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  1. Gratz bud! At least we know that the world now knows why it was a brand that has transcended 100's of PC revisions and time tested game play. The community. I hope other developers read this and understand, communication and active participation in the community will keep your players true and coming bacl for more. Redstorm did a fantastic job in communication. That is what wanted us to keep playing, because the developers cared too. Good Show Rocky and the whole community!
  2. I just want the dedicated server files. I am willing to overlook lots for dedi files and a way to kick people. No fun in trying to play a game and being headshot from across the map.
  3. I have an issue where a server will drop people, and not allow them to join back up. We have found out that if the client changes the IP on their end, they can join back up. Some how, the server is keeping the IP active or there is another issue related to network. It is not firewall related. I know this for a fact. Most of you have probably played ont he server - Beer Drinking Assassins. If you get drop like a "Disconnected from server" type error, you wont be able to join. Any suggestions GRIN?
  4. rgr rgr. Good point. I hope that will be the case as well.
  5. From what I remember, there are 4 kit slots. Primary. Secondary, item/weapon, item/weapon. (when I say weapon I mean grenade and similar stuff) So i believe the customization is available. Now, this can change, but the odds of them changing arent great.
  6. That`s what i`m saying but no we have a 3rd person with no first person weapon model view bonhead ideea from the devs. I mean come on 90% would like a weapon view like that of America`s Army or RvS and if you are part of that 10% just click in the options and it`s gone. i agree. Options are the best product of growth for this game. The more options of views and sounds is the best possible. that way you can grow many facets of the hardore community.
  7. Well... a team usually consists of more than one if am mistaken..lol So .. then.. Doesn't matter anyways (to me), as long as that part of GR2 is solid,
  8. I wonder if they would sponsor a box art contest? Sound like an Idea? You know what, I will PERSONALLY host a contest to see who can make the best Box art on behalf of Ghost Recon Retreat!! I will post details of the rules and then we can set the ball in motion. The winner will get a Pre-Ordered Ghost Recon 2 game!! Runners up will receive some fine "parting gifts" .. I'll think of something. Maybe a game controller or something. Does that sound good?
  9. Ok guys, you've waited long enough for this. Sorry for the delay, but Cr6 and I wanted to make sure that the content was correct and that we clearly convey what was said at the interview. http://ghostrecon.3dretreat.com/default.asp Thanks to Cr6 for doing a KNOCK out job putting it together!! Anubis types da dem bein good games Cr6 Translates That was a very good game. Thank you for the fun! j/k, Cr6 Did a fantastic job putting all together on the site.
  10. O.. M.. G.. I WANT IT!!! I WILL GET THIS GAME!! FYI-- the charcter animations holding the weapons are cheesy. It looks like the guy is staring striaght into the side of the gun and shooting..lol EDIT: ACL... its a trainin sim. Not a game. No MP in it for me. Dang!
  11. LMAO... so you guys like the way I look huh? It took me 2 hours to get ready every morning. My wife and I fought over the bra's tho.
  12. I 1000% agree Weeboz! I am not a fan of the console either!!
  13. @ Kurtz Funny!! Anyways, there is a lot to still be seen. Let's not sacrafice ourselves to the wolves, before we find out more info
  14. Calius.. regarding the hand signals, there are 2 others that I seen. One with the hand pointing (fingers tight together with palm open), giving directions for manuvers and the second was a closed fist (if I remember correctly) pointing to the point where supressive fire has been ordered. The third one I think most have seen is the regroup command, which has the fist waving in a cirlce above the character's hand. They look great and when I seen a few of them popped off in succession, it really looked cool. Looked like a real squad communicating battlefield awareness and tactics. Though they were only hand signals, it added a new level of immersion, for me anyways. I think you'd be pretty pleased with the animations, when you see them EDIT: I think it would be nice of the devs if they could release a few clips with with some animations and displays of tactical execution that wasn't seen in the E3 demo clips they provided.
  15. Cr6 is working on the finalized version of the interview. I promised a good to detailed overview, I am promising what i believe to be a great interview.
  16. The interview was recorded on tape then transcribed. the video is really to listen to their commentary as they take you through the Demo at E3
  17. Chems, this was a demo. You act like it's the final version. Relax man. Everyone is in uproars and they haven't even seen the game. Everyone has a concern and that's fine, but to THINk the game is a final version, you are doing YOURSELF an injustice. Now, if everyone has expectations that the GR2 game will better than the invention of the PC, then you may be mistaken and have unrealistic expectations. I'm sure ther won't be all who see it realistically nor practically. *gets garden hose* *turns on water* *Sprays hostile and temultuous crowd* Feel better?
  18. Yes I was SZ. ALL ( ) my questions asked were from members like yourself. Alot of questions were asking the same thing in a different way, so the ones that fell in that category were lumped together. Some questions, I asked about a particular feature and they couldnt give me a precise answer (remember it's still 7mo from "schedule") I asked if they could give an overview. That way, why waste time for them and you, the reader, if answers consisted of "Can;t answer that at this time" or some other phrase. I believe you willbe pleased with the Q&A's. Every time I read it, I am, and not becasue I asked them.
