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  1. Dynamic shadow bug is solved with 163.44 and newer beta drivers . U can find it on www.guru3d.com
  2. Update driver for your nvidia 7900 card to 163.44 or higher. Wierd graphic is propobly coused by dynamic shadow bug that apear in 160 seria driver prior to 163.44. It will couse crash in on 7900 and 7950 cards , and on seria 8 graphic it will work, only u will not be able to see shadows. All is fixed in 163.44 U can find newest drivers on www.guru3d.com Dont get scared coz they are beta drivers . They will work just fine.
  3. KFORF just sped 3 hours playing CD in all mods . No crash or any bug yet to report I like what u did with trees . Same castle ... time passed ... trees are bigger ... old rusty car in middle ... furniture are missing from the houses LOL We have spend great night ..thank you Biro
  4. lol ... this only pruve how much ppl love the mode u made Lihgtspeed...they are ready to argue so much about it . I know it burns the flame in my hart Keep up with good work , we all apriciate it
  5. I hope u are right . It would be a shame that a hard work u have done will pass unused. Damn u did much better job for matching comunity then GRIN did, and best of all u have showed them how easy(for they resource) they could make this game winner. Implementing TRR and MIP in stock shud be easy job for them , but instead they implemented m99 and zero meter explosion for GL and ruined game expirience.
  6. Yes for m99 restriction , no for only one demo kit . I have already asked this , but u did not care to answer. What is so special in scar H to be exclusiv with GL I wanna use another gun with GL , but i cant . Dont understund that rerstriction
  7. Why have u restrict demo to only one gun? 1 nade is OK , but why have u remove other guns ? Tactical decision or technical problem?
  8. When u join DM server while game in progres , sometimes(often) u cant see all players in list , just youreslf and one that joined after you. When next game start you can see all players.
  9. Grids and fog look perfect. Exelent job
  10. wow sensors ..lol cool i just got idea . In TDM when someone enter spawn he become automaticly tagged and visible on map . Placing sensor could be like temporarly placing spawn zone around player who placed sensor down. If enemy player enter that area he become tagged. Can that be made??? btw when playing trr mode i have noticed that enemy players get tagged sometimes.Why is that? Maybe coz they have entered some of a initial spawn zones?
  11. more nades , more frags , and more fog (gl arming distance shud be longer)
  12. I had no time to play it yesterday for more then 20 minutes , but i like what i see so far . Great work Lightspeed. I believe it will be even better when u fix those few things in new version. I wonder if it is possible to add some colored circle to initial spawn points , and/or some mark on random spawn points on map like we used to have in clan custom maps in [GR]?
  13. I remember funny shadows visible throught wall in GR1 too
  14. wait ! what is wrong with 1 vs 3 and 2 vs 4 ?!?.... ...or have i miss something
  15. That is great news. I hope CD remake will be included
  16. OMG great looking pictures Just one question . Will fog be added to limit view distance to same as old CD had? I do not remember i was able to see all throught whole map . Is there a way to add fog at all?
  17. Great work Biro... that ghost in a middle saluting ? or he tear off swet from a forehead??
  18. Have u guys noticed that hey patched the patcher ...now it play music
  19. Hope this mode will become patch ([GR] had TRR as a option that u could turn on or off) . Anyway i have read that somone is worried about possibility that someone respawn in front of group(or single) of opponents and easy kill them coz they cant kill him . That coud be easly avoided by setting invunerability after respawn to 0 or 1 sec , or maybe there is a way to check for proximity of opponents before u spawn and if someone is to close go on other random spawn. That would also prevent that 2 player from diferent (or same) team respawn at same spot by acident ... heck they shud be unable to respawn at same spot for atleast 30 seconds . If 1 random spawn point is used he shud be baned for 30 seconds or so Somehow i always had feeling in [GR] that proximity check is somehow builded in , coz i do not remember 2 many time that i had respawn in front of anyone , but i have never discussed about it with anyone , so i belive it is only feeling
  20. got this prob with patch 1.02 on our coop-session several times, too. Same problem i had on 1.02... only once thought. It was on TDM.
  21. Dont think so , atleast not dramaticly . Bigger gain in FPS i get when i turn shadows off . It jump from 45 to 75 FPS on mine 7950.
  22. Sway may be to complex to add (maybe not ) , but other 2 things shud be easy I like the idea of giving frags to other class for ballance . LOL.. i would give it to all class
  23. Yes, it is the way the war is . More LAME is when u have to play against camper clan (in [GR]) that place sensors around and wait, but we all had to play against that , and we adapt our tactics and win. Maybe people shud not rush forward if they dont wanna meet enemy with GL on ready, meybe they shud adapt and use other tactics . Most GL kills are done when breaking out of spawn anyway.
  24. I totaly agreed with you . OICW/GL was my GR weapon of choice , and I do not remember people was moaning about it . On the other hand we have both propobly spend more time in clan matches then on public servers. I personaly miss some weapons (even sensors) from [GR] coz i think they add to gameplay and tactic in some way, but i will not cry about it . GL have some advantage , but scoped SCAR against unscoped(with empty GL) have it too, and i do not hear anyone is complaing about it . Anyway i wish all clases to be alowed to have atleast 1 frag (dunno why sniper shud be restricted to carry it . It does come handy sometimes), but im fine with a way it is .
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