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  1. It was a blast AFZ. Always a tuff fight vs. you guys. GG's and well played!
  2. Date of Match: Dec 16, 2007 Team 1 Name: AOD Team 2 Name: AFZ Final Score: 3/2 Winning Team: AFZ Server Played On: Server 1 - SCE Tourney SErver
  3. Cool, See you Sunday Night at 10pm est. then. If we need to adjust it a bit np. GL
  4. Sunday Night on the SCE tourney Server sound good AFZ?
  5. Sounds good, see you tomorrow night at 9pm est.
  6. Sundays are best for us as well. 9:00pm est ok? We can go at 10:00pm est to if you like.
  7. We could go on Tuesday the fourth if you want. Sunday night would be best but we could do it Tuesday. Start at 9:30 - 10pm est?
  8. Date of Match: Nov 18, 2007 Team 1 Name: AFZ Team 2 Name: AOD Final Score: 3/0 Winning Team: AFZ Server Played On: Server 2 - AFZ Tourney Server
  9. Sunday the 18th would be great. 9:00 or 10pm est?
  10. Team Name: Angels of Death Team Tags: AOD_ for this tourney but typically AOD* Team Website: http://www.teamaod.net Team Contact: AOD*BoG or Cruiser@teamaod.net,cruiser99@shaw.ca Contact Info: XFIRE: aodbog1, E-mail: -bog-@cox.net, ICQ: 177394048 Roster: AOD_SteelReign AOD_BlueskiesC AOD_Cruiser AOD_KC8DKT AOD_Splitz AOD_BoG AOD_Axis AOD_Strider AOD_Smokeator AOD_Carnage83
  11. GG's Clone always a fun battle against you guys!
  12. GG's Clone, Always fun! Sorry Wrong thread. lol
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