  19. Trust me, I want my hands on a completed copy, just like everyone here. Man sometimes it feels like more, only since I know what the taste of the peach is like. I am not trying to make anyone feel like you are being completely irrational. That is not my goal, but let's cultivate this community, instead of destroying it. If anyone has been to the Soldner forums, you know what I mean So we can all go back to playing GR and anxiously wait until the title we ALL have been waiting for hits the streets. Let's just give it some time. We will get to the point where it is in full Pub demo, then if there are things that we can address, then by all means. A friendly reminder of a concerned GR community participant.
  20. What fears are you having and what reports are you getting to judge those fears on? Without criticising some reviews, I've notice some flaws and misinformation in the posts and articles. I'm not asking everyone to see it my way, by no means, but I do want to say that alot of rumors are going and alot of misinformation is out there. My report will becoming out VERY soon. My impressions alone are 2 pages long. Not to mention a 5 page Word doc of an interview with Christian Allen, Game designer. You'll see why the material was released with a bit of a delay. The depth and quality is there. I address a few concerns as well, but i dont dwell on them. I provided the material and the meat, and Cr6 did the leg work of typing all my info into a coherent article with pictures. the article was sent to the developers for review and additional comments to make sure we got the story straight, BEFORE we tell it. WeeBoz me boy, I understand your concerns, but almost EVERY person that i spoke to on the dev side said the game is scheduled for release in holiday season of '04- at the same time. Granted, they might have that standard answer, but if you think of what is seriously happening here, they are releasing a game. Can you always forsee problems and issues that arise in the course of doing business? Nope, if you did then you'd be the richest man. Warren Buffet would have nothing on you. Anyways, it is not "X-box" code. They are being worked on as their own entity. The difference between any game now a days (if there is a PC and Console version) is the GUI and controls, aside from some recoding to take advantage of each platforms spelcialties and hardware.
  21. I want to make a few things know. I believe that people are getting carried away with this "I wont buy it", "OMG this game is arcady" "<insert common rant>". I will approach this delicately and short of telling people to keep quiet. I was fortunate enough to spend time with the developers of GR2. ALLOT of time. Collectively, I would say I spent a total of 8 hours at the booth. I was talking to everyone, playing the game, and listen to demo after demo after demo. I stayed there because you can not get a good feel for ANYTHING in a 15 minute presentation. I spent hours at a time talking to the devs and support team. I played the demo at the booth and at the X-box stations (to see if there would be a marked difference). All the time I soaked up the news, the commentary and the things that wouldn't get mentioned in 15 minutes that most people spend at one booth. The game is fantastic. Period. What I also want to point out is that it is in my opinion. Obviously others will have a different view. But take it from someone who has been around and played the game for that time minded before, that the game will not be a failure. I want to address the mass mentality that is feeding here. Stop. Breath and take a step back. How many of you have played the game? How many have spoken personally to the devs and got a feel for the game. Who has a working version of the game and would like to illustrate to the rest of us why is the Failure of the Year? Most of us are hardocore GR gamers. We have probably played with each other at one time or another. This community isn't very big. I will personally stake my reputation and Name on this game. I will guarantee that the hardcore GR players will like the game and feel. They havent taken from the game. They are adding. They added the Medic. I like the idea. If it's available in MP, is another story. But most of you are screaming "ARG MEDIC...ARCADE GAME". Well guess what? If I am NOT mistaken, they put it in their becasue they were asked to. BY US, THE GAMER! They have added a new camer angle. Oh,hmmm I do remember numerous threads about how people liked 3rd person (even though this camera really isn't technically third person). So why was it added? HHmm... lemme think, because they were asked to? Then people complain about "Ported From X-box".. I was slow in getting the point out and Casey (Bullet Tooth) beat me to it. ALL GAMES are programmed in the software environment of a Mac or PC. You can't Port *from* Xbox. So please, when you want to make a statement, please think a bit harder before saying the first thing that comes to mind. There are ALLOT of complaints. The complaints are from people who don't have much information and are going off of third person ...down the pipe info. "My friend's uncle's brother's neighbor' nephew's cafeteria person in his schools' 3 cousin knows a guy who played the game and said it sucked" I am asking that people look at ALL the sites with info about the game and try to contact the devs yourselves to get answers. Don't just say "Johhny said the game stinks" when Johnny wasn't even there or watched a blurry video of it. Joseph Castoire AKA WOLFAnubis
  22. X-Box is the game I played. It is a development model of the X-Box that had GR2 loaded in it. I think you are being a bit extreme on the Hate factor. I don't play X-box nor will I in the foreseeable future, but the game was great IMO. The Old skooler will still have many features that the old had, with a dash of new features. Chicken little, the sky isn't falling
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