to try out the goodies in version 2. Really appreciate these mods & maps - Thanks! -Hornisen
  5. Great map ! Just love the new sniper rifle and the fact that we now can carry a good secondary weapon as well. Great combination with 1-sniper, 2-mrc+GL, 3-predator. Not experiencing any lag, but the map seems a bit too tough for my computer (low framerate) when there are tanks and lots of AI soldiers around. Need to get som better hardware, hehe. The AI seems to be a bit limited when it comes to range, though. They very often just sit still waiting to be wiped out instead of firing/charging. I might have been fooled by the awesome zoom-level on the sniper rifle, though.. Also very nice job with the HUD. [EDIT: Removed the part about adding Snowfellas M4 mod. Had a look a the thread http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=40419.] Great map and just very entertaining to play. Thanks! -Hornisen
  6. Awesome map! We had 4 players in [GR] COOP and got a real challenge with all the bad gyus you've put in! Thanks
  7. Sweeeet! Looking so forward to get my hands on the M4 The handgun looks great too!
